Best GNC Testosterone Booster – Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

When we are talking about GNC Testosterone booster, we are indeed talking about supplements and products that have the potential to deliver the maximum results.

Maintaining Testosterone on the right levels is something that every male idealize and think about and that is why the chances are you may have searched availability of the best Testosterone booster 2019 at GNC.

Basically, all the outcomes that you can actually expect from T supplements.

The market is full of such options and one can easily be confused just because of so much variety.

Therefore, the article just like this one is something that you should read and learn the best testosterone booster 2018 in your town.

Testosterone boosting supplement is no doubt is something that is best for the individuals who are facing the issue of low T levels but here the question is not about decreased T levels but yes, it does about GNC Testosterone boosters.

There are various options available.

The primary reason to have so many options is its the popularity and the importance of testosterone hormone for the human body.

Many believe it is something that is only important for a male body but in reality, not equally, but it vital for a female body; it does perform some crucial role in a female body.

What is Testosterone?

Best testosterone booster supplementsTestosterone is not something that is exogenous or alien to the human body but actually, human body happens to produce it as per the requirement of the body.

Testosterone has a vital role to play in a man’s body mechanisms.

It also supports muscle building and bone mass.

Well, the natural ratio of testosterone goes down gradually with the age.

Even as per the American Urological Association, every two males out of ten who are older than sixty years are suffering from the issue of low testosterone.

The issue even gets worst and the ratio goes up to three out of ten men of age 70 and 80.

Testosterone has a significant role to play in the formation of sperm and to improve sexual drive.

Men are likely to experience numerous signs if testosterone reduces more than it should.

Low testosterone/ reduced T mean value below 300 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter).

A typical range is 300 to 1000 ng/dL as per FDA (the US Food and Administration.

There is a blood test available known as serum testosterone test; this test is utilized to analyze the level of circulating testosterone.

When the testosterone ratio drops down drastically, there will be a range of symptoms.

Selection of the right Testosterone Booster

Selection of an appropriate Testosterone booster GNC is a tough task to do.

Testosterone Booster Watch OTC review
Best Testosterone Booster

Selecting the right one can really make the difference because it is the difference between attaining the right results or no results at all.

Moreover, you are paying the bucks so you have the right to get the value of your money.

T-booster that can work is actually something that every buyer of T booster is willing to get but most of the Testosterone boosters GNC do not fulfill all the criteria of the apt and appropriate supplements.

How is it possible that the best Testosterone boosters are not available at GNC?

First, you need to understand; GNC is not especially for Testosterone boosters; actually, it is a common platform for medicines and pharmacy-related stuff.

It is their compulsion to maintain their brand name to showcase a wide variety of products and that is why whether the product is best or not, it does not make any difference.

However, things are different from the buyers’ side because it is a common perception that GNC is the best place to buy medicines/ drugs/ supplements and for other pharmaceutical related stuff and the same perception people believe is valid for testosterone boosters but GNC just possesses a wide variety but it has nothing to do with its appropriateness.

What options should you go for then?

The short intro for such products that are best is given below; read, learn, and enjoy the best testosterone boosters in town.

1. Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone

Nugenix Testosterone Booster review
Nugenix Reviews

Direct Digital LLC is one of the best products that are advertised and it is available at the GNC.

To be honest, it is indeed the best testosterone boosters that are available at GNC.

It is something that every man needs to try for experiencing the right characteristics of testosterone boosters.

The ingredients of Nugenix Ultimate testosterone are actually D-aspartic acid, and zinc and many others that are the tested testosterone boosters.

These ingredients or compounds are quite effective in delivering the right results.

Nugenix has both of these ingredients and definitely, it is a great thing for its users.

Moreover, there are various testimonials that are available that indeed talk about Nugenix Ultimate.

The consumers say that after using Nugenix they have experienced the right results, such as elevated levels of energy and better size of muscles.

These testimonials are quite a good reason to believe that Nugenix actually works.

However, the price range is something that asks you to reconsider your decision, as Nugenix is available at the rate of $79.99.

Nugenix Ultimate is some of the products that are good and also available at GNC but here is another thing my friend that you should consider, it is best to deliver testosterone booster traits but it is surely high on your pocket.

If the price is not a big deal, go ahead and opt for it.

2. Prime Male

Prime Male
Prime Male Reviews

The manufacturers of Prime Male claims it to be 100% a natural testosterone booster that has herbs like Asian red ginseng and nettle root.

Unlike different supplements that are available for males.

The product is actually great for promoting prostate health, the superb health of bones, and boost cognitive function.

Various clinical studies that are available regarding ingredients confirm that this can be one of the products that you can opt for!

What is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a total natural testosterone booster that claims to support to retain healthy testosterone levels, elevate the vitality through providing physical peak, and develop better lean muscle gains.

It provides a natural formula that tries to optimize performance, improve strength and boosted libido.

It does not have any caffeine in it, so for the consumers who have any sort of caffeine allergy can easily have it without facing any issue.

