Insanity Workout- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

intansity workout

It is rather easy to figure out the level of effort in a workout routine called “insanity”. The routine being strenuous depends on a person’s willpower which restrains him from giving up from extreme pressure.

The routine is designed by none other than Shaun T. It deals with maximum interval training and since its inception in 2009, it has been called one of the most extreme workout routines in the world.

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 What insanity workout aims?

The insanity workout itself requires a lot of dedication, persevere and hard work. The workout routine which was scripted my Shaun T brings forth a complete new horizon to the eyes of the masses.

The insanity workout is the perfect solution for someone who’s looking for a perfect body in the shortest of periods of up to two months.

Its reputation as one of toughest and most extreme workout routine comes from the rather difficult technique that one needs to apply. The insanity program lasts for sixty days and promises to deliver the best result within this period.

One of the extreme Unique Selling Points of this workout routine is the statement that the body is working at its highest level throughout the workout.

This means that you’re indeed delivering your best throughout the time given.

The Insane method behind Insanity

Intensity workout

The method is an amalgamation of different workout styles. Like its name suggests, the workout routine is indeed insane. To be very honest, it’s advised that the light hearted take caution, because insanity is in real terms a very complex ride. During the course of the two months, an individual will be doing up to 10 very insane cardio workout drills.

The method requires 3 minutes of complete effort and hard work followed by a thirty seconds rest. This routine will continue for an hour which will eventually bring out the best in every one.

This workout drill is estimated to burn up to 1000 calories per hour. Each routine will take an individual an estimated thirty to sixty minutes and needs to be done six days a week.

The first day of the first week will require a fit test and one will get straight to working from the second day. The cardio power and resistance will start from the next day and the person will get working with his cardio workout.

Is insanity workout suitable for all?

body workout

To be honest, the Insanity workout is not recommended for beginners. Beginners can watch videos on the internet and learn some of the drills but there are a few very important reasons which insist that beginners should refrain from starting with the insanity workout.

One reason why beginners can neither attempt nor do the insanity workout is because most beginners don’t have a lot of knowledge about their bodies. Knowledge of the body is a very important aspect to take note of before starting a very tiring workout routine like the insanity!

Knowledge of the body may include knowledge about the carbohydrates, fats and calories in the body. Moreover, people who have been working out for an extensive amount of time have better estimates of the extent to which they can workout.

A newcomer or a beginner might not really have the required level of knowledge regarding the body. Also, newcomers have extremely low stamina which is thought to be another deterrent.

Things on the internet that can help you

As news regarding the effectiveness and the accuracy of the insanity workout spreads like wild fire across the world, a lot of new technologies and equipments have been made to help you out.

A thorough search of the internet from my side brought me to the result that the internet is indeed the best resort for garnering information about insanity and finding things which may help you during the process.

There are countless of videos on the internet which can help a novice in understanding the logic behind insanity.

These videos put the training styles as well as the routine that needs to be adapted in perspective. If adhered to completely, the videos are the perfect guide to this extreme workout method.

Secondly, the insane workout mobile app is something very valuable for someone trying out the insanity program. The app requires an individual to maintain his progress, to record all the numbers that he finds important.

In addition to this the app also provides a lot of information recording the diet plan and the workout method, thus being a must for anyone trying out the Insanity workout program.

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Last words:

shaun t workout program

With the help of the above mentioned experience an individual can enhance his knowledge about insanity and can improve the experience.

Insanity is one of the most authentic and toughest fat burning techniques and requires a lion hearted attitude.

Like all other workout schedules and methods, it is very much advised that a person contact his doctor or trainer before setting off for insanity.