Dr. Oz’s 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge Review

Every other day, we are presented with newfangled solutions for weight loss, methods that purport to reduce inches from our waist.

The Dr Oz 28 Day Stomach shrink challenge

However, when something comes from Dr. Oz, it grabs great attention from the masses.

One good example is 28-Day shrink your stomach challenge, a modern strategy that is followed by thousands these days.

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At times, our lifestyle needs simple adjustments to live healthy and making those changes timely can help us go a long way.

shrink stomach and belly fatThe program has been engineered by Dr. Oz for those who need to keep a check on their weight. 

The program is a mix of dietary changes along with workouts for you to fight against your love handles and free yourself from unnecessary fats.

Interestingly, an approach that involves healthy eating along with regular exercising has been proven to aid successful fat loss and that too, at a speedy pace.

So the program is based upon instructions that assist you to keep yourself away from foods that can act against your goals and take actions that can help you get closer to them.

Dr. Oz is a name most of us are familiar to. His services, advises and endorsements have helped many with their health and fitness related dilemmas.


Each and every bit of the 28-day shrink your stomach challenge can be accessed through the website. (source)

The 28 day Dr Oz Shrink Stomach Challenge review

In fact, the website features in-depth details pertaining to the program that are meant to help the dieters in the best possible ways.

Precisely, there are recipes, as well as foods they need to avoid throughout the one month course.

precise foods for the mealsIt is interesting to note that the foods forbidden by the program are things we commonly take in our diet for example, dairy, sugar, fancy foods including junk and processed.

The diet may sound demanding to those who take alcohol more often as it also stops dieters from taking it completely.

Interestingly, Dr. Oz has simplified the process of menu-planning by directing the precise foods for the meals.

Apart from the meals, he has also provided guidelines and healthy options for the snacking.

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So, here is what dieters will be having in their three main meals and snacks:

The 28 days shrink stomach challenge

 Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.  Snack.
Chocolate smoothie with egg in avocado and

Avocado toast.

Brussels sprouts and apple salad. 340 grams of whole grain, 85 grams of meat and healthy amount of non-starchy vegetables. Nuts or nut butter.

The diet aims to kick start your day with a fulfilling and energizing meal. It moves to fruit and fiber while you are up for your midday meal.

crunch spinach saladThe fruit is meant to sustain your energy levels while fiber is added to promote satiety.

There is another option for those who are not fond of Brussels sprouts and apple salad.

The other combination of fiber and fruit you can have instead is cabbage salad and raspberry.

Then there is the most nourishing meal of the day, dinner.

A well-proportioned balance of essential nutrients, protein and vitamins guarantees healthy slimming in weeks.

On top of that, snacking will provide you with the much needed supply of protein, for further cutting.


shrink stomach planks

  • Apart from the three main meals and snacks, dieters are encouraged to have veggie flush, assumingly, once in a day. There is no hard and fast rule of preparing the flush and with simple everyday ingredients; it can be made in minutes.
  • One interesting thing about the program is that it encourages fasting for a period of 12 straight hours. Dieters need to halt their eating for 12 hours and need not to have anything in between. If they have breakfast at 9 am in the morning, they must start fasting from 9 pm at night. The rule needs to be followed, strictly and precisely.
  • The program features an exercise regimen that comprises of planks. Of course, a workout based on planks is pretty easy to perform, though, it has seven variations, all meant to firm up and harden stomach muscles.

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Nothing needs to be spent in the name of price for the 28-Dat shrink your stomach challenge.

dr oz shrink belly fat

Every bit of information regarding the program is specified on the official website of Dr. Oz.

Following it requires some ingredients, though; the items are not heavy on the pocket either.

In case the dieters have any queries in their mind, they can simply write to the team of Dr. Oz, through an online form.


Considering the fact that the regimen exclusively targets love handle, it becomes enthralling for those who long for solid and firmer core.

No doubt, fixing the stomach flab is a very challenging task, but a program like this can make your ‘mission’ simple and prolific.

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