3 healthy grab and go lunch ideas for work

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The world has changed a lot for the better during the previous few years. The betterment has been brought forward because of the endless hard work of many individuals. The changing world has also meant that there are a lot more responsibilities on people. To fulfill these responsibilities people that have a tiresome routine are always on the go.

As part of this constant travel they are required to grab and eat anything from anywhere to feed their appetite. This unhealthy eating style can have its toll on the body and can result in any of obesity or extreme stomach troubles. To avoid these troubles it is better to make a thoughtful plan regarding your lunch.

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This can be done by making healthy grab and go food through your own hygienic method for lunch. This does not only ensure safety from many stomach problems but also makes sure that your waistline does not expand a lot.

Three of the best grab and go recipes that you can practice and consume are:

1. Sandwiches:


Known for years as a very healthy alternative to a very high on fat food, sandwiches also have processed and changed forms during the years. Sandwiches consist of lean protein, together with healthy bread along with different types of vegetables.

The most interesting and best thing about sandwiches is that they are very mobile and versatile. This means that they can be transported easily from place to place without any hassle.

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Furthermore they do not take a lot of time to be prepared, so it is very easy to make them in the night and grabbing them with you in the morning while going for work. Today, sandwiches come in very different tastes and techniques.

Some of the ones advised by our experts and nutritionists for a healthy lifestyle are:

  • A simple sandwich to make is the Smashed White Bean Sandwich. Made from a mixture of white bean, olive oil and vegetable toppings, the sandwich is best for people who want to keep the food intake light at work.
  • Another one which is a favorite for people who love avocado is the BLAT. The addition of avocado serves as a saturator with fats.
  • Another massive hit is the Smashed Chick Pea Sandwich. The sandwich combines smashed chick peas with other ingredients like hummus, carrots, celery and other vegetables to serve as a very healthy vegetable based food intake.

2. Salads:


Salads for ages have been known as one of the best alternatives to a high fat food routine. Salads bring forward a combination of different vegetables which on their own are not that tasty.

The combination is topped with different flavors to make it a very tasty and a healthy food. To top it all up, salads are easy to make and are similarly very easy to carry around. Salads have also evolved a lot and have been made easier to cook and carry around.

A few of the variety of salads which will not take a lot of your time and will also promise good taste are:

  • Quinoa Salad. Made from the richness of pure vegetables and a lot more flavors, the Quinoa salad is the perfect blend between the past and the present. Merging the taste of the past with the healthiness of the modern world. The quinoa salad is made from cherries, greens, almonds and feta.
  • Three bean pasta salad. Perhaps one of the tastiest type of salad, the three bean pasta salad is a must have for anyone who likes food that tastes good at work. The salad is made from extracts of pasta, green beans and celery.
  • The Kale Salad. This is also a good healthy alternative as it is made from healthy ingredients like lentils and cabbage.

3. Soup:

italian soup

One of the biggest pros with soup is that it is very filling and refreshes the mind as well. Being a blend of many different items, soup comes across as a very healthy dish.

The soup can be stored in a thermos to transport it with you and to have a feel of its hotness when you take it at work.

Three types of soups which not only rank high in taste but also in being healthy are.

  • All types of basic minestrone. Any basic minestrone is not only easy to make but also taste good. You don’t have to do a lot, just add the vegetables, some beans and mix them with some spices and you will be ready.
  • Mushroom barley soup. The mushroom barley soup is filled with vegetables and whole grains.
  • The ginger chicken soup. Whenever you’ve got someone to impress at work, the ginger chicken soup is the go to dish. With its flair and extravagant taste, it is a workers dream at work.

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