Bluechew Review 2020 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects)

How different is BlueChew from the conventional ED treatments and how did it help me revolve as a more confident man in bed, let me help you with the details.


Sadly but true, I was one of the silent sufferers that have wasted a great deal of their youthful years thinking that ED has no cure!

Or at least, a cure that does not cost their health.

Being in my late forties and having a sexually demanding partner was nothing but a deadly combination to me.

A test I had no chance to succeed, until I came across BlueChew and things changed for good.

Well, if this is where you stand or at least closer to it, I have penned a review on the freshly launched, Erectile Dysfunction medicine by the name BlueChew.

How different is BlueChew from the conventional ED treatments and how did it help me revolve as a more confident man in bed, let me help you with the details.

What is Bluechew?

The word ‘chew’ in Bluechew indicates toward something chewable. With that, many would simply feel sick just as me who has always run away from ingesting pills.

Bluechew Tabs

I mean literally, that was a hell challenge for me. Though, as I read more and more about this chewing substance, I was more than convinced.

It is a Cialis or Viagra you can easily pitch inside your mouth, smash it with your teeth and swallow it to your system with ease!

Yes, it is that simple, simple enough to do even when you are busy with your office work or are simply heading to the grocery.

Now I would often use to wonder this ‘science’ behind chewing until I learnt that crushing it makes it more effective than any other usual pill.

In fact, the makers claim that the formula is 2x better absorbed by the system when chewed and hence, gets speedier with results.

But that’s the only way where Bluechew stands apart as there are many other convincing qualities it comes along.

Basically, it happens to be subscription service where the buyers are dealt with a qualified doctor that evaluates a health evaluation form answered by the buyer.

Once the doctor approves the buyer’s health as satisfactory, the latter can look ahead to decide a plan suitable for his needs.

As per the company’s strict policies, the discreet order is transported directly to the buyer’s gate, without any person getting involved.

So the method is effective, professionally dealt and safe enough to affect your privacy.

What are the types of Bluechew?

I generally don’t rush to conclusions unless I test a thing myself. Neither do I recommend anything until I am fully aware of its nature.

While I was wondering to give Bluechew a try, I wanted to know everything about it and with everything, I meant everything.

So this product comes in two different forms:

Bluechew ed tablets

 Sildenafil (30 milligrams)

The treatment for poor erection and sex has always been linked to the use of Viagra and since, the copyright of the tablet is near to conclude, ED treatments are no longer confined to the use of its components.

Making the most from the situation is Bluechew. It is based on sildenafil which you can spot as a key ingredient in the composition of Viagra.

 In general, the use of the substance takes less an hour to support a fully erect penile, facilitating you in sexual activities for a couple of hours.

But since the product involves ‘chewing’, the substance is quickly absorbed and hence, the duration it normally takes to work, lessens.

With Bluechew, your body gets ready in less than 30 minutes or so.

Tadalafil (6 milligram)

The second form is Tadalafil and just as the former, it is too, the mainstay of the popular ED pill, Cialis.

Unlike Sildenafil, the mechanism of Tadalafil is a bit different. It is not associated with instant erections neither does it gives erections.

Its like a directed pill which stays in your system and when ‘that’ time comes and you feel aroused, it moves a healthy level of blood to the penile chambers, ensuring your readiness level through harder and longer than ever erections.

Generally, the type is mostly recommended to men that prefer spontaneity over the planned ones whereas its usage can be regular or at the time of need. 

My Experience with Sildenafil Bluechew

So it was our anniversary night and I, as usual, was on my lappy. It was a hectic day at work and I was literally drained of energy. Little was I expecting was romance, action and love all night.

Sildenafil Chewables

I mean, yes, I don’t exactly remember when I actually enjoyed her company in bed last time. She was still beautiful with long curly hair, curves I have always admired, skin that can beat a 20 years old, and yet, here I was, uninterested and distanced, blaming myself and not her for the everyday interest I was losing in her.

For the last some years, our sex life was awful. I couldn’t really get a boner, no matter how hard I try. No matter how hard she tried. Even if I would, I would lose it quite earlier, even before I could start enjoying it.

Things were different when I was young. When I was in my twenties, this very woman would give me boners even without undressing herself, and we would end up making love more often than normal.

Love was in the air but old age costs a lot and I was bearing that cost with guilt and insult.

So this was my very first experience with Sildenafil Bluechew which I ordered two days earlier but couldn’t give it a try until now.

