Celebrities Weight Loss: Top 10 Shocking Facts Revealed Inside! [2020]

While we have almost reached the mid of 2019, we are up with a plethora of some very interesting-cum- inspirational celebrities weight loss transformations!

Frankly, it’s not unusual to see celebrities going extra miles for the increase or decrease in their size.

Weight loss, in particular, or say, a complete body transformation from plump to slender is something we get to witness every now and then from the entertainment world.

Celebrity Weight loss photos 2018
Top 10 Celebrities weight Loss Before and After Photos 2019

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s talk about the 10 best stories that will motivate you to a point of committing to the gym:

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Checkout below the in depth details of celebrities weight loss stories and transformation pictures!

1. Mama June

Just imagine the level of optimism when you are able to turn an ordeal into a source of motivation for something very positive in your life. Well, that’s Mama June for you!

Mama june weight loss
mama june weight loss Before and After 2018

Of course, it was difficult for June Shannon who was physically and emotionally abused by her husband, who later left her to marry another woman he was cheating his wife on.

But thankfully, Mama June managed to bounce back with some life-altering changes like getting lighter on her feet from 460 to 132lbs!

When asked pertaining to the trick that worked for June, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame credited a couple of adjustments she made in her lifestyle.

Precisely, these adjustments were healthy eating and trainings- apart from gastric sleeve surgery.

2. Jonah Hill

While most of us recall him as the fat kid of Superbad, Jonah’s current size rebuffs the general persona of Jonah we have in our mind.

Jonah hill weight loss
Jonah Hill Weight Loss Before and After 2018

Back in 2015, the young and super-talented actor gained 40lbs to come up with the demand of his role in War Dogs.

But post filming, he approached his friend; Channing Tatum to inquire about the techniques that could help him with his excess weight.

As expected, the sexy and super-fit Tatum suggested him to restore his nutritional sanity and make his way to the gym!

No doubt, Jonah’s commitment to his friend’s advices rewarded him with such a slender and exemplary physique!

3. Zach Galifianakis

Bad habits- either extreme or moderate- are destructive for us.

Zach Galifianakis Weight Loss
Zach Galifianakis Weight Loss Before and After 2018

The negative effects of bad habits, particularly the consumption of alcohol and smoking are worst than you and I generally think.

Thankfully, Zach Galifianakis has comprehended the aftermaths of drinking and has finally bid the habit adieu.

No doubt, the positive effects of an alcohol-free lifestyle are visible on his appearance as the 47 years old looks half the size he was before.

Well, that’s how it is.

As of now, there isn’t much to say about the comedian’s weight loss or the precise number of pounds he has left behind, as his journey is yet not over and the transformation is still in progress!

4. Melissa McCarthy

What’s more of satisfaction when you are able to shake off the targeted weight via strategies you smartly designed and followed?

Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss
Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss Before and After 2018

The once over-sized actress Melissa McCarthy is on cloud nine these days. And why not, after all she has achieved a fitness milestone through her constant hard work and resilience.

The beautiful wife of Ben Falcone seems almost unrecognizable after she dropped 75lbs and flabbergasted her fans!

Reportedly, the mother of two followed a diet that was rich in protein and deficient in carbohydrate.

And that’s not all, she also sweated hard in the gym and earned the sexy figure she has today- well, you go girl!

5. Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson has set a perfect example of professionalism by shedding 50lbs off his 6’1” frame for a show named, Ghosted.

Craig Robinson Weight
Craig Robinson Weight Loss Photos Before and After 2018

The tall, dark and handsome Craig seems to enjoy praises for his svelte physique these days. No wonder, he has totally earned it!

According to him, his secret to slimming is quite simple and easy to follow by others.

Basically, the talented actor pulled his hands off the non-veg foods and shifted himself to a diet based on vegetables, completely.

On top of that, he also abstained from the intake of alcohol, which doubled his chances of dipping the scale!

6. Megan Fox

Looking at the enviable figure of Megan Fox, none would accept that she is a proud mother of three!

Megan Fox Weight Loss
Megan Fox Weight Loss Before and After 2018

No wonder, the American beauty is a big inspiration for women who feel that fitness comes to a full stop the very instant they conceive.

The bombshell is in fact, part of a lingerie campaign and trust me, she is literally slaying with her killer beauty and desirable physique.

As per the much- acclaimed sex symbol, she plunged her baby weight by sticking on a diet short of carb but healthy in protein!

7. Lena Dunham

The beautiful Lena sounded a bit witty and explicit when she revealed what actually helped her getting in shape.

Lena Dunhan Weight Loss
Lena Dunhan Weight Loss Before and After 2018

According to the 31 years old, the credit to her slimmed down figure actually goes to Donald Trump.

Lena revealed that as Trump won the election and became the President of the US, she went into despair.

This affected her appetite and she was unable to eat by and large.

Of course, in a situation like this, a decline in her weight was definite.

Lena, the strategy may have worked for you, but is not practical for the supporters of Mr. Trump!

8. Ciara

Within four months after delivery, Ciara bounced back to her original shape in a manner hard to conceive.

Ciara Weight Loss
Ciara Weight Loss Before and After 2018

Well, few would actually believe that the 32 years old literally reversed to her actual size by shaking off 60 straight lbs by eating cleaning and training hard.

Interestingly, Ciara gave herself the freedom to munch whatever she likes during pregnancy.

She would eat and eat, without being feared of facing the repercussions post delivery.

But thankfully, she compensated for her spoiled habits by training twice- thrice a day and being very strict with her diet after childbearing.

9. Bryan Cranston

In an attempt to get in the skin of his role in Wakefield, Bryan Cranston had no other option than to slender himself.

Bryan Cranston Weight Loss
Bryan Cranston Weight Loss Before and After 2018

The 62 years old was playing a homeless in the drama film which demanded him to appear lankier than his actual physical state.

Thus, to prove himself a perfect fit, he took weight cutting efforts and dropped a total of 16lbs from his weight.

Now since the movie is finally out and we believe that Bryan has done justice to his role, the actor feels that he is now free to eat!

10. Wendy Williams

Another very powerful and inspirational weight loss story is of Wendy Williams, the popular and much loved TV host who literally managed to roll back the clock by reaching such an advanced age.

Wendy Williams Weight Loss
Wendy Williams Weight Loss Before and After 2018

Wendy’s beauty and fitness secret lies in her commitment to a healthy lifestyle that is majorly based on nutritious eating.

According to an insider, she has completely purged off chicken and red meat from her diet and is quite satisfied with the changes that have helped her look this good.

Wendy, who is in a good shape these days, is looking forward to maintain the scale for the rest of her life.

Well, prop to her determination, the bombshell is sure about not to resuming the habits she quit for better.

Well, these were the 10 best celebrities weight loss stories of 2019.

Hope you got the needed boost for your fitness goals!