Appetite Suppressant- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Appetite suppressants are simply anything that reacts with your body system and works in decreasing the sensation of hunger.

Losing weight gets very much harder when you see a piece of your favorite cake, fried chicken or cheesy pizza you have been avoiding for weeks.

suppress appetite for weight loss

Dieting is an appropriate way to lose weight, but sometimes controlling appetite gets on our nerves that we cannot resist the urge.

We all have been in that situation where our weight loss goal dies in front of food cravings.

Not just a normal craving for food, but for junks, the fatty ones which quench your hunger in a way you want, but it also gives you loads of calories, destroying your whole week dieting practices.

For these overpowering food cravings, you can get a little help from Appetite suppressants.

Meaning you will get a feeling of satiety when it comes to different food items. Appetite suppressants are available in the wide range nowadays, but it’s is our duty to help you find the best one.

The one which suits your body requirements without giving you any negative effects afterward.

Before referring some best dietary appetite suppressing supplements we must clarify you about this term and things included in it.

  1. Garcinia Extra
  2. PhenQ

Some Healthy Appetite Suppressants

Appetite Suppressants can be available in the form of supplement or food which helps you control overeating.

Overeating especially when you want to lose weight is not an ideal thing to do because you need to take a very less amount of calories per day.

The notion of burning calories dwells in eating less amount of foods.

Appetite suppressants will help you in your hardest time when you do not want to consume any unnecessary junk or late night meal.

Food which can also act as natural appetite suppressant includes green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, salad, avocado, eggs, dark chocolate, and almond.

Daily intake of these food items can drastically reduce the intensity of your hunger as well as giving you a feeling of satiety.

How do Appetite Suppressants Work actually?

The facts about how appetite suppressants actually work are pure science.

curb your appetiteThe feeling of fullness comes from the elevation of Serotonin hormone which is basically a hormone of happiness.

When this hormone increases in your blood you will feel eating less and no hunger.

Therefore, people who are depressed are more prone to overeating is only because of the low level of Serotonin in their body.

Most appetite suppressants contain high fibrous content which is basically playing a vital role in appetite suppression and weight loss.

Fiber is mandatory for a healthier digestive system which is directly linked to your weight loss goal.

Soluble fibers are used in excess for this purpose since they get swelled after going into the stomach reacting with water.

In this way, your calorie intake will be noticeably decreased.

Normally there are two types of actions by which Appetite Suppressants provide their effects

  1. Those which increase feelings of fullness with the help of water soluble fibers
  2. Regulates hunger by stimulating some neurotransmitters in Central Nervous System

Is Appetite Suppressant Safe choice for Weight Loss?

Scientifically conceived, Appetite Suppressants are a valid choice for accomplishing weight loss goal since it takes no chemical to suppress the hunger, but most of the ingredients used in dietary supplements are extracted from the herbal source.

suppress appetite

Dietary supplements are growing in number each day because the demand is increasing which is why it is important to keep the safe and effective supplement in check.

What makes a supplement effective and safe? Well, of course, the ingredients!

Not every dietary supplement used the same ingredient but it your duty to identify the good ones from the bad.

Ingredients which doesn’t suit your body system can cause an allergic reaction and other alarming symptoms which you don’t want to experience.

Therefore before going to any diet pills, one must be aware of its components.

Some of the commonly effective ingredients used in Dietary supplements are.

1. Hoodia Gordonii

The plant is derived from South Africa, where it is used by the people for centuries to control appetite.

P57 is the active component found in this plant which is responsible for stimulating the hypothalamus gland in the brain to control appetite efficiently.

2. Glucomannan

Also known as Konjac root, works efficiently controlling your appetite. The herb is taken as a supplement because of its ability to expand in the stomach and covers the empty area.

This will give you a significant feeling of fullness.

3. Chromium

The only trace mineral used to suppress appetite.

Chromium is not well founded in all the foods we consume, which is why it is added in almost every dietary supplement.

How does it work? Well, it increases the fat metabolism in your body as well as keep the glucose level in check.

