Deadlifts Benefits: Top 13 Facts and Results You Need to See! [2020]

Deadlifts are mostly the first choice of celebrities and bodybuilders to gain a lot of mass.

According to many experts and personal trainer, Deadlifts helps you to build up the huge mass and train the major group of muscles.

It is the standard weight lifting exercise and type of compound exercises.

benefits of deadlifts

I have written this article that covers extensive details (benefits) for beginner’s as well as advanced.

Deadlift should be your first priority when your aim is to build up the stronger and bigger muscle to lower and upper part of the body and to achieve an impressive physique.

It provides strength to entire back and surrounding muscles.

The deadlifts can develop the core strength of central muscles of the body, such as lower back, abdominal region, and Glutes.

What Are The Benefits of Deadlifts?

The Deadlift is very easy to perform, it can do by grab the bar, bend your knees, lift your chest, lift up in order to make your arms extended while hanging the bar in front of you, and than Pull by taking a big breath.

There are a variety of compound exercises that are also good for developing defined and impressive physiques.

I recommend Deadlift due to many benefits which are mentioned as below:

1. Safety

This exercise is not loaded with many injurious effects. It is relatively risk-free as compared to Bench Press and Squat.

It can provide you the correct form or better posture without causing stress on your major joints.

If you feel some trouble while performing, so simply drop the weights.

2. Stimulate Fat Burning

According to the study, in which three groups are conducted to see the result.

The first one is reducing fat by the only diet, the second group has combined diet with some aerobic groups, and the third group has done reduction of fat through diet, aerobics, and weight lifting.

The results are expected that the first group lost 14 pounds of fat in 12 weeks,the  second group lost 15 pounds, and the third group lost over 21 pounds.

The weight training group lost fat around 35% to 44% as compared to the other groups.

It is proof that the lifting of weight or resistance training has an ability to burn up more fat as compared to other exercises.

3. Improve Posture

Deadlifting develops core strength and stability.

It works with all of the muscles that involve in the presentation of posture.

It enables your back into the straighter position during daily activities.

4. Increase Lean Muscle Mass

The integration of targeting the primary muscles like Hamstrings and Glutes, results in the increased rate of muscle mass to all over the body which is a crucial factor to develop the strength.

The muscle mass is usually lean without any excess fat and water retention.

5. Target More Muscles

The Deadlift is the most versatile exercise as compared to the other group of exercises because it engages the entire group of muscles.

This workout engages the lower body muscles, upper body muscles, and back muscles.

It targets almost entire group of muscle for developing core strength and correct posture.

In other words, deadlift forces the whole body to work or focus the posterior chain.

The posterior chain is including the back, Glutes, and Hamstrings.

Simply holding a weight off the floor is just like pulling a gigantic tree out of the ground.

The Glutes muscle is the biggest muscle in the body. Nothing provides the strength to hip muscles better than weight lifting,

The Deadlifting develops the power, endurance, and prevent the pain.

It hits the neck area too for bigger traps and avoids the injury chances.

6. Increase Flexibility

Deadlifting plays a role to increase flexibility for performing the other exercises like Bench Press.

It makes other exercises easy to perform because Deadlift has already developed the strongest or strengthen muscles in order to perform other activities.

It has an application of real life, such as lifting the object from the ground and to place in the different position.

7. Boost Natural Hormone Production

Deadlifting can increase the production of natural testosterone hormone and Human Growth Hormone.

Testosterone is a natural male hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland and works as to improve the muscle growth, bone strength, fat loss, and shorter the recovery time period.

Moreover, these hormones play an important role to boost up the immunity, improves the mood as well as sex drive.

8. Improves Strength

According to the fitness Gurus, Deadlifts are beneficial for improving the strength.

The whole muscles of the body experience improve strength.

9. Cheap And Easy

There are not many types of equipment are needed, special shoes and other.

It requires the little equipment for preparation. You just need a bar and free weights.

You can buy these equipments from the store.

It is very simple and effective exercise that you can easily perform at home with the help of a bar and free-weights.

10. Improve Cardio Health

The repetition of 7-8 times can increase the cardiovascular ability.

The cardiovascular health has improved by the proper circulation of blood and oxygen into the body.

11. Reduce Injury Chances

One of the main benefits of Deadlifting is to prevent the injury simultaneously developed the strength.

It provides the strength to muscles around ligaments and tendons that can prevent you from the injuries especially, lower back.

12. Reduce Stress And Improved Energy Level

Deadlift helps your mood to boost up by reducing stress from the body.

It is a natural mood stabilizer, work as anti-depressants, and support to recover from the anxiety and depression. 

13. Women and Deadlift

Deadlifts are not only specifically for athletes and bodybuilders, this exercise also performed by the normal men and women who are looking for fitness physique.

Women can experience the lean and strong muscles in the body without any fat content.

There is no risk of bulking for women because they naturally have lower levels of testosterone in their body.


All you need to get these benefits is to just follow proper method.

It may be a tricky exercise due to the high level of balance.

If you are a beginner so, it is suggested to learn properly before performing.

It is important to warm up your body before lifting the heavy-weight.

Always begin with a lightweight to avoid the injury.

It requires Co-ordination because the risk of injury is associated with incorrect performance.

Deadlifts definitely plays a crucial role in your progress over time.

It is always recommended to consult your health care provider or professional instructor before starting any exercise program.