The thought of testing it passed my mind and I immediately rushed to pop out a pill and chew it down to my stomach while she was out to clean the dishes before we could sleep together.

She was low today or maybe she was tired because she has been cooking all day for our close friends that generally visit us on our big day.

My First BlueChew Results

I almost forgot I had something for my ED and got busy with my report again until I feel myself getting harder and harder after some time (roughly after 25 minutes).

My goodness, I realized- my body is getting prepared for the pleasure I desire – for the satisfaction I desire to give.

Yes, I was feeling completely aroused or say; my sexual sensation was at its peak just as I felt when I first met her. She came in the room and without any delay; I pulled her crazily to undress her.

Of course, she was not ready but I was- and that was surely enough!

I started licking her body and she said she could feel me hard down there. After an extended foreplay, I penetrated myself into her and hell; I was reversed to my very youthful pleasure I sensed during those steady, endless shots.

My rock hard penis was secreting all her juices out and I loved the way she was mourning and seeming totally excited to regain what she once had.

The most thrilling part was witnessing her orgasm as I looked down to her who deserved the best just as she patiently accepted my worst.

Though I didn’t keep a time record of our steamy lovemaking session, all I remember is that it was very long and more satisfying than what we had in the last few years.

Well, she still questions me about that night but some secrets are better undisclosed!

My Experience with Tadalafil Bluechew

With Tadalafil bluechew, my experience was completely different, but equally exciting.

Tadalafil Chewables

Of course, as I was moving to a more and more advance age, my sexual excitement was facing a decline.

I was less energetic in bed and would rarely get an erection. As I started taking Tadalafil bluechew, I noticed a boost in my sexual desire and stamina.

I would feel easily aroused from things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Plus, I am becoming more and more regular with sex or say, becoming a little more demanding in bed.

My timing is great now and so are my erections that feel rock-hard to me and my partner. Constant penetration and rubbing gives me more pleasure than with the satisfaction I would end up earlier.

My body feels to be more stimulated and ready most of the time (with slight precum) that often troubles me at work. However, the most positive change I have experienced in me is the elevated level of confidence I have in me as a man.

No doubt, the satisfaction to please your partner in bed is the most valuable feeling, money could buy.

And since bluechew has made that happen, I owe it big and so do a lot of men like me.

Is Bluechew legal?

It does appear to be a prescription drug, specifically when the buyers get to fill a form detailing their current health condition, it is essential to note that the product is legally sold over-the-counter.

This form is provided by the seller itself and not asked as a prescription from the buyer.

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The only purpose of it, as said earlier, is to assess your medical condition by a professional doctor so that the possibility of mixing its use with any possible harsh drug you may be using is ruled out.

Their aim is to make Bluechew as safe as possible for you.

Bluechew Side effects

Since the pills are based on the active ingredients of Viagra and cialis, the most likely problems you would face with Blue Chew are the ones you would face with them.

Headache, congestion, loose motion and muscle pain are few possible complications of ingesting sildenafil.

If I personally talk about myself, or say, the problems I faced as the cost of my revived sex life, I encountered blurred vision with sildenafil that settled/ settles on its own.

With Tadalafil, the aftermaths could be abdominal pain, a drop in blood pressure, constant erections and so.

So yes, neither of its type is side-effects free ( this is my neutral opinion) but the fact that it works quite well and these side effects fade away quickly outweighs the fact that Bluechew has some negative effects.  

Is Bluechew safe?

Had it not be safer, I would have never recommended it to my pals.

Bluechew is safe, even when used for extended periods. However, one must know his dosage limits and hence, should not do any unnecessary amendments in it.

It is a product composed by some highly professional experts whereas a highly qualified doctor is there for your safer use.

If you wish the same, you should not mess with your dosages.

Extreme dosages could lead to erections that are not likely to settle even by the week.

So, say no to overuse.

Does Bluechew work?

Yes, since I have personally used Bluechew and have witnessed the change it caused in me, I vouch for its effectiveness.

It is a tried and tested ED treatment that has been subjected to a great deal of trials, before making its way to you. Not only does it work, it is also easy to use.

The quality product involves a very simple and safer process of ordering. You do not need to discuss your problems with the pharmacist and experiment different ED drugs.

So next time you wish to be the king of bedroom and relive your youthful years again, give Bluechew a shot.

For more information and details,you can visit Bluechew official website here:

Trust me, it’s worth your money, time and trust.