Best Weight Loss Pills For Women That Work

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WatchOTC revealed in-depth Reviews on Top Over the Counter weight loss pills, fat burners, Appetite suppressants, Carb blockers and Prescription diet pills for women that work.

While physical perfection is somewhat equivalent to a well-shaped physique, weight management is not always a cup of cake for most of us.

Despite being occupied with a plethora of weight loss and weight control tools, we often feel puzzled while finding that ‘perfect jack’ for our body.

Considering the need, WatchOTC have taken the initiative to shortlist the best diet pills for women in 2017 for our valuable readers.

These products have been preferred for their effectiveness, judged through personal findings, customer ratings and empirical evidences of quality researches.

Top Weight Loss Pills For Women!

In today’s very crowded weight loss market, there are some supplements that duly meet the expectations of customers with their quality, effectiveness and safety.

These supplements are tailored to accommodate the needs of users, at all fitness levels.

Here are the top 10 popular diet pills and weight loss supplements you need to know:


phenq review and ratingNo fat burner, appetite suppressant or metabolic booster can come up to the level of PhenQ.

Said to be the king of diet pills, the aura and qualities of PhenQ are indeed, incomparable.

Interestingly, one of my closest friends has tried it and lost over 45 pounds in some 12 weeks.

We personally gone through the ingredients and fact-finding conducted on PhenQ and have found it very impressive and recommendable.

A product like this can best support you overcome the fear of body shamming in weeks.

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2. PHEN375:

phen375 review and ratingThe supplement that deserves to enjoy the second spot in my list is Phen375.

Factors that Watchotc personally admire about the diet pill are its ‘tummy slimming’ powers, affordable price and safety nature.

It is the biggest enemy of body fat and deals with it through a couple of ways. But ideally, it falls into the categories of metabolic booster and fat burner.

Based on our investigation, We believe that Phen375 is a master key that can unlock the floodgate for you.

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Sletrokor review and ratingWhat compelled me to rank this very amazing product at number three is its capability to do the cutting, without any major amendments in the routine.

Sletrokor quashes appetite and gives speed to the body’s metabolic rate, the methods through which it fulfills its promises!

But sletrokor is not just admired for its weight reduction powers; it also receives praises for its health boosting abilities.

Sletrokor is an ideal pick for healthy cutting and controlling of weight.

On the basis of my observations we can say that Sletrokor can come up to your expectations, timely and expediently.

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Hydroxycut review and ratingHydroxycut is an elite metabolic booster that keeps the users energetic throughout the slimming phase.

The Canada-based brand is quite popular worldwide and is backed by solid, scientific evidences.

The diet pills further promise to increase endurance and while we studied some of its ingredients, Watchotc feel convinced that these claims have substance.

Hydroxycut can burst fat through its natural thermogenics and bring down your BMI in weeks.

The supplement is truly exemplary and best of its kind.

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Lipozene review and ratingLipozene is like consuming fiber for definite and speedy slashing of weight.

It has glucomannan, the water soluble fiber as the best weapon against hunger.

Through this key ingredient, the supplement manages to keep your appetite low and hence provoke weight loss.

The use of Lipozene may leave you feel nauseous but that’s completely fine if the pain is accompanied with gain.

Its effects on weight are truly astonishing and hence, Lipozene is worth spending money and time on.

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Plexus slim review and ratingA perfect merger of some tried and tested ingredients; the ‘pink drink’ comes across as a powerful weight cutting agent like anything.

Something we admire most about the supplement is its travel friendly nature.

You can carry the powdered formula anywhere and conveniently prepare it using water.

Plexus slim stirs your weight loss potentials through ingredients like garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean; agents that are widely supported by research.

Honestly, the fat burner is a bit pricey but is worth every penny.

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leptiburn review and ratingLeptiburn is not just an ordinary weight loss supplement that claims to burn fat.

It is a well-designed solution that aims to increase the growth of a very essential hormone, leptin.

Leptin, the crucial hormone can ease up this very challenging process, weight loss for you.

Precisely, it controls appetite, fat accumulation and weight gain.

