Weight Loss Exercises According to your BMI

There is no one in this world who is ever satisfied with his/ her numbers on the scale.

While it may be easy to dismiss the number on the scales, BMI is one hard reality that you can not dismiss.

BMI for women weight lossBMI is your body mass index and gives a weight to height ratio.

BMI quantifies the amount of tissue in an individual and it is on this basis that an individual is categorized as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

Generally, the normal BMI is between 18.5- 25 kg/ meter square, whereas a person is categorized as obese when it is more than 30 kg/ meter square.

As long as your BMI is within a healthy range, you are okay but the moment it starts to move out of this range, it is time to take action.

Maintaining a healthy BMI is essential as it protects against many obesity-related diseases such as diabetes mellitus and heart diseases.

Let us take a look at a few exercises that can help you reduce your BMI to a healthy range!

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Walking or Jogging

Walking or jogging is one of the easiest forms of exercise and the most beneficial too. It only reduces your BMI but also improves your overall cardiovascular health, too.

walking and jogging

According to CDC, adults are recommended to walk or jog for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week to reap the maximum benefits.

These are easy to do, you can easily control the pace and you do not need any special equipment to do these exercises.

An additional benefit is the mental stimulation you get, when you are walking or jogging outside instead of doing it in a gym.

It increases your metabolism and a brisk walk of 30 minutes can burn around 300 calories in one session alone.

How cool is that?

Weight Training

Whenever we hear or think of weight training, a highly muscular individual flexing his biceps, comes in to our minds. This is not entirely true. You don’t always get a highly bulked up physique, if you weight train.

Weight training

Rather, you can have a lean and toned physique as well. It all depends on what your goals are and how you work out.

Weight training is one of the most effective ways of burning fat. Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

When you weight train, you are building muscles and the more muscles you have, the greater will be the number of calories you will be able to burn. So don’t be shy and pick up the weights.

However, if you are weight training for the first time, always ask for help as a wrong posture during exercise can cause injury.

Focus on compound exercises, rather than targeting individual areas. This increases co-ordination, improves joint mobility and strengthens multiple muscles at the same time.

Aim to do at least 3 sessions of 30-60 minutes in a week.

Keep in mind that initially, you will gain a bit of weight and this will increase your BMI, but within 6-8 weeks, you will start losing weight and your BMI will start to drop.

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High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training is all the fad now. It is quick, doesn’t take a lot of time, pushes you to the maximum and gives awesome results.

high intensity workout

As you become more attuned to your gym workouts and feel that your stamina has increased, it is time for you to shift to HIIT.

This is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your weight and BMI. It helps build muscles, increases endurance and also helps in losing body fat.

The basic principle is simple. There is a rest and work interval, where you go all out for one minute and push yourself to the maximum.

Then you rest for one minute, bringing your heart rate down. This cycle is repeated for a total of ten minutes.

It not only lowers your BMI efficiently, but it also takes very little of your time during the day and trust us, you will feel the burn throughout the day!

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Engage in a Sporting Activity

You don’t have to be a super sporty individual to take up a sport. Your main aim is to incorporate activity in your, otherwise, sedentary life.

Sports activity

While cardio and weight training are something that you do for a max of 3-5 days in a week, engaging in a sporting activity can further enhance your efforts to reduce your BMI.

Squash, rowing, swimming and even cycling are good outdoor activities that you can intermix with your daily exercise regime. Your aim is stay active to lose fat and lower your BMI.

Know your BMI and Lower it the Healthy Way by Exercising Regularly!

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