Bodyweight Workout For Weight Loss: The New Tips! [2020]

Going to gym and workout on variety of training  is one of the best way to lose fat, But it does not mean that you are losing fat only by resistance weight training and by lifting weights.

Some common bodyweight exercises are burpees, push-ups or squats. There are many countless variation of bodyweight exercises which don’t let you to get bore.

Bodyweight workout is one of the most important tool that is joint friendly and allow you to move in a natural range of motion.

It guides a people , how to utilize a body tension or developed resistance and how to balance a free weights.

Here are the reasons why you should choose a bodyweight workout for weight loss:

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You don’t need a gym membership and no equipment are required:

You can do bodyweight training anywhere even you don’t need of barbells or kettle bells for these exercises. Your own body is enough for bodyweight workouts.

These workouts can easily transform your body because they are quite intense and short.

workout for legsThe largest advantage is that you may not to suffer from financial and convenience issues.

Mostly people get benefits from bodyweight training is to prevent from loud noises of gym like dropping dead lifts.

1. BodyWeight Workout Are Functional:

Functional training are involves body movements which we are performed in our daily activities. These exercises help your performance to carry out daily tasks and prevent from injuries .

2. Save your time and money :

You can done these exercises in any comfort corner on your home .It can save your time and as well as money.

3. Faster burning of fat by boosting up metabolism rate:

Bodyweight training can help you to shed your unwanted pounds and fat by boosting up your metabolism in just couple of minutes.

Build up more muscle or maintain lean muscle mass by burning of fat :

Basic workout training can give you more strength and boosting metabolism and maintain lean muscle mass which can gradually decrease as the aging start.

bodyweight workout for fast weight loss

More muscle mass play a significant role in maintaining a metabolic functions such as thyroid function, healthy weight and balance hormones levels.

Athlete’s burn more fat or more calories because of increase in muscle mass.

Due to increase in muscle mass, you can also burn more calories even when you are sleeping or in resting stage and increase in the production of Growth hormone which maintain your lean body mass.

1. Improved balance and control:

Since there is no use of weight in bodyweight exercises so resistance is acquired by some another techniques such as squat and pistol squat which can improve your balance ,awareness ,control and stability at the same time.

The bodyweight training is best way to developed resistance .once your arm get stronger now you can able to start pushups.

When you get advanced level of strength ,you start to decline push ups with your feet and continue with step or bench.

2. Increase strength and flexibility of your joints:

The bodyweight training provide you a flexible and strengthen joints.

Complete bodyweight training is a great way to moving a joints freely, improved posture and can reduce a chance of injury.

Combined your bodyweight training workouts with cardio sessions and strength exercises will develop strengthen muscles.

3. Prevent from injury :

Bodyweight exercises are generally safe , you can get your fitness easily. Many simple body movements can prevent you from any injury ,aches and pain.

You can work harder or exceed your training time for longer because it give much better benefits with less injury.

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Better physical and as well as mental health:

According to the centers for disease control and prevention, bodyweight workout can improve your mood and reduce the amount of anxiety or depression.

exercise to improve mental health

1. Reduce level of stress hormone :

The basic weight training can biologically reduce stress and improves confidence, promotes a better quality of sleep.

It can suppress stress hormone and increase endorphins ,a happy hormone that can