Top Bodybuilders Who Use HGH and Insulin: Shocking Info Inside! [2020]

A Legal Disclaimer: This Article Is based on assumption and for informational purposes. We Don’t Know The Actual Situation.

There are more than anabolic steroids in the world of bodybuilding.

Top Bodybuilders who use HGH Supplements

The fans of bodybuilding probably see the guys with gynecomastia and Photoshop look.

There is no any wondering that roid users show HGH gut as well, also known as the pregnant belly.

Its sound annoying that the Mr. Olympia physique completely shows worse look.

This look is just destroying shapes of the body and presents a bad impact on the beginners.

The best ever physique are those who have a tiny waist, and well-developed or rock hard muscles.

Here, we have the famous bodybuilders who also suffer from the HGH gut and they also talk about HGH and steroid use.

I also revealed some tips in this blog to prevent these types of worst look.

So, let’s start to look at this nasty appearance, what is It actually?

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Anyone who is familiar with professional bodybuilding has noticed the recent trend of the bloated stomach also known as a pregnant belly in the bodybuilder.

This look is more common over the last five years with images of Mr. Olympia like Kai Greene, Ronnie Coleman And Phil Heath.

These bodybuilders showing the signs of excessive stomach combined with a low fat of the body.

This type of appearance causes many individual wonders and think why this type of cases appears to increasing in recent years.

Top Six Bodybuilders to admit taking HGH

1. Phil Heath

Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia champion AKA “The Gift” has an incredible physique.

Phil Heath HGH Supplements
Phil Heath

He just comes with a level of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the year 2011 and 2016.

In one of his videos, When he was asked for the steroid use so, he continued because but, he was further interrupted by a bodyguard.

The Phil diet is added with a lot of protein sources, carbohydrates, fats, red meat, and sweet potatoes.

He said that the white rice is important to faster the metabolism and to get a better body.

There are usually 8 meals per day and 2 glasses of protein shake to boost up an energy level.

Phil diet is also added to egg whites, Tilapia, protein, and digestible protein.

The 7 meals are included in the Pre-contest and 7 meals are the part of Phil’s off-season.

If we look at his picture, so we can easily see the bloated stomach on his body.

Phil probably takes help from the HGH and other different steroids to build up the hard muscles, lean body, and bigger upper body.

According to the assumption, his steroid cycle is included with the 15IU HGH per day.

2. Kali Muscle

Kali muscle AKA Chuck Kirkendall has a million of fans on the social media. The Kali muscle belly is a perfect example of the HGH gut.

Kali Muscle HGH Supplements
Kali Muscle

Kali did not talk about the steroid practice and any type of Human Growth Hormone but, I’m 90% sure that he had done stacking of HGH combined with an insulin.

The pregnant belly look is worse by the combination of HGH, insulin, steroids, and high calorie or bulking diet.

The physical appearance clearly shows that he is a roid user. The Kali muscle weight is around 235-245lbs and height is 5’9’’.

When Kali was in the Prison so, he preferred the high-calorie diet like Tuna and Ramen noodles.

According to him, the high-calorie diet is very important for you if you want to become huge.

Kali muscle building meals are chicken, and honey. Chicken is a good source of protein, and the rice is low in fats and high in the carbohydrates

The diet is usually contained the 4,000 calories per day.

Moreover, he did not claim to look for the supplements to achieve his goals.

There is no any such type of reason that he promotes the product of his own company.

The overall physique is made from the Ramen, Tuna, And Bodyweight Exercises.

While, steroids can build up the muscle, burning of fat, and improve the recovery process.

The Dianabol and Trenbolone are responsible for bulking. The anabolic steroid is responsible for improving the strength and power.

3. Kai Greene

Kai AKA “The Predator”, “ Leslie Kai Greee”, he is the greatest bodybuilder of all the time.

Kai Greene HGH Supplements
Kai Greene

The Kai Greene weight is 265-275lbs and height is 5’8’’. He won many competitions due to his physique.

Kai Greene did not only appear in the 2013 box office documentary “Generation Iron” and also launched his own brand of the supplements.

The Kai nutrition for the bulking consists of 5 meals per day and there are seven meals during the preparation of Pre-contest.

The diet is the combination of lean proteins, healthy fats, and the complex carbohydrates.

The Kai Greene steroid gut is used in the many situations to make the perfect example.

4. Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie 8x Mr. Olympia champion AKA The Goat did not talk about earlier due to his profession of a police officer.

Ronnie Coleman HGH supplements
Ronnie Coleman

The time, when Ronnie had used steroids and HGH, they are considered as illegal in the United States and different other countries.

After coming several videos, he accepted the consumption of illegal drugs in the Muscular Development magazine in the year 2011.

Ronnie Coleman further mentioned that he took HGH and anabolic steroids because of the doctor’s advice.

Ronnie nutrition is very long. He eats around 9 times per day, which starts from 10:30 and finished at 1:30 am.

His diet is usually composed of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates like potato, beans, cornbread, and the supplements.

The Ronnie supplement stacks are included with whey protein, a pre-workout supplement, and the Post-workout supplement.

The Ronnie weight of the body is 310lbs and the height is 5’11’’.

5. Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates also the holder of Mr. Olympia multiple times around 6x AKA bodybuilding legend.

Dorian Yates HGH Pills
Dorian Yates

According to the Dorian: steroids are better than McDonald.

Dorian Yates has also written about his steroid cycle in the Muscular Development Magazine 2011.

He also used the disciplined and determination for transforming himself into a bodybuilding legend.

The Dorian weight is around 255lbs-265ls and the height is 5’10’’.

