Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss: Legit Or Scam? Shocking Pics! [2020]

Abby lee miller is famous dance instructor of America was born in  Miami, Florida September 21, 1996.

She is choreographer, founder of Abby Lee dance company, director and owner of Regine dance productions.

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss: Legit Or Scam? Shocking Pics! [2020]

After her graduation completed from college, she began to appeared on the life time reality show Dance moms in 2011.

  • In 2011, Miller start to appear in Dance moms, a life time reality show on television
  • In 2014, she published a book named “ Everything I learned about my life , I learned in Dance class.
  • In 2015, Miller started a new studio of ALDC LA in Los Angeles

Miller is spotted on fraud cases, She has a 2.5 year of vacation prison and cost about $5 million of dollar due to her criminal activity.

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Abby lee miller, a dance mom’s took a drastic steps for weight loss after her sudden deviation from Dance moms.


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Abby lee with her tears and emotions spoke to show, she hated her devious looked  on TV,

  1. I want my look better is should do something for myself.
  2. I’m like to say when see my lunch contain meat … what is this ? I can’t eat this
  3. I’m trying to be vegan , i will on hoagie sandwich or Italian sub.

A 50 year old women (dance instructor) has undergone a gastric sleeve surgery on Friday ,a method in which stomach size is reduces from up to 80 percent, from a  stomach size of football to the size of banana.

Dance mom star breakdown her tears during interview on Friday, April 21 with Entertainment Toni before her surgery.


I’m scared and I’m too much nervous

I have fear of death

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Aside from kidding Abby lee felt like no one cares about whether something goes wrong with her surgery.

She said, Oh this is crazy! , before going to operating room

Abby lee successful surgery in 45 minutes was done by Dr. Michael Russo at the smart Dimensions Surgical centre in Los Angeles.

ET’S Cameron Mathison sat with miller during her surgery

Abby lee miller said after her surgery, while lying in a bed:

I’m feeling pain in my mid section ,but it is not burning and tingle pain, only feeling that discomfort me.

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Miller faced prison sentencing for fraud or crime before she restricted on liquid diet only for three weeks.

She only put or drink water, protein shakes and milk shakes in the shot glass and drunk it almost one ounce at a time for up to three weeks .

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss: Legit Or Scam? Shocking Pics! [2020]She cancelled dance mom to take part after six years or seven years of worked.

I Don’t have any problem working with any children.

I love kids to motivate and want to spent my life by making their life successful.

Miller claimed that she was not heard by any network, no silver watch gave me to over a day. She showed possibility of going back.

I’m get sicken when people get credit creative from our ideas.

In 26 march, she wrote on Instagram post and announced her resignation that she felt disrespected and used day by day, a men who did not even took a dance guides in their entire life who treat a women like a dirt after filming for 7B.

Abby lee said in interview that she would be disclosed and want to documented her weight loss journey as mama june.

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Miller added that she feels her life finally in control after surgery and popular reality show.

I felt that there was someone else that can control my life .

  1. When or what time I could eat?
  2. What kind of food could I eat?
  3. What time I could use the ladies room.?

When you are overwhelmed with your 12 hours of shooting ,you just only eat what someone serves in front of you.

The reduce calorie intake is also a reason for her weight loss but it cannot be a reason for drastic change from size 24 to 16.

From this surgery, she got a lap band or gastric band through laparoscopic adjustable ,is an inflatable device which is inserted on the top of the stomach.

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Success – What's Her Secret?The band reduces a size of stomach to a small pouch that limits the intake of food due to smaller space available and limits the amount of calorie intake by make you feel full.

Now I feel more confident and more active than before.

Cheryl burke put back to Abby lee miller on her actual place “dance moms” after her surgery.

Miller is thinking that this surgery will give her a fresh, adorable look,  it is a good thing which restore my best shape of life .

Abby disclosed her transformation of goes down from size 24 to a size of 16 and impressively slimmed.

Her transformation was start when her mother hospitalized for colon cancer.

When you are in the hospital, the foods of hospital makes you sick.

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Miller was diagnosed with diabetes in 2014 when her mother also diagnosed with colon cancer.

Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss

An another lucky system was showed that Miller was in Australia for a special show.

Miller went in pharmacy for her diabetes medicines but unfortunately medicines have a slightly variant which can not respond well by her body.

She had on diabetes prescription during filming in Australia. I took this medicine and felt like I was vomiting, had the flu, food poisoning.

I never seen food for the whole day, there is a reason to lose my weight without any diet and exercises.

After her mother passed she continued her carrier of lifetime reality show in a hot studio.

In 2017, Miler told  to Entertainment tonight that she recovered from her weight loss surgery and she is not worried for putting extra weight back and she also said that she probably teaches a inmates dance .