50 Best Bodybuilders- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

A detailed analysis by WatchOTC on Natural Bodybuilding V/s Worst Bodybuilders of All Time!

Top Natural bodybuilders of all time
natural bodybuilding

A legal Disclaimer:

The whole judgement is based on our opinion and assumptions.

This is for Information and entertainment purposes only.

There are some bodybuilders who are recognized as legends in the bodybuilding world.

But how good these bodybuilders in reality?

Do you ever think to judge the famous bodybuilders In the different aspects

Well, we have done to Identify natural one and juicers many times through physical evidences.

We have almost four parts of this conversation

  • In part 1, we select the bodybuilders who are good in all aspects (Judgement will according to aesthetic point of view)
  • In part 2, we have a 5 modern bodybuilder (Overall judgement takes place)
  • In part 3, we will discuss some actors that have good physique too.
  • In part 4, we have worst shape individuals

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Part One: The Most Famous Natural Bodybuilder

This time to judge who is the most famous bodybuilder of all the time:

  1. Who’s the most aesthetic guy?
  2. Who won the greater number of Mr. Olympia titles?
  3. The shredded and defined guy
  4. Who’s made the impact on the sport?

1. Olympia Titles:

If we talk about the most Mr. Olympia titles, so Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney names are placed in our top of the list.

8x Battle | Ronnie Coleman vs Lee Haney
Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney

The both of the men are huge and got a Mr. Olympia title for around eight times (8x).

Ronnie earned his nickname as GOAT and never failed to win a single trophy throughout his career, he stamped his name in the history books.

GOAT: Greatest of all the time

While Lee Haney AKA Total- lee Awesome is the star of the bodybuilding and played the best role In the sports.

2. Which Bodybuilder Had The Biggest Impact On The Bodybuilding?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the pumping star, he is one of the legendary bodybuilders of the Golden Era.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding
Arnold Schwarzenegger

He got famous throughout his career because of Arnold as the father of aesthetic.

Arnold used the steroid according to the recommended prescriptions and dosages.

See his look in the pictures, there are no any signs of the steroid use even he consumed drugs.

He changed the world opinion’s on the bodybuilding

He gained the greatest physiques of all the time as bigger and huge muscle mass with a tiny waist.

We can also Include the other bodybuilders like Frank Zane, and Lee Haney.

The best of the best;

Here I pick up the most successful bodybuilders who win the most of the titles.

You all know very well that the world of bodybuilding is recognized as nutrition, workout, and the supplements,

Not only these three, there is also the incorporation of anabolic steroids, testosterone, and synthetic HGH.

These drugs play a role to shredded excess fat from the body and put the muscle.

Let’s move to our next step in which we observed the physiques of all bodybuilders and give them points.

In aesthetic way, We will judge in the following ways or poses:

  • Double Biceps (Front)
  • Lat Spread (Front)
  • Side Chest
  • Back Double Biceps
  • Back Lat Spread
  • Side Triceps
  • Front Abdominal-Thigh

Let’s suggest,

  • First place= 6 points
  • Second place= 4 points
  • Third place= 2 points

The natural bodybuilder who will achieve the maximum points is a winner of this competition.

Phil Heath vs. Jay Cutler - 2015 Mr. Olympia vs. 2009 Mr. Olympia
Phil Heath and Jay Cutler

The points will be given on the basis of aesthetic, the sign of any steroid practice may deduct the points.

If the picture of Ronnie Coleman spotted with steroid gut and the same with a case of Lee Haney

I will judge only five bodybuilder in which Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Phil Heath, And Jay Cutler.

Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney are 8x Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath are 7x Mr. Olympia and Jay Cutler is 4x Mr. Olympia.

3. Front Double Biceps:

  • Arnold- 6points
  • Lee Haney -4 Points
  • Phil Heath-2 Points
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Jay Cutler

Arnold front double biceps are slightly better than Lee Haney.

As Lee, double biceps are also in the conditioning form so we have placed him in second position.

If we move on the second or third, so Phil Heath has better conditioning as compared to the Ronnie Coleman

While Jay has a less conditioning of his arms and midsection as compared to the above four bodybuilders.

4. Front Lat Spread:

  • Lee Haney-6 Points
  • Ronnie Coleman-4 Points
  • Jay Cutler- 2 Points
  • Phil Heath
  • Arnold

Lee Haney competed against Ronnie in the Front Lat spread because of the slightly better condition.