Here is a short glimpse of the prime male ingredients

  • Asian red ginseng (120 mg)
  • BioPerine (10mg)
  • Nettle root (160mg)
  • Luteolin (60mg)
  • Mucuna Pruriens (300mg)

Prime Male was launched in 2015 and this company is in London.

Unfortunately, no description regarding Prime male is given on BBB website.

As far as the dosage is concerned, each time one capsule should be taken and four times a day.

If you want to enjoy complete benefits, you can also have it along with a snack or meal.

The company suggests you keep a three-hour difference/ gap between each dose.

The Right Dosage

In each of the serving, 750 milligrams of ingredients will be present.

Furthermore, it is possible to use this testosterone booster for a longer duration.

It is said to be totally safe, the use of synthetic compounds, produced in an FDA-approved facility and free of any of the harmful effects.

Additionally, officially is not mentioned that what should be your diet or routine to maximize the results yet it is common sense that if you bring positive change in your routine and diet, the results will surely be much better.

Prime male is an amazing product yet it does have some of the negative points you may need to consider when you are thinking to start it.

Those negative side effects are as follows

  • Headaches
  • Blood pressure fluctuation
  • Mood alteration
  • Upset stomach
  • Acid reflux

3. Testogen

Testogen Reviews

Testosterone (GNC Testosterone Booster) bodybuilding regimen cannot be complete without an apt supplement.

Testogen is the best sort of test booster that you can consume without thinking twice because it has everything you require.

It has the tendency to elevate the natural testosterone secretion.

People who are not aware of the testosterone much but still willing to use something that can give 100% advantages should go for Testogen without any concerned.

When you are using Testogen, you will get the fat elimination and pure muscle mass gaining qualities.

With the right levels of T hormone, your energy levels go to the right peak.

Testogen use is totally legal and far better than those steroids that can deliver the same qualities but with those illegal steroids use the side effects will be mandatory wherein the case of TestoGen the things are totally another way around.

Moreover, Testogen has the features that are of multiple products and that one point makes it far superior to the other products.

To promote testosterone levels the right way, Tribulus Terrestris can perform some really magnificent role.

Role of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is actually a Chinese herb that has scientific proof that it can improve testosterone in your body with the right mood improvement.

When you are using Testogen, you will not need to worry about the estrogen conversion (it is something to really consider because estrogen works as an agent for the fat depositor.)

Additionally, men who are confronting the issues of infertility are usually asked to start using D-Aspartic Acid by numerous physicians or doctors due to its testosterone elevating ability D-Aspartic Acid is one of the cardinal ingredients of Testogen.

Testogen use is in total favor because it has fenugreek in it and when the body gets the right ratio of this apt ingredient, your body will get a constant energy supply during the workout sessions.

Testogen carries Selenium and Zinc in it.

There are studies available that confirm that Zinc is classically tremendous for the good state of the immune system.

Vitamin B and D3 are also present in Testogen and they are simply amazing at retaining the testosterone ratio in the body after a harder workout.

Well, typically, the levels of energy go down once you perform a physical task.

Moreover, Vitamin D3 makes sure that the energy levels are at their places whereas Vitamin B confronts the testosterone deficiency in the most appropriate way possible.

4. TestoFuel

Testofuel Reviews

TestoFuel is a great anabolic support, with all the natural ingredients and it has the potential to better the testosterone formation in the body, a super speedy growth of muscles, reduced fat and improved libido.

The company of TestoFuel claims that their product Testofuel is something that even the professional athletes can use to acquire the right level of gains and improvement in their performance but TestoFuel is something even old age people can use for the lower T levels.

What is the working principle of TestoFuel?

As per the Company, the supplement is produced in the US under the right conditions, which are completely according to the FDA points.

For the customers of European site, TestoFuel is produced in the UK, and meets all EU criteria.

TestoFuel has all-natural compounds like vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids.

Furthermore, it is a matter of relief that it does not contain any banned substances and is safe to consume on the regular basis.

Moreover, when it is taken regularly with a proper diet and workout regimen, it will let your body secret the testosterone, all in the natural way that happens to improve muscle mass and quicker recovery timing plus the energy levels.

TestoFuel Pricing and terms regarding Refunding

When you are buying Testofuel, you will get three possible options

  • One-month supply (ninety capsules) for $69.00, plus $7.95 for the shipment and handling
  • Two-month supply (one hundred and eighty capsules), for $138.00 and guess what free shipment worldwide if you happen to select this deal
  • Four boxes will be enough to provide you (360 capsules), one T-shirt, two free eBooks, and this offer also provides free shipment worldwide at the price of $219.00

5. Testo Max

Crazy Bulk Testomax Review
Testomax Reviews

Testo Max is a natural Test booster and Testo Max is designed to offer the following qualities.

  • Improve the fat reduction
  • Elevate strength
  • Super fast recovery
  • Elevated sex drive
  • Awesome muscle development

What is Testo Max?

It is not a secret that as the human body ages; the levels of testosterone dramatically will drop down.

The optimum level of testosterone reaches by the age 16 to 18 and afterward, it starts declining.

