Natural Testosterone Boosters- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Take a look at five natural ways in which you’d be able to bring up your testosterone, to rebuild that muscle and revamp the sexual drive.

As you’re all aware that testosterone is the real key to making babies; practically the main thing that men take pride in, so what if this element in a male body begins to drop?

boost testosterone naturally

That’s a real cause for concern, not only for men but also their significant others.

It isn’t a concern only because of the baby hormone depleting, but also because it has other adverse effects on a man’s health.

When your testosterone levels are low, it makes you weak, a lot less fit and it also halts your progress, if you want to reduce fat in your body.

As mentioned earlier, it wrecks your sexual drive. Testosterone decreases over time, and it happens in a way that not many individuals realize.

Lazing around, being a couch potato won’t help you increase your testosterone levels, but actually moving around would. Yes, they can drop but nothing in the world can stop you from bringing them back up (until, of course, it’s too late).

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1. Sleep

It is important that as adults, we all indulge in the sufficient amount of rest we need to function.

man sleepingNot only will it facilitate our functionality, but leave a positive impact on our health too. Whoever said sleep is for the weak, was clearly quiet unhealthy.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone; which is essential for a man’s body.

In the primitive days, the reason why people went to bed after dusk and woke up at dawn, was how this routine helped them in staying healthy.

It did not reduce their levels of these anabolic hormones.

That is why the best routine to follow, in order to stay healthy, is to go to bed till eleven pm and rise at 7 am.

This will not only make your day productive, but get you a good night’s sleep as well. You won’t be staying up for longer periods and causing fatigue to yourselves.

2. Respire

They say that children take a breath from their tummies, while men on their death beds do it through their neck.

respireResearch states that the deeper breaths you take, the closer to life you’ll feel.

There is a spot, round about 4 inches to the south of your belly button, that is where you need to breathe from.

In depth breathing from your abdomen boosts the flow of oxygen. It is important that in order for a healthy lifestyle you take deep, long breaths.

They promote the blood flow in your body and ensure fitness; preventing your testosterone levels from dropping.

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3. Positivity

It is true that one’s perception of life determines everything around them. The way we think and feel, not only affects the environment around us, but it affects our health from within too.

positivity is powerWith old age, comes a lot of responsibility and with that comes stress. The way we deal with stress is everything.

When we get upset over something, or think too negatively about it in abundant doses, our body releases sad hormones.

These lead to a decrease in testosterone levels, which is what we’re looking to reduce.

So, it is extremely essential that as individuals we learn to master ourselves.

Wondering how you can do that?

Learn to remain calm and composed, no matter what the situation. Patience is virtue. It is hard to keep yourself together, when a stressful situation arises, but we also need to learn how thinking about the worst case scenario wouldn’t help us, rather working towards making it better would.

So stay positive and look for the good things in life, rather than focusing on the bad ones. This helps your testosterone levels a lot.

4. Hydrate

hydrationWe often underestimate the importance of water. That is where we’re wrong.

Water is a lot more important to our body than food is. One can live on with water and without food, but it can never be the other way round.

The chances of collapsing without water are a lot higher. Lack of body water leads to many diseases.

These ailments are not just physical but also mental, so it is a must to drink lots and lots of water to keep your testosterone levels high.

5. Pig out!

If you want to be a man, then eat like one too! With technology, everything is becoming processed and losing its natural elements.

organic vegetables and fruitsIndulge as much as you can in organic vegetables and fruits.

Artificial foods are the reason why men start developing breasts and their private parts stop working.

How? Because they make your testosterone drop!

Sleep, eat healthy, stay positive and love water to keep your testosterone naturally in control.

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