Phil Heath vs. Ronnie Coleman - Lat Spread
Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman

During vacuum, as a fact, Roonie gut is visible as Lee roid gut had not clearly visible and prominent.

Jay Cutler and Phil Heath have a better development of Lat, whereas Arnold has a very weak development of the back

5. Side Chest

  • Arnold- 6 Points
  • Phil Heath-4 Points
  • Ronnie Coleman-2 Points
  • Jay Cutler
  • Lee Haney

It is critical to judge side chest between Arnold and Phil Heath, Phil has very well developed and better conditioned, but Arnold should first due to having a huge mass in the Pecs.

Ronnie and Jay are more shredded in the various poses on the social media with a well developed form of their delts and hamstrings.

Haney appears leaner in this pose as compared to the other four.

6. Back Double Biceps

  • Phil Heath-6 Points
  • Lee Haney-4 Points
  • Ronnie Coleman-2 Points
  • Arnold
  • Jay Cutler

Phil has easily won because in the different pictures, the shadows and lighting appear on his back shows a well conditioning and good size.

Haney takes the second position again Ronnie, who takes third in the battle of judgement.

Arnold back is better than the Jay Cutler huge mass.

7. Back Lat Spread:

  • Phil Heath-6 Points
  • Ronnie Coleman-4 Points
  • Lee Haney- 2 Points
  • Jay Cutler
  • Arnold

Phil took place in the first as compared to Ronnie due to better conditioning once again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Phil Heath - MR.OLYMPIA CHAMPIONS
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath

Ronnie big size contributes to placing in the second position.

Lee Haney has better conditioned to the Jay Cutler as well as more definition of a hamstring.

Jay has more width as compared to the Arnold, so jay takes 4th among five.

8. Side Triceps

  • Lee Haney- 6 Points
  • Arnold-4 Points
  • Ronnie Coleman- 2 Points
  • Phil Heath
  • Jay Cutler

The first one is Lee Haney because he has a well developed shape of his triceps with a combination of displaying a very tiny waist

Arnold takes place second because he has less definition , but better than Ronnie.

Ronnie perfect development of triceps beats the Phil Heath and jay as you can see a better contraction in every picture when his arms are straightened.

9. Front Abdominal-Thigh:

  • Arnold-6 Points
  • Lee Haney- 4 Points
  • Ronnie- 2 Points
  • Phil Heath
  • Lee Haney

Lee and Arnold thigh pose are not available, but we have some idea through the abdominal thigh.

Ronnie and Phil have an amazing pose of the thigh but I don’t like big tummy similar to pregnant tummy of Ronnie Coleman.

The time Is to calculate the overall points


  • Lee Haney- 26 Points
  • Arnold- 22 Points
  • Phil Heath – 18
  • Ronnie Coleman- 16
  • Jay Cutler- 2 Points

Lee Haney won the competition and beat Arnold.

8th Time Mr Olympia winner lee Haney

Arnold gets the second position with only 4 points.

Despite these judgements, the best ever bodybuilder has Arnold, who won the most titles and becoming a great champion because of the huge muscle mass and a tiny waist.

Arnold arms are greater in the bodybuilding history and look more aesthetic

Part Two: The Best New Bodybuilders

We already know our legendary bodybuilders but what if we take a look of the best bodybuilders from new generation.

There is a big difference in the bodybuilding of a golden era and the modern era.

In the old era, peoples aimed to get a very defined physiques whereas now individual’s thinking that getting bigger like beast or monster is a way of winning.

As a competition, most of the natural bodybuilders think that their physique is a tool and means a lot to their bodybuilding career.

Thus, they spent a lot of hours at the workout as a gym rat in the gym for defining physique on the other hand genetic freaks may do in a short period of time.

We have the 5 new bodybuilders and their physiques are absolutely incredible.

Justin Compton and Dallas McCarver
Justin Compton & Dallas McCarver – Mass Monsters Under 30

The new one bodybuilders are the following:

1. Nathan De Asha

  • Height of the body: 5’10
  • Weight during competition: 240lbs
  • Off-season: 270lbs

He won many awards and received titles as Kuwait Pro, Mr. Olympia, Toronto Pro, and New York Pro in the year 2016.

2. Justin Compton

  • Height of the body: 5’8’’
  • Competition weight: 230lbs
  • Off-season weight: 265lbs

He was 3rd in the Arnold Classic Australia in both of the year 2015 and 2016, and held a 10th position at the Mr. Olympia title.