The super cool part is Testo Max helps in maintaining and improving our natural testosterone formation.

Therefore, the levels will remain at the right point all the time.

To learn the reality of whether or not Testo max is another scam or not?

People, who suffer from low T levels, love to use Testo max.


Because TestoMax really knows how to deliver the right results.

These benefits are no doubt something that is try-worthy.

Testo Max really helps in the formation of natural testosterone without adding any exogenous source to it.

Moreover, there are various customer testimonials are available for confirming the right effects that Testo Max has the tendency to create.

To cut a long story short, it is a product that knows how to deliver the right results without causing any trouble to the user.

Additionally, its users do not face any negative side effects either that is quite common to experience in case of the most of the testosterone boosters.

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

What are the advantages that you can experience when you have the right levels of testosterone?

Testosterone results
Benefits of Testosterone Booster

There are various benefits and some of them are as follows

1. Less fat content, muscle mass

Testosterone has the ability to lead the body to have better muscle ratio.

Leaner physique because of leaner body mass supports maintaining weight in a healthy range and improve energy.

Studies confirm that people, who experience low testosterone, after the proper treatment of testosterone, the body tends to lose fat deposit and improve muscle size and strength.

Some men claimed an alteration in the lean body mass but still no increase in strength.

The probability is high that you will get the most benefits when you add exercise and weight training together.

2. Improved verbal memory, mathematical reasoning, and spatial abilities

Research has shown that people who have the appropriate ratio of testosterone have a lower chance for Alzheimer’s disease.

There is some evidence available for a powerful correlation between testosterone and reasoning abilities like verbal memory and quicker speed of processing.

Testosterone treatment for males between the ages of 34 to 70 has shown an improvement in spatial memory.

3. Elevated mood

Lower testosterone levels are linked to the substandard quality of life.

Some of the signs of lower testosterone levels include fatigue, depression, and irritability.

However, there are studies present that confirm this is likely to be true for individuals who are suffering from the issue of hypogonadism.

Men who face the usual decrease in testosterone over time did not display an elevation for depression.

The effects of testosterone replacement therapy on mood is likely to vary.

The patients of hypogonadism shared better mood and well-being and decreased irritability and fatigue.

Research tells that this treatment is likely to be a powerful anti-depressant treatment.

4. Healthy heart and blood

A heart that is all set and it is in a healthy form will indeed pump the blood, providing organs and muscles with the required amount of oxygen that is necessary for optimum performance.

Testosterone supports red blood cell formation via the bone marrow.

Lower testosterone levels are linked to numerous cardiovascular risks.

Is it possible for testosterone replacement therapy to support with heart disease?

There are clinical studies available that tell us a jumble of stories.

Patients, who are confronting heart diseases, experienced very little or slight changes whereas some actually better their walking distance by almost 33%.

According to another study, hormone therapy only better the wideness but it does not have any impact on pain of angina.

A recent study of 83,000 men revealed that men whose testosterone levels got back to normal life were 24% unlikely to experience a heart attack or anything and almost 36% will never face the issue of a stroke.

5. Well built bones

Testosterone has a tremendous role to play in the mineral density of bones.

Bone density happens to decrease as men age and testosterone levels drop.

This happens to increase the severity of worst scenarios, such as osteoporosis and weak bones.

Strong bones aid in giving internal organs and muscles proper shape that definitely jacks up athletic performance.

Research confirms that bone density improves with the T hormone treatment or until you are taking a high dose to overcome the T hormone deficiency.

Clinical trials on the impact of T hormone on the density of bones confirmed the increase in spinal and hip bone density.

A different study suggests that transition of females into males found that testosterone improved the mineral density of bone but it is still unclear if T hormone can actually be helpful for decreasing risk of fracture.

6. Better Libido

Testosterone levels have the tendency to go up in response to sexual activity and better sex drive.

Men with higher levels of testosterone typically have better sexual activity.

Old age men require more testosterone for experiencing better libido.

However, it is crucial to note that erectile dysfunction is often due to some different medical situations and conditions instead of the lower level of testosterone.

Studies indicate that testosterone therapy is actually quite effective for a better sex life and performance.

It also indicates that people who already have the right levels of T hormone will not get any further increase in their T hormone.

Additionally, if an individual is not suffering from the issue of hypogonadism, improvement in the T levels will not benefit in libido.

Natural ways to improve the testosterone levels

Some foods, herbs, and minerals are great for boosting the testosterone levels.

Talk to your doctor, if you are still concerned about the decrease level of testosterone.

These substitutes and natural treatments are not at par effective to the conventional T therapy but yes, they are likely to interact with medications and can cause side effects.

ways to increase your testosterone levels


The point of the best GNC testosterone booster 2018 is clear now and we have discussed the five best options for you too.

Still, if you are eager to learn regarding our verdict; we suggest you go for Testogen as the best buy and if you are into a second-best buy product option, you can go for Testomax.

The market is full of products and these two are highly recommended to deliver you the qualities that you are looking for.