Adele Weight Loss Journey – See Her Hidden Secrets

Adele transformed her look over the years, from BRIT school to young starlet and from young starlet to glittering globally super star.

Adele weight loss photo 2017

Adele is one of the famous singer in English music industry and considered a most beautiful women in the world.

She is fame for her incredible voice and vocal talents, But she was not always slim or to be perfect beauty like she is identified now.

Adele took first step to known on music seen in 2008

The London born star and award winning star appears slimmer or attractive after her release of second record, which is one of biggest selling album in 21st century.

In 2009, Adele starts to join a channel with a fabulous look on success of 19 debut album.

Despite having a biggest year of her life to celebrate, she suffered from a polyp and has to have surgery of her vocal cords.

After her recovery in December 2011 she is looking very different having lost her few bit of weight.

Fortunately she emerges back on Brit Awards in 2012 with her beautiful voice and charming look.

adele diet in 2017

In 2012 Adele first child was born called Angelo. She spent her time with son and partner Simon Konecki, so we did not see her as a singer; maybe she is busy as being a mother.

After her son was born Adele was motivated or she wanted to switch from sedentary life styles to more active day by make some healthy changes in her routine regarding her body weight.

She is back in her field in 2013 after few months of giving birth and attends Grammy awards.

During late 2014, her pictures showed that her weight extended and called obese by many health experts.

In 2015, Adele doing promotional work of her third album 25 in London with her enviable figure and decided to do something for her weight during tour where she has been restricted towards eating curry on tours and also avoided fat loaded takeaways.

In 2016 Adele restore her amazing look by lost extra weight and looked fabulous in 2017 Grammy awards.

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Adele Famous Quotes related to weight loss:

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  1. I don’t have time to worry about what I look like.
  2. I don’t like going to gym
  3.  She admitted working out is more difficult a as blood vessels bursts on my face after lifting of heavy weights
  4. Telling to the sun for getting into shape, 28 year old ,avoid smoking and cut out tea from her diet ,which has made incredible result

She changed her poor life styles by only dining at healthiest restaurants, no matter where she was. She took a bold step to change in her life.

Jennifer Irvine is a founder of pure package listed a daily meal plan for star and supplies Adele’s meal.

According to Jennifer Irvine she is eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, clean diet and complex carbohydrates.

Adele revealed by switched into sirtfood diet which is plan by her trainer Pete Geracimo.

What mirror said about Adele?

Apart from adapting healthy lifestyle by Adele, she has also avoided her ugly smoking habit (25 cigarettes of day) because of fear of getting ill.

She said:

If I used to of smoking I will probably died from a smoking side effects and I think this is really bad for my carrier, my health and my family too.

Adele presented herself with amazing transformed body in Glastonbury festival (25 June 2016) on the pyramid stage.

Now anyone has crazy about for her amazing beauty, appearance and incredible voice.

There was a lot of tea and too much sugar

Adele was used to drink a 10 cup of tea per day with two table spoon sugar in each so I was on 20 sugars on each day.

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How Did Adele Lose Her Too Much Weight:

Adele before and after weight loss photos

  1. Skipped all sugar from her diet and load up to a holistic diet.
  2. Made workouts plan.
  3. Exercised in alternative days
  4. Took Garcinia cambogia pills (Natural weight loss supplement)

She Took Natural Weight Loss Supplement:

Adele wanted something that works long or was sustainable. She get off from stimulant based fat burner and switch to natural weight loss pills which boost her metabolism with increase energy.

Adele in Vogue magazineAdele said she loved to take a pill which contains all of natural ingredients.

Turning towards healthy diet such as vitamins, minerals, and all essential nutrients which are required by body.

Load Up To A Holistic Diet:

Adele consumed too much blue berries, carrots, broccoli and even plethora of colored fruits in her diet.

Adele said consume a fruit which is full of fiber and nutrients keep me feel full for a longer time and no longer cravings toward foods. 

She locked her emotional eating through almonds and drinking a plenty of water:

When Adele felt appetite so she consumed almonds and water which fill her belly from water, healthy fats, fibers and remove hunger.

Next time if you are craving from snacks or a chocolate ice cream load up on water and almonds.

Adele switched her desire diet to alternative one:

Adele switched her desire diet to alternative by munching a chocolate cookie that was rich in protein content and lower in sugar content or ate chocolate bars that contained minimum amount of sugar about 1 gram and 4 net of carbohydrates.

Adele Workout Plan:

Adele had 3 days workout per week for lower body muscle and lose extra fat.

getting ready…

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She did resistance training workouts for about 1 hour after taking weight loss pill which elevated her energy levels to maximum level.

This workout allows her lower body muscles to burning a fat calorie.

Adele performed 4 kettle bell exercises which are designed to sculpt her butt and legs and boost metabolism even after finishing of workouts.

She performed three sets on each exercises:

  1. Resistance tubes front squat
  2. Resistance reverse lungs
  3. Resistance tubes overhead squat
  4. Wall sits

See Adele Weight loss journey pictures below from 2008 to 2017 and see how she looks these days!