Leptiburn is a tested supplement that is quite popular in United States.

It can ideally help people with no control on their hunger and their increasing weight.

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8. PHEN24:

phen24 review and ratingThe next diet pills that can work to break your weight plateaus and provide an inclusive solution for the problem is Phen24.

Extremely effective and very much safe, Phen24 is a supplement we have tried myself.

Though, it took me some 5 to 6 weeks to mark a difference, but after following my dosages regularly, the change was apparent.

Phen24 has a very unique idea of carving your body, all day and all night. And trust my words, it does that!

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leptigen review and ratingLeptigen is a value addition in my list of 10 best diet pills 2017.

There are two secret ingredients in leptigen, agents that Watchotc credit for its good ratings.

These ingredients are chromemate and meratrim.

The first ingredient is proven to regulate blood sugar whereas the latter has a positive impact on metabolic rate.

On a whole, leptigen is meant to speed up an inactive metabolism, for a drop in fat percentage.

It surely possesses all the qualities to get an all time thumbs up!

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Instant knockout review and ratingIt is a quality fat burner you will rarely get to see in the market.

It is ideally suitable for people with thick layers of fat on their belly.

But apart from the flabby belly, instant knockout is a useful aid for the overall fat reduction and energy enhancement.

It boasts thermogenic properties and can facilitate fat burning through its powerful stimulants.

Instant knockout is believed to be more useful for men, but can surely benefit all.

The commendable metabolic booster is quite affordable and safe too!

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WHY PHENTERMINE DIET PILLS ARE NOT LISTED? truly agree that Phentermine is a life-changing drug and has helped thousands of people with excessive weight.

phentermine diet pills
diet pills that work

But there are few things about Phentermine we find discouraging and hard to ignore like:

  • The aftermaths of Phentermine are quite dangerous. Precisely, it has negative effects on the heart.
  • It is somewhat addicting and is only effective for the short-term use.
  • It is only suitable and recommendable for patients who are more prone to the complications of obesity.


By now, you have been acquainted with the weight loss pills that are currently ruling the market, but the information is surely not enough!  

Having the know-how about the best buy products is good, but you must also know what’s inside these supplements as well.

By keeping a check on the ingredients, you can manage to avoid products that contain agents you are sensitive to.

To help you with the concern, Watchotc come up with a list of ingredients you will generally bump into with these formulas.


  • Best weight loss ingredientsCoffee bean: The real power of coffee bean is enclosed in one of its compounds, Chlorogenic Acid. The compound is said to limit fat absorption as well as fat accumulation.
  • Caffeine: A stimulant by nature, the agent is supposed to boost fat metabolism and surge energy levels. Furthermore, there are some evidences supporting its calorie burning effects through thermogenesis.
  • Garcinia cambogia: Garcinia cambogia is considered to provoke weight loss through its key compound hydroxycitric acid. HCA triggers serotonin to prevent binge eating and impairs citrate lyase to affect fat production.
  • Capsicum: It has the capability to increase thermogenesis and fat metabolism. It is no less like a powerful fat cutter that is commonly found in slimming formulas these days.
  • Raspberry ketones: Another compound that is assumed to be a great weight loss aid. Reaped from red raspberries, raspberry ketones may limit fatty tissues and pace fat burning.
  • Forskolin: Extracted from a plant, the compound encourages the release of fat present inside the fat cells. Animal studies have found forskolin very effective for fat metabolism.
  • Glucomannan: The dietary fiber is like a sponge that has an amazing water absorbing quality. While it absorbs water, it expands in the stomach and holds up digestion. With this, the hunger is controlled.
  • Branched-chain Amino Acids: Extreme and untimely hunger pangs are like a diet killer. However, supplements with branched-chain amino acids are a great relief, as the ingredient can overcome food temptations easily.


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Considering the current situation of weight loss market, it’s heartbreaking to say that cheating is at its peak.

Best weight loss before and after

It seems like the manufacturers have a single goal, to attain maximum benefit from the increasing demand of slimming products.

But there isn’t a need to worry as you can rightly update yourself through legitimate sources like us.

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