Anton Antipov Steroids: A Comprehensive Guide! [2020]

Anton Antipov is a Professional body builder of Russian. He made a debut for PFC Spartak against a FC Torpedo Valdimir.

Anton Antipov Steroids

He competes in Men Physique as pro IFBB.

Anton was moved from America with his family in 1997 for modeling contracts in the Boss Model and Wilhelmina company.

At the end of his work on Boss Model, Anton started lifting of weight and transformed suddenly.

Meanwhile, he is making over 1 million of fans on Facebook.

Anton was born in 1983, Bobruisk. He was extremely atheistic since he was a child and contributes in a number of sports ,gymnastics ,swimming and hockey. He is motivated from his father to staying fit and active. Anton father was encouraged him to Pull ups, Push ups from the age of 8.

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According to Anton, he has always a poor appetite and he enjoys to drain his energy while playing a sport.  He started lifting weights when he was 21 years old.

Anton Antipov workout before and afterAnton replied in an interview: To get your achievements you should first read all those inspiring stories about people’s achievements and set your goals and update yourself with the results. Learn from these stories that nothing is impossible.

Most of the critics think that there were a steroid behind his success.

According to the James, Anton is an Honest man, those who are against with his natty status are actually a hater. Those peoples who started lifting weights at a very young age to gain too much of muscles as compared to others.

When it comes to the diet, Anton used oats, skimmed milk and fruits in breakfast.

Anton Antipov Stats:

  • Height =  5’11
  • Weight of Overall body = 193Ibs (88kg)
  • Amount of fat in body = 6-7% approximately.

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Gain Time Line Of Anton Antipov:

He builds up his muscles and gain amount of muscles over the many years from 2002 to today.

Anton Antipov bodybuilding physique

You can see a difference before and afterward of 2009 from his pictures

He enjoyed a night partying, smoking and drinking alcohol in 2007, but afterwards he quit drinking alcohol or smoking

He did not bulk up with more mass in 2009 but he increased his little bit size of muscles and lose fat which gives him a impressive appearance.

  1. If he was on steroids, he would have been more in size as he looks like now.
  2. His transformation is not rapid and he got achievements, step by step.

Anton is loaded up with amazing physique. He looks like great even in his regular fitting clothes due to a reason that he is not so huge.  He simply gained a significant amount of muscles from his diet plan and workout routine.

He said on social media:

Is Anton Antipov on steroidsOverweight people losing their weight are normal. I achieve this muscle through a period of 10 years. I had quit drinking alcohol, even avoid from smoking. Incorporate all types of healthy diets in my routine, relying on clean foods and works in the gym on a lot of exercises.

Killing myself in the gym or on such a strict diet is for listening a liar from the peoples.

I have nothing criticize to those who are using steroid in their carriers. I post these status on social media for the youth and motivate a youngster that I have achieved and you can also gain this physique without any Half support support.

I had never used any supplement or steroids because I’m honest.

This is the myth that nothing can achieve in the bodybuilding without steroids. The achievements is depend on your hardworking. (Instagram)

Signs of steroid users or juicers:

From here on, you can observe that Anton has no any sign of steroid user except gynecomastia which is may be due to the hormonal imbalance.

Anton Antipov natural or on steroids

1. Flushed Skin: Negative

The guys who are on steroid,having a pink color or the darker skin. The changes in skin color are due to the elevated temperature of body. The draw back of anabolic steroid. You can subside this symptom by the excessive workout. We have not seen any skin changes in Anton Antipov.

2. Rapid Transformation: Negative

He has not undergone a rapid transformation such as arm looks like a ballooned shape. He has gained naturally from the training. A huge gain in muscles is an indicator of steroid use.

3. Acne: Negative

We did not experience any acne or stretch mark on his body.

4. Gynecomastia: Positive

You can see a puffy nipples on his pictures which is a sign of steroid users.

Puffiness is due to the result of a high testosterone level. Imbalance in the estrogen hormone can develop a gynecomastia, even in a natty and this will also be happening on puberty age.

The sign relates to the steroid user, but it can appear when hormones are imbalanced.

We didn’t see any other signs of the juicers like HGH gut or Steroid gut, Big traps and the artificial photoshop look.

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Assumption: Natty

It is not amazing to us that Anton Natty is how much honest. No doubt, when we talk about Anton in bodybuilding, so he has a Supreme genetics.

  1. He has a better physique than a gym rat.
  2. He lost approximately of 7% of fat from the many years.
  3. It is possible for all the natty with maintaining of diet plans and workout.