Does Alternatives of Steroids Actually Exist?


Let’s suppose if you are just like any other average person round, your routine at gym can be a nuisance. You are following an intense workout routine, you have not consumed fast food for over months now, and everything you are eating is based upon its calorie count and the nutritional value.

Therefore, you can say that your typical lunch consists of 40% of lean protein, and 30%, 30% of carbs and fats. If all these sounds boring to you, then its better you should avoid hearing the actual ingredients.

Despite following a strict and healthy diet plan and working out regularly, you will still be gaining almost 7 pounds annually!

And of course there is always a huge and muscular man in the gym that is taking non-stop selfies with girls, the one who is always boosting about his big body and resembles a meat truck.

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It seems he only has to take a breath to gain muscles and only within a year he has gained 32lbs of lean muscle and the overall fats in his body is 6%. So, as I said life is a nuisance until you decided to do something big about it!

However, here we can say that any human being with a little bit of common sense and some respect regarding his body will never take a step to take anabolic substances and landing up in great troubles.

Of course, who is interested to face distorted endocrine system, damaged liver, cirrhosis, diabetes, Pulmonary Embolism, gynecomastia or so?

Therefore, if you are a sensible person, you will always prefer the alternatives of steroids that are strong enough to replicate the performance of steroids, safely.

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Difference Between Steroids and Their Alternatives

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First of all, in order to understand the nature of steroid alternatives, it is always better to understand what anabolic steroids are all about.

Everyone is aware of the fact that these are used to achieve ‘an edge’ in several different types of sports and to get huge level of body mass and muscles by body builders within a very short period of time.

But what exactly is an anabolic steroid and why it is called by this name?

Anabolic Steroids are artificial sprouts of the male hormone, testosterone. This particular hormone is the primary foundation over which, male characteristics are built upon.

It is responsible to perform two functions in a male body, that are, with one being Androgenic functions that promotes hair growth, genital organs, and giving a deep touch to the voice and the other being anabolic functions that help to develop endurance, body muscles and mass.

In general, body builders consume steroids for their anabolic functions such as enhancing protein synthesis, development of cellular tissues, reduction in muscle breakdown, increased production of ATP; which is the primary agent that helps you to gain body mass and muscles.

Talking in simple terms, a body builder that takes steroids makes his body efficient enough to gain muscles and body mass round the clock. They can gain muscle even if they are not working out throughout the day.

In fact, a research conducted by ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’ has endorsed this fact. They composed a group consisting ten people who were not working out and were having a controlled diet but were given a daily dose of 600mg of testosterone and they were still putting on weight at an average of 7 pounds in the period of ten weeks.

Yes! It is an unbelievable fact of gaining 7 pounds of muscles, so you can imagine the level of weight a bodybuilder can achieve through vigorous workout and clean diet in a year.

Then again, the life-threatening side effects, tagged with the usage of anabolic steroids cannot be ignored at any cost. But the powerful anabolic effects of these substances are also desirable by men. So, what can be done? In such a case, preferring the alternate of steroids is a better option!

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These alternatives are specifically designed and developed to imitate the performance of anabolic steroids, without giving any type of side effects. However, giving an honest opinion, this is actually a very huge claim or a big promise. This is because, as we have mentioned it earlier, any synthetic steroid has the ability to put your body into a muscle-gaining mode for 27/7.

Therefore, the question which arises here is that, is it possible for any supplement to get even close to this level of performance. If yes, then what exactly this is all about.

In 1990’s, Anabolic steroids were getting a bad publicity and this is when a new category of drug Prohormones came into existence that being injected into body got converted into a steroid. Many bodybuilders started to use these alternatives in order to avoid being involved in illegal activity and getting the same results as anabolic steroids.

The Prohormones do not work almost similarly as anabolic steroids but they are quite close in performance. While Prohormones are not as effective as anabolic steroids are, they certainly do come close. For instance, DHEA that is a legal drug in USA transforms into testosterone in the body.

However, what legal steroids have achieved is beyond the words. These substances are the best and safe alternatives, one can get for anabolic steroids! These generate anabolic effects, without disturbing the natural, hormonal processes in the body.

Thus, if you wish to speed up your muscle building process, prefer the legal and safer counterparts of steroids, the legal steroids.

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