4. Nopal

Extract of Nopal is added in the sundry dietary supplement which in collaboration with other ingredients can suppress appetite greatly.

5. EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate)

Found in green tea, EGCG is a potent phytonutrient which works by increasing the level of Cholecystokinin hormone.

This hormone will increase the feeling of fullness and it burns more calories in resting condition.

6. Caffeine

Apart from CNS stimulant caffeine is used in almost every dietary supplement to bring alertness and reduce hunger.

Caffeine also induces an effective weight loss by boosting the metabolism of the body.

7. Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is used as a natural diuretic, which eliminates excess water from your body, making your muscle mass leaner with visible cuts.

The leaves of Yerba Mate is used to control appetite and boost metabolism.

Best Appetite Suppressants Of 2018 you must try!

1. Garcinia Cambogia Pure

Garcinia Cambogia Pure reviewThe Garcinia Cambogia pure extract is one of the most effective appetite suppressants of all time.

Introduced in Dr. Oz show the product got maximum hype amongst men and women in the US.

After many people gave it a try, this supplement was ranked number 1st dietary supplement of 2012.

Garcinia Cambogia works by two different ways, the active ingredient HCA boost the fat metabolism and block an enzyme citrate lyase, which stores fat in your body as an energy reservoir.

HCA also increases the level of Serotonin hormone which makes you feel less hungry.

Garcinia Cambogia is available at the official store where they have mentioned extensive studies about the effects of HCA in weight loss.

It is available in the powder or pill form which users can take as per requirement without expecting any harmful side effects.

The fruit belongs to the citrus family so a proper dose of Vitamin C is what you can expect from it.

Many clinical trials were conducted on the effect of HCA.

One found that HCA works remarkably to treat type 2 diabetes where it constantly regulates the level of glucose and it also takes care of high cholesterol level.

The ingredients added in Garcinia Cambogia contribute every possible thing which can suppress your appetite in an agreed way.

Users have experienced significant weight loss after 2 weeks.

2. PhenQ

phenq pills reviewPhenQ is a special slimming formula which has multiple benefits related to weight loss.

The effect of PhenQ is remarkable when it comes to curbing appetite. PhenQ dietary supplement started appearing some years back where the health market wasn’t saturated.

The active ingredient used in PhenQ is called α-Lacys Reset which is basically a combination of two separate components, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine.

Together, these ingredients work by normalizing the digestive system and inhibits fat accumulation.

PhenQ is a natural appetite suppressant which mainly contains Nopal, Nopal contains lots of fibrous content which controls appetite remarkably.

Also, certain appetite suppressing ingredients such as caffeine and chromium are also being added into this formulation.

At first, people misjudged this product with Phentermine which is used to treat the same condition, but it also offered numerous side effects to its users.

The regular dose of PhenQ is 2 pills a day, which works the whole day to improve your metabolism, burn calories and to curb your appetite.

You will not consume any sort of soft drink or junk after an hour of taking PhenQ, many users say.

Unlike other dietary supplements which causes sleep disturbance, improper digestion or addiction to certain chemicals, PhenQ offers no side effects to its users.

You can order PhenQ from their official manufacturer from the given link, you can also find a plethora of studies and thousands of reviews from the real-time users who have successfully achieved their weight loss goal.


When it comes to losing weight with 100% safety, using appetite suppressant is the best option you can get.

Kendall Jenner's 'Appetite-Suppressing'

Not just this, but every source you might visit will suggest you the same thing. Because it has no side effects to offer, excessive eating, in any case, is not a healthy tactic and it needs to be stopped whether you have control over it or not.

Only 1% of people in the world have the tendency to control their appetite whenever they want, but what about 99%?

This is where you need to pick the best dietary supplement with the most pronounced appetite suppressing effect.

The brands mentioned above to this day are the best appetite suppressant found in the health market.

You can either adopt a healthier diet plan with all the essential hunger-suppressing ingredients included (which requires a lot of time to provide desired effects) or you can accelerate the process by purchasing one of these dietary supplements which can help you lose weight in no time.