The Dorian diet plan consists of 6 meals per day in which there are almost 10 eggs in the breakfast.

The physical look of Dorian shows that he has done the HGH, insulin, and steroid practice.

Every bodybuilder who relates to the Golden Era probably try the anabolic steroid and Human Growth Hormone.

6. Rich Piana

Rich Piana was an entrepreneur, social media sensation, former bodybuilder, and the actor. He is heavier around 275 lbs-285 lbs with 6’1’’ height and arms of 23,5’’.

Rich Pinana HGH Supplements
Rich Pinana

He had also received the criticism for steroid use, HGH, and illegal compounds.

Rich won many titles like NPC Mr. California Champion and different records for lifting.

Rich Piana has shown all of the positive signs related to steroids and illegal compounds from physical appearance to the clinical report.

The signs or symptoms are gynecomastia, male pattern baldness, and the liver toxicity.

The Rich Piana has done the HGH practice for over 10 years and his bones size are grown such as shoe size from 12 to 15, hands are grown, fingers, and even wrists are larger than a normal size.

Rich’s nutrition varied and depended upon the type of competition.

The supplements are usually protein shakes for increased muscle mass and BCAA supplement for rapid recovery.

The Role Of HGH In The Bodybuilding

Similar to the anabolic steroids, the HGH is also used in the bodybuilding.

effects of HGH on Body

This is the most relevant, interesting or trending topic to address in this article.

The effects of HGH in the bodybuilding are huge and beneficial for the competitive bodybuilders.

The use of Human Growth Hormone in the bodybuilding properly differentiate the physique development.

Due to some of the beneficial points that are different to steroids, it is widely consumed and the best choice of many individuals.

Human Growth Hormone responsible for providing the muscle mass and leaner body.

It is crucial to preserve the muscle mass while cutting excess fat from the body

The HGH stimulates hyperplasia and exceed the maximum range of muscle trophy.

The HGH begins to show the result after two weeks of time periods and the significant results are appearing within two months of time period and the optimal duration is about three to four months.

The bodybuilders are properly maintaining the each and everything like how to select the drug, diet, and training protocol.

The longer cycle included low dosages, The use of HGH was first started in the year 1980 by Dorian Yates and further used by Ronnie Coleman.

They have bigger their physique with half of the HGH.

The synthetic Human Growth Hormone can boost up the muscle, but there is a risk of blood clotting and paralysis.

The possibility of bones growth and many other effects.

HGH Results
HGH Before and After

In the Golden time period, the bodybuilder physiques are significantly bigger in size than a decade earlier.

The body fat percentage around 5%, which has decreased from 7%. The athlete’s physique is more vascular as well as ripped.

In this article, we are going to discuss the bodybuilders who admitted the use of HGH in the bodybuilding or their physique directly indicates the HGH.

The main symptom of HGH abuse is that they are more prone to develop HGH gut also called as Palumboism.

This effect is usually developed by the combination of HGH and insulin. Together, the diet is also combined.

If you take the 5-15 IU of growth hormone and proper diet so you may not face this problem deeply.

Combination Of HGH And Insulin

The enlargement of the stomach in the bodybuilding also called as HGH Gut, Insulin Gut, Muscle Gut, And Bodybuilder Belly.

The most prominent reason is that these gut is usually caused by the abuse of insulin and Human Growth Hormone.

Effect of HGH and Insulin
HGH and Insulin

Not only one is responsible for developing the belly fat. According to some of the theories, the combination of both contributing to develop this condition.

Most of the bodybuilders combined HGH with insulin and many other kinds of anabolic steroids called as stacking.

Most prominently, the insulin is responsible for the accumulation of fat behind the stomach also known as visceral fat, resulting in the enlargement of the abdomen.

Why The Condition Becomes Worse?

Some types of condition and habits make the condition worse, such as the incorporation of those supplements and diet that is rich in the protein.

The diet usually high calories and bulking diet play a role to make the appearance worse and unpleasant.

Protein is the main source for building muscle mass. This type of diet causes the midsection to grow and give the blocky appearance.

Like a protein diet, the high carbohydrate diet also involves to contributing muscle gut by providing the bloated look.

The high-calorie diet with protein, carbohydrates, and Fats in the stomach stay for a long period of time causes an enlargement of the stomach.

Incorporate Alternative (HGH-X2)

Crazy Bulk HGH X2 ReviewsDespite putting the synthetic harmful Human Growth Hormone in your body, it is important to find the legal and safe alternative.

The Crazy bulk company offers the natural HGH-X2 dietary supplement.

It helps to regulate the natural Human Growth Hormone in your body through the pituitary gland.

This supplement helps you to build up the lean muscle mass, loss of fat, and speed up the recovery process.

Even, you don’t need any needles and prescription.

Tips To Prevent The HGH Belly

First of all, it is important to learn that the HGH is not permanent and can be recovered or finished by following some important tips and methods.

1. Low Dose

To lower the amount of HGH and insulin, allow the bodybuilder to take benefits of both of the drugs as well as reducing the bloating of the stomach.

2. Intermittent Fasting

Follow the intermittent fasting while cutting. This method is effective for losing the weight and maintaining muscle mass.

This method playing a role to reduce the bloating of the stomach and help to maintain the physique during a contest.

3. No More Carbohydrate

You need to monitor that there should no any carbohydrate during the preparation of the contest.

Half of the bodybuilders increased the intake of carbohydrates during cutting in order to preserve the lean muscle mass.

By limiting the intake of carbohydrate and maintain the fats can help your body to maintain the low level of testosterone.