5 reasons you are doing Pushups the wrong way!


Push-ups are the single most common and one of the greatest strengths in anybody’s workout arsenal.

It is simply one of the best exercises for upper body, core strength and total body coordination. Likewise, supplements like Marine Muscle are equally important.

Experts believe that ninety nine percent of the time, there is absolutely no other way to describe your push-ups but render them wrong! Plain and simple, Wrong!

Yes, even those big bulky dudes with hulk bodies are most likely doing it wrong as well!

The question now arises; why is it so?

Of course, one of the reasons is the hilariously cute fact that most people learn their push-ups when they are in their fourth grade and they just build it up from then on.

Not that it’s the only reason but definitely plays a vital role in how you shape up your push-ups for the rest of your life. On the other hand, we have common mistakes that people make that will not only make your entire effort for workout futile but possibly set you up for an injury as well.

Don’t Worry! There isn’t a fault that can’t be corrected. Here is a list of the wrongs in your push-ups and easy ways to correct them!

1. Just not knowing what you’re doing!

wrong pushupThe most common problem with push-ups is the fact that most people do not even know what a correct push-up looks like.

As discussed earlier, push-ups are generally taught at an early age and from then, each individual just develops a style of push-ups suited to their body strength or even frame of mind!

Just know that you’re doing more harm to yourself by not knowing the risks of injuries you take every time you do the push-ups the incorrect way or simply not utilizing precious energy in the most effective way.

Just hire a certified trainer or take up certified online courses and tutorials. Trust the professionals to let you know the right stuff for your future.

2. Take it easy!

singular motionNo matter how you choose to perform the push-ups, it will still inevitably be a singular motion. However, many people have adopted different sorts of drops and rises to suit their current physical fitness level.

For example; some would drop their shoulders before the rest of their body or lift their heads up before the rest of the body during the rise.

It is generally just a lack of mind/body coordination or it could be merely a result of you being weak enough to not being able to pull the maneuver.

The solution is simple!

Notch it down a bit. Adopt an easier, more doable version of the exercise. If you’re doing your push-ups with straight legs, regress to doing them on the knees.

If you’re doing them on an incline, favor doing them against the wall instead till you are strong enough to adopt an advanced level maneuver!

3. Wrist alignment!

Wrist alignmentA lot of people tend to make the mistake of leaning back into a push-up. When you do that, you tend to put unnecessary pressure on the neck and elbows.

That results in headaches, stress and a general pain in the elbow region.

Whenever you are getting ready for push-ups, make sure that your hands are a ninety degree angle with your shoulders, while the wrists should be aligned with the shoulders and the pecks horizontally.

4. Extra care for the wrists!

Extra care for the wristsIt wouldn’t matter if you were doing push-ups the right way or the wrong way; your wrists will eventually start to hurt.

There is no other explanation for that except for the fact that wrists on a human body aren’t exactly built to be bent that way, or to manage your entire body weight like that either.

Although, you can adapt your body to your routine with some easy tips and tricks to eventually master your pain!

Do the exact opposite of push-ups for the wrists. Rest on all fours with the back of your hands touching the floor while your fingers point in the direction of your toes.

This will increase flexibility for the muscles and adapt the body part for better performance!

Another easy task would be to clasp your hands together; and do a clockwise and counter clockwise movement with your hands for about 30 seconds to relax your wrists while increasing flexibility.

5.    Being a plank!

perfect pose for being plankPush-ups are essentially body movement coordination while being a plank. Not everyone knows that or follows that.

People tend to simply drop their core and hips during the exercise which means that there is unnecessary pressure on the lower back.

The remedy is easy!

All you need to do is roll your hips under, involve the glutes and use the core! The idea is to keep the abdominal busy at all times of the exercise! Following this would mean an increase in the generation of energy while avoiding any possible injuries.

Push-up the right way to achieve maximum gain and use Marine Muscle for added help.