Body Beast: The #1 Guide To BeachBody Workout Plan! [2020]

Body Beast is a 90-day workout plan available in Video form for men and women so they can shape their body in a best possible way.

The workout plan also assists you to lose weight and help you focus on a healthier lifestyle.

Beach body body beast review

Created by Sagi Kalev, a world-class bodybuilder and instructor, Body Beast is distributed by Beach Body in DVD format and getting online streaming.

The workout and exercises that are shown in this video are mainly comprised of dumbbells and other simple equipment.

Body Beast is the best guide for the beginners who have recently joined a gym and wants a lean body with no traces of fats.

The video can be extremely helpful for them to achieve their workout goals.

Body Beast Rating

The overall rating of Body Beast is 8/10.

Body Beast mainly focuses on the strength training for men and women, thereby making their physique develop the proper amount of strength as per every workout.

The advertisement of Beach Body openly challenges that you can go from Ho-hum to Hottie! Over the 90 day course.

These workout tactics will be given by the champion Sagi Kalev which is also the host.

The set of Body Beast contains 12 different videos embedded and delivered to you in 4 DVDs which you can also stream online.

The guide on a diet plan is also inside every DVD which works as a recovering agent after heavy exercise/physical efforts.

Once you have tried these set of an exercise from the videos, chances of weight loss, a gain of the body strength and overall tightness of body become possible.

The exercise plan is about 6 days per week and people are going crazy about the strength they gained from these training sessions.

After gaining the proper amount of muscles mass, your body will incinerate extra fats that have been bulging inside.

The fat burning process continues even when you sleep because the body rate of resting metabolism rises substantially.

The cost of Body Beast DVD Base Kit is $50 which also includes $9.95 for shipping charges.

Once you have purchased the DVD you can openly stream the videos online on your TV, Computer or Mobile Device.

The best thing about Beach Body is that it comes with a money back guarantee.

What’s Good?

body beast results

1. Conveys Intense Results:

With the help of Body Beast training tutorial, science concluded that persons who are new to this session can get intense results in terms of losing weight and gain excessive strength.

Although the overall duration of this program is 90 days, you are only required two to three rounds to notice the surpassing effects.

2. An initiative to weightlifting:

Body Beast is supposed to help you gain extra strength that you will feel free to lift mild weights.

3. Helps you become bulky or lean:

We have seen that many people, especially females’ wishes to add some bulk to their physique with the help of Body Beast.

Well, that can be possible if a proper set of exercise is followed by the video with a suitable diet plan that can lead you to the desired results.

4. Available with DVDs and Online:

The base kit of Body Beast comes with 12 sets of DVDs, after the purchase you can also stream the videos online on your TV, Laptops or even Mobile Phones.

Users can also take some advantages of their alternative purchasing option called Beachbody on Demand which let you access hundreds of BodyBeast videos available on their server.

5. Beachbody on Demand Free Trial:

Every Customer gets 14 days to try this for free.

6. 100% Satisfaction Assured:

Those who will purchase Beachbody directly from the official source can return the product within 30 days for a refund.

Note the refund charges will not include shipping and handling charges.

On return, the user can keep 2 sets of DVDs which shows the goodwill to the customers.

What’s not so Good?

body beast for women before and after

1. Not so many Women:

Those women who demand to see a female demonstrator are slightly unhappy with the tutorial because the recent season of Beachbody has a lot of men in it.

Unlike the majority of the Beachbody series, which portrayed woman instructor in many exercises.

2. It is not for the advanced ones:

If you do perform a workout on a daily basis and have gained enough strength, then BeastBody isn’t the challenge for you.

These sets of exercises are pretty much standard and can only provide positive effects for the beginners.

3. Noisy Grunts by Sagi Kalev:

A very small portion of the audience disliked the beastly grunts by Sagi Kalev as he proceeds to lift weights.

Some people aren’t bothered about this particular aspect of the video, but the users who take the instructor personality quite seriously found it disturbing.


Body Beast is a three month’s exercise program available in video format, the exercise tutorial mainly focuses on strength gain (strengthening the body).

Body Beast Workout Schedule

It supports various aspects of workout such as weight reduction, bulking up or getting lean muscle mass.

There are 12 main sets of exercise which primarily focus on weight lifting and increase body resistance, all these steps are taught by the bodybuilding champion Sagi Kalev.

Body Beast exercise series is about 3 months where each month serves as a separate workout method to focus on your nutrition uptake and design your physique in the best way.

How Body Beast actually works?

The exercise plan from 12 different Body Beast workout video can be streamed to your computers, TV or mobile phones.

A user has to work out 6 times every week for continuous 12 weeks.

You will also get a manual with Body Beast DVDs which guides you to make a proper workout schedule in order to support your fitness objective.

Another booklet will help you to manage your diet and explains which food intake will be best for you.

Beach Body experts are available in their online forum where the user can feel free to ask any question they have in mind regarding the program.

Mostly you only need dumbbells or resisting bands with the basic gym equipment which are also listed below.

Body Beast Exercises

Body Beast workout plan comes with a calendar so you can personalize your workout plan accordingly.

For those who are worried about their overweight issue, adding more cardio exercise video can be truly helpful.

Body Beast Workout - Carve Lean, Defined Muscle & Burn Fat

Every month your workout tactic would be different from the previous one.

Let’s see what these 12 videos would majorly work on.

  • BUILD Back & Biceps
  • BUILD Chest & Triceps
  • BUILD Legs
  • BUILD Shoulders
  • BEAST Cardio
  • BEAST Abs
  • BEAST Total Body
  • TEMPO Back & Biceps
  • TEMPO Chest & Triceps
  • BULK Arms
  • BULK Legs
  • BULK Chest

Equipment you need for Beast Body Workout?

  • Workout Bench- Inclined
  • Dumbbells of different weights
  • Chin up bar
  • Curl bar
  • Shock-damping Mat

Body Beast Price

All accessories of Body Beast including DVD sets are available in a price $19.95 with $9.95 of shipping and handling charges.

All together it will cost you $49.95.


Body Beast is the best type of workout training for both men and women who are new to the weightlifting and physical training.

Body Beast Results

Newcomers can get huge benefits with only strength training videos, but if you mix it with the altered diet plan along with a use of the safe dietary supplement, then you are about to chase the very visible results.

It is by far the most workout plan that helps you lose weight and become physically stronger at the same time.

You can visit their official website page and watch the brief online video to see the personal trainer and what he has to offer.