Alli Diet Pills (Orlistat)- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Nowadays our markets have a lot of weight loss products to offer. Some of them are actually working tremendously while some other products have mix reviews of their customers.

Today, we are going to discuss one of the products “Alli”.

Alli - Fda approved weight loss pills

All the questions are included in this very article that can be relevant to this product.

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What is alli?

Alli was introduced in 2009 and it has been manufactured by Xenical.

This is one of the supplements for weight loss that is available as over the counter (OTC) medicine.

This has been reported a highly effective supplement for the weight loss and the age group it targets is above 18 individuals that are considered obese/ have a BMI around 25 or above.

Now the question is, is it a really effective supplement? What sorts of effects are expected once you start using it? Is this product worth your time or money?

What is Xenical?

Xenical is a dietary supplement but it needs a prescription.

xenical orlistat reviewsThis supplement is also very good for weight loss and that is why often doctors happen to recommend to the patients.

Even though a diet and exercise regimen that can compliment Xenical need to be there, the usage is only good for a short time span.

In the long span, it may cause complications for the users rather being helpful.

Xenical makes it possible the consumer’s body will not absorb the fat contents of the diet.

However, it does not have any impact on the calories the consumer happens to take in form of protein and carbohydrate.


Do not take foods that are high in the fat content when you are using Xenical.

Side effects

The side effects that are possible with Xenical are as follows:

  1. Stomach related pains
  2. Liver issues
  3. Kidney issues
  4. Uncontrollable bowel movements


Usually, weight loss pills comprise of various components or ingredients.

No wonder, the scientific theories have a variety of results on different pills due to their various combinations and the different percentages of different ingredients.

These scientific studies are done on the variety of different subjects such as animals, humans or sometimes on plants and the ingredients are tested on the various levels like for short term effects or for long term effects and the amount of dosage.

Speaking of that weight loss supplements usually possess many ingredients and their ratio is not usually disclosed to the general public either for the sake of confidentiality.

However, there are plenty of products on the supplement market that reveal their ingredients for their clients to evaluate on their own and the same thing is true in the case of Alli as the manufacturers have disclosed the ingredients on the product container without hiding it to help the clients out in the process of decision making.

The ingredients are listed below:

  1. Orlistat
  2. Gelatin
  3. Talc
  4. Titanium
  5. FD&C Blue No.2
  6. Edible Ink
  7. Iron Oxide
  8. Povidone
  9. Microcrystalline Cellulose
  10. Sodium Starch Glycolate
  11. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

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Good Points:

FDA-approved Weight Loss Pills that workDiet pills can provide you the firm base to be more confident about your weight loss journey but considering weight loss pills as a magic wand is not the solution.

This is the time that you need to act like a rational individual.

If you have finally decided to reduce your weight, discuss any product, for instance, Alli with your doctor to get a better guideline.

By the way, it can propose these benefits to its valuable customers.

  1. It can be incorporated easily into a healthy lifestyle and the exercise regimen without causing any issue.
  2. It is an FDA facility approved supplement that is normally quite rare to find.
  3. Orlistat (ingredient) is pretty popular in the weight loss industry and thousands of studies have been done on it. Thus, it falls into the category of those components that have the strong scientific background to back up their usage.
  4. This product absorbs fat, like literally and on its watch, it is not possible that your gut can absorb fat, what else one can need?
  5. Your blood stream does not take any fat from your food.
  6. It encourages you to carry on a healthy meal and exercise balance to optimize its effectiveness; you consciously start to do so.
  7. It can be prescribed to the patients that have severe weight issues.

Working Principle:

This product falls under the category of lipase inhibitors that is a drug class and it happens to stop the human body intestines from accepting or absorbing up to 25 percent fat that you consume through your meals.

take Alli diet pillsThose fat bodies that are not absorbed by the human body later excreted out.

Moreover, even some research work suggests that this supplement has a potential to melt away the visceral fat (a type of fat that is present in the human belly area) and this fat type is often considered responsible for Diabetes type II, cardio related problems or the high pressure of blood.

Direction to use:

Alli is available to consume in the form of capsules. There are different variations that a consumer can follow to take these dietary pills and that are as follows.

  1. First of all, it should be taken with a meal that has the fat portion in it and the fat content should be 25% and this fat proportion must not exceed more than 30% in terms of calories.
  2. It is suggestible to take the multi vitamins such as Vitamin E, A, C, K as well as beta carotene when you are using this supplement to prevent any kind of deficiencies.
  3. The supplement is supposed to be taken 3 times a day. The time is not fixed but it is a good idea to take it just prior to your meal. However, things are in your control, it is up to you when you are willing to take it; pre meal, post meal or during the meal. No matter which time you choose to take your supplement, just follow the same routine.
  4. This supplement has the tendency to perform at its optimum levels if you happen to take the apt diet, this supplement and the right routine of exercise.

Bad points:

Nothing is perfect in this phony world neither is this supplement so, what draw backs are expected when you are using this supplement.

  1. Over usage may end up damaging your liver
  2. Various issues with stool like discoloration, consistency, excess oil or fat through stool
  3. In some cases, anxiety problems can be faced
  4. Abnormal hormones often in female users that can create a little change in regular body functions
  5. Headaches
  6. Slight pain in the stomach or rectum area
  7. Yellow eyes
  8. Itchiness
  9. Change of skin color, slightly pale color of skin
  10. Discoloration of urine
  11. It cannot be taken when the users are already on a certain type of medication. It may not work properly because of different chemical interactions that will be present in that drug or medicine

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Final Comment:

Wynonna Judd Weight Loss Success with Alli diet pillsWhen we consider the supplements like Alli, we need to understand that all the variables should go with the supplement like diet, exercise, sleeping pattern and that is why many users are not able to achieve the results that normally are expected.

Understanding your own body needs is a really great thing when you are willing to lose weight and later you are in the mood of sustaining it.

As we have mentioned in the initial paragraphs of this article that diet pills are not any kind of potent but a support system that can help you to follow the life of your dream with a healthy and fit physique.

So, no matter which diet pill you opt for, just go with the right motivation and you will able to attain real results.