Avocado: The Game-Changing Compound for Weight Loss! [2020]

Avocado is the latest trending fruit which is more of a fat actually. Avocado contains good fat about 29 grams and 322 of calories.

health benefits of avocado

The fruit is actually a mono-seed berry from Mexico, recently this fruit has shown a remarkable weight loss activity in many individuals.

If we look closely at its contents, Avocado consist mono saturated fat, which gives your health a good taste, not only this, but the fruit suppressed hunger pangs and even reduce the amount of belly fat.

In short, Avocado is the perfect food for weight loss.

Here are the 8 reasons how it is.

1. It’s a Bad fat fighter!

Forget the apple, Avocado is the new apple that really keeps your doctor and high cholesterol level away.

A study was conducted by the Journal of the American Heart Association who took 45 people and classified them into three sub-groups, each of which was provided by different cholesterol-lowering diet for a month.

The group, which got a diet included Avocado was successfully able to reduce 13.5 mg/dl of LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) which is more than enough to reduce the chances of heart diseases especially Myocardial Infarction.

Scientists have suggested that the reason why Avocado is a perfect enemy of LDL is that of the monounsaturated fat content that has one unsaturated carbon bond.

This content plays a very vital role in reducing elevated LDL and also meltdown your fats in a faster way.

2. It’s a Nutrient booster

In order to shrink your waist, you require a set of specific nutrients which supposed to be low in calories and rich in vitamins.

avocado reduce calorie and help losing weight

According to some researchers, it is now considered that only a salad is not enough to reduce the size of your belly, but you have to put some sort of special fats in it to enhance its digestion as well as the effects.

Fats found in Avocado is of high quality in this regard.

In a journal of Food Research a study was conducted where participants were provided different salad toppings such as saturated, monosaturated and poly saturated.

It was estimated that topping a salad with mono saturated fat based dressing can help in the absorption of fat-soluble carotenoids which plays an important role in fighting disease and the process of weight loss. And it requires very least amount of mono saturated fats for the topping purposes, 3 grams.

While mono saturated and poly saturated fat dressing requires high quantity. In short, adding avocado to your salad can be a great help to prevent weight gain.

3. It’s a belly Shrinker.

Getting down on Avocado oil is not so bad after all. Researchers have been carried about the use of Avocado oil, says changing your cooking or finishing oil to Avocado oil can increase the chances of a belly fat reduction.

Weight gain brings a lot of problems with it such as Metabolic Syndrome which is basically a combination of many health complications caused by weight gain, Avocado oil, in this case, will completely eradicate these symptoms.

Avocado oil is devoid of free radicals that harm your health a big time. In a recent study, it was elucidated that people who consume 49 g of oil-rich in oleic acid for 4 weeks can lower their belly fat by 1.6 % than those who consumed the normal oil brands.

One tablespoon of Avocado oil contains about 120 calories and 10 g fat which doesn’t bulge around your tummy but shrinks it amazingly.

4. Strong Appetite suppressant

The nutrition journal concludes that eating half a fresh avocado at the lunch time can reduce your hunger by 40%. Or you can take a scoop of guacamole, which considered as the best hunger squashier.

Avocado suppress appetite

2 tablespoons of guacamole contain only 60 calories, which also quench your taste buds.

Beware of the guacamole brands as some of them do not really use the real fruit, Wholly Guacamole is one of the popular store brands which you can consume.

5. It’s a free radical killer

Free radical is a term which most of the people are unaware of. They are basically the end product of any metabolism or used oxygen molecules which stimulate so many reactions in our body which could lead to the disruption of DNA & Mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) and causes other health problems.

Antioxidants in this scenario are of great help. They simply neutralize the free radicals but in case of the huge free radical army, it cannot be reached to the mitochondria.

Sabotaging mitochondria can result in less efficient metabolism. In a research which took place in Mexico says, consuming the mono saturated oil from the fruits can help mitochondria survive the attack by free radicals.

In upcoming years, researchers say that avocado oil will be the olive oil of America.

6. It’s a Calorie Killer

It is certainly a legit study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which says, eating avocado can provide you the same energy boost as it does when you take pre-workout supplement.

Avocado breakfast provide energy boost

The mono saturated fat present in Avocado is the main reason that keeps your metabolism on running even after you stop exercising.

Physical activity is remarkably enhanced due to the high concentration of mono saturated fats, which burst your calories instead of letting them deposited on your belly.

7. It stabilizes the sugar

It’s not about the good fat, but Avocado has a lot to offer. A single avocado provides about 20 vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for a sufficient weight management.

It also includes a daily dose of Vitamin K and hunger squashing fiber, which also regulates glucose metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity.

In the journal of Diabetes care, it was estimated that men and women who consume a daily dose of vitamin K are less prone to have diabetes over the period of 10 years compared with the ones whose intake is low.

Green fruits and vegetables are the richest sources of vitamin so do avocado, a little dressing of Avocado on your salad can be tasty as well as help you keep away from diabetes.

8. It’s a doorway to a healthier life!

According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), regular consumption of Avocado can give you a lighter, thinner and healthier body which is very rare for the people living in the US.

Avocado juice essential for weight loss

It is estimated that eating a small avocado on a daily basis can improve your diet and reduce the chances of metabolic syndrome. It is also helpful in maintaining your BMI and to get smaller waist size.

A person who eats avocado on a daily basis can ultimately consume fresh fruits and vegetables, and also fibers with other stuff essential for weight loss.