The [7] Things You Should Avoid Before Workout! [2020]

Taking out time from your busy schedule for a 30-minute workout is never easy.

It takes great effort on your behalf and you would definitely want every single minute to count.

While it seems pretty straight-forward to jump into your workout routine, there are certain rules to follow, before and after a workout, to make it all the more effective and efficient.

Don’t let the rules dissuade you from working out. Rather, think of these rules as a way of increasing your workout’s effectiveness and also as a way of avoiding any injury.

We have compiled a list of things you should definitely not do before your workout.

Follow the rules and be at the top of your game!

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1. Eating a Heavy Meal Before a Workout

We all know the importance of a pre-workout snack. It gives you an energy boost that keeps you going through the grueling workout.

heavy meal

However, for some people, having a pre-workout snack is equivalent to throwing up during the workout.

It all depends on what you eat before your workout.

A cheeseburger with fries, an ice-cream shake or even a few cookies are definitely a big no-no. They will not only make you feel sluggish but will also affect your workout quality.

Generally, smaller helpings of dense nutrients are recommended as your body will be able to utilize these nutrients as a source of energy.

These include oatmeal and a handful of unsalted, dry fruits.

2. Drinking Anything Besides Water

It definitely looks uber-cool to head into the gym with a bottle of protein shake or an electrolyte-infused sports drink but did you know that while they are definitely healthy, you are not supposed to drink them before your workout?

drinking water

It is generally recommended that you have these protein shakes and sports drinks during or after a workout, as their main purpose is to refuel your body and replenish the lost salts and sugars.

Soda and alcohol are definitely not recommended before a workout as alcohol is a depressant and soda can lead to a sugar spike, which you do not need before a workout!

3. Over-hydrating Yourself

We all know the importance of hydration before, during and after a workout.

over hydrating

However, overhydrating yourself before a workout can be counterproductive to your workout.

Taking in too much water leads to hyponatremia which in turn leads to cramping, weakness and loss of energy.

The reason is that when you take too much water, all of a sudden, your kidneys are unable to process this much water fast enough.

To avoid getting into this situation, drink water consistently throughout the day.

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4. Static Stretching

Stretching before your workout warms up your muscles and prepares your body for the upcoming rigorous exercise session.

Static Stretching

Static stretches may look cool but they only activate a few muscle groups at a time, instead of warming up your whole body.

This increases your chances of getting injured during the workout. Surprising, isn’t it?

Instead of static stretches, opt for stretches that incorporate different muscle groups at the same time.

This includes a light warm-up of a 5-minute jog or even jumping jacks, really anything that gets your body moving and blood flowing.

5. Nothing More Than a Power-nap!

It is not easy to take out time for a workout during the weekdays when the work and commuting pressure is enough to stress you out.

power nap

Not to mention the fact that you are probably sleep-deprived as well.

Taking a power-nap of 20 minutes before your workout will not only recharge your body but will refresh you mentally as well so that you can give a 100% to your workout.

However, if you are a deep sleeper, then instead of hitting the snooze button, head for the gym!

6. Never Skimp On Your Sleep

A good quality sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle and lack of sleep can be counterproductive to your workout.


Always make sure that you are well-rested before you head to the gym.

It not only makes your workout more enjoyable but it also reduces your chances of getting injured.

A good rest revs up your metabolism, betters your workout and helps you achieve your fitness goals in no time!


NSAIDS are one of the best ways to help ease the discomfort after a hard at the gym but taking NSAIDS before your workout, as a preventative measure, is not a good idea.

no Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Experts recommend against it as doing so may aggravate exercise-induced small intestinal injury and even induce gut barrier dysfunction in healthy adults.

If you are anticipating muscle soreness or discomfort, keep either heating or cooling pads nearby, during your workout, to ease the discomfort.

Make the Most of Your Workouts by Exercising Properly and Following These Pre-Workout Rules!

You Will See a Difference in the Quality of your Workout!

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