3. Dallas Mccarver

  • Height of the body: 6’
  • Competition weight: 250Ibs
  • Off-season: 270lbs

He got 13th position as Mr Olympia in 2015, and 8th in 2016.

4. William Bonac

  • Height of the body: 5’7’’
  • Weight during competition: 230lbs
  • Off-season weight: 250lbs

William placed 8th position as Mr. Olympia in 2015, and 5th in 2016

5. Big Ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay)

  • Height of the body: 5’10’’
  • Competition weight: 320lbs
  • Off-season weight: 340lbs

The Ramy accomplishments are included in the 4x Mr. Olympia titles followed as 8th in 2013, 7th in 2014, 5th in 2015, and 4th in 2016.

Who Got The Highest Point Among 5 Of Them?

Big Rammy bodybuilder
Big Rammy Winner

Overall Judgement:

  1. Big Ramy- 6 points
  2. Dallas Mccarver- 4 points
  3. Nathan De Asha- 2 points
  4. Justin Compton
  5. William Bonac

We have already selected, a standard bodybuilders, all is good Unfortunately Dallas died due to heavy steroid cycle.

Mamdouh Elssbiay AKA Big Ramy weight is 10lbs bigger than a Ronnie Coleman while Ramy is 1 inch shorter than a Ronnie.

I thought Ronnie was one of the men who came with maximum weight, but Big Ramy also followed his name in the list.

Part Three: The Actors

We have also some incredible physiques In the world of acting.

Jeff Seid vs Calum Von Moger - Fitness and Bodybuilding Motivation
Jeff Seid vs Calum Von Moger

I selected four actors for this part which are discussed as below:

1. Lou Ferrigno:

  • Height: 285-295lbs
  • Weight of the body: 285-295lbs

Lou Ferrigno AKA beast and The Hulk had made his name in the acting world simultaneously Arnold.

He was a big star in the Pumping Iron, cast as The Incredible Hulk, and play a documentary role in the Generation Iron.

He got many achievements In the bodybuilding career and amazing reflection of 70’s and 90’s.

2. Calum Von Moger:

  • Height: 6’2’’
  • Weight of the body: 245-255lbs

Calum Von Moger is a professional bodybuilder and also played a role in the movie.

He gained fame as Arnold 2.0 because he looks aesthetic similar to Arnold.

He gathered around 2 million of fans In the Facebook age.

Calum had promoted a look of 70’s in the modern bodybuilding.

3. Jeff Seid:

  • Height: 6’0’’
  • Weight of the body: 210lbs or 95kg

Jeff is a men’s of physique who made history as the youngest Pro in IFBB.

He has a great shape and physically strong.

Like Calum, Jeff is famous in the social media over 750, 000 YouTube subscribers.

4. Tom Holland:

Tom Holland has a great physique as well as he well transformed himself as Spider-Man in the Captain America.

You can see his journey from Impossible age 16 to Spider-Man in the year 2017

5’8’’ height with 141lbs weight of the body

Tom body weight is not much bigger, although he maintained his perfect shape of the body.

Part Four: The Worst Bodybuilders

We have done our conversation with almost old bodybuilders, new bodybuilders and the actors with a well developed physique.

Let’s have a look on some nastiest physiques.

Synthol Freak Moustafa Ismail 31 inch Biggest Biceps World Record
Moustafa Ismail, 24, of Franklin displayed his world-record 31-inch biceps

My aim does not criticize someone but literally, these types of look are just blowing our mind and feel to laugh.

1. Kai Greene:

Kai Greene is one of the incredible bodybuilders of the modern era, he won many competitions throughout his career.

He is good, but Kai steroid gut spoils our mood, and may not contribute a positive effect on the young generations.

2. Moustafa Ismail:

Moustafa Ismail did not get many achievements related to bodybuilding, but he mended his name in the Guinness Book of world record.

He has a World record of the biggest arms around 31 inches.

I would like to mention his name because his arms shape does not look natural and attractive.

I just think his arms are pumping with an air.


It is good that the old-school bodybuilding is great, the all of the bodybuilders have a great definition of muscle compared to the newest training.

How they are able to develop such type of athletic physique.

It is considered that the old-school bodybuilders consume lower doses of steroids, thus they are not able to store the more water.

However, the new stars of the modern bodybuilding also give their best and up the bodybuilding industry.

Some of the people distracted this field by their freaky physiques.

We should look up the all Golden examples and try to follow the hard work with dedication and motivation honestly.