5 Drinks To Help You Lose Weight

detox weight loss drinks

The craze for losing weight has just climbed up to its roof top, where some people are acting fad to lose weight to look glamorous and smart in order to preserve their presence as a attractive being on this  land .

While on the other hand there are people who are just too exhausted with their high level of weight because they are suffering from such diseases which is a root cause of their weight gain or maybe they are hauling such medications which is not letting their metabolism to work properly.

Now, in this situation of fatigue the only thing can actually benefit you is the weight loss solution and yet the recent researches has proved that the excessive use of liquid whether in drinks or even in any food will lose your weight more immediately than any other thing existent to world.

The use of weight loss drinks has seen to be increasing among all the generations, where people believes that the result of diet drinks is more clear and evident to their struggle to shed of the fats from their body.

The use of detox water or the combination of few protein and carbohydrate included vegetables and fruits or any spice have seen to be working magically over the body of fat peoples.

To help you more and make your life easier we have brought the top 5 potential  weight loss drinks for you along with the direction of its making on the scale of likert, Keep reading above:

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5. Ginger Combo Lemon Detox Water:

lemon ginger water

the use of ginger along with the lemon juice is the best thing you will intake in the morning as it does not only refreshes your mood or tiredness but also eases your over burdened bowl which is resisting to pass stole which is an ultimate relief to your body pressure.

Another spectacular benefit of this detox as it will lowers the birth of cancerous cells in your body which normally arises due to the negligent attitude of ours towards our health.


You just need to take a 1-12 ounce of glass of water and add the ½ whole lemon juice in it and add the grated ½ knob of ginger root in it mix it well and then enjoy your happy ginger combo lemon detox drink.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar with Cinnamon:

apple cider vinegar

Talking about apple cider with vinegar along with cinnamon is the perfect and effective combo for weight loss. As all three ingredients have its own specialty particularly with concern to fat burner.

Where apple cider and vinegar cuts off the fats and also a cure to acne on your face on the other hand cinnamon helps the level of metabolism to increase.


Grab a jug of juicer or grinder and add 12 ounce water with 1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar , 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice, 1 tsp of cinnamon  and ½ sugar sweetner now blend them all together for 10 seconds and then drink it with the separate slices of apple.

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3. SLCM Detox Drink (Stawberry Lime Cucumber and Mint) :

strawberry detox mint water

SLCM has its own uniqueness for weight loss which is a rich ingredient drink but has a lot of portion of liquid which brings your body to drop off the fatty elements.

Cucumber is the main role for the hydration inside the body and the mouthwatering fruit strawberry has amazing taste which resists with your lips to have a sip of its watery flavor again and again and deviant to toxins while the touch of lime works as a calmness to all the digestive organs.


Take a half gallon of jar and followings:

One cup slices strawberries, 1/4 of mint leaves, one cup of slimy cut of slices of cucumbers and two limes separately sliced and now full the half gallon jug with water and ice cube and grind it and enjoy your frizzy weight loss drink.

2. Vanilla Yogurt with Blueberry Smoothie:

Vanilla yogurt smoothie

Healthy smoothies including protein and vitamin D helps you to reduce weight as vanilla yogurt consists of vitamin D and has the potential to makes your tummy feel full where blueberry is a complimented fruit for its multiple usage for tackling inside digestion process.

These are very effective from the nutritious point of view and it consist of 14.2 g of fats. You can have a glass of this drink one time or alternative day.


Take a blender of normal size and insert 1 cup of skim milk,  1 cup of blueberries , 1 tsp of mufa oil and 1 cup around 6 ounces of vanilla yogurt blend them all together if you want so you can add ice cube and enjoy your weight reducing smoothie.

1. Peach Smoothie:

peach smoothie drink

The main significance of peach smoothie as it consist of a natural sugar in it which does not injects any unnatural glucose and sugar insulin which ultimately preserves your body from the level of high diabetes and allergic elements. Thus, it proves to be a great and effective smoothie to lose weight while energizing your stings.


Take a jug of blender add one cup of skim milk , one cup of frozen light sweet peaches but it must be frozen now blend them together for 1 minute after pouring it off in the glass add a little amount of organic oil and mix well and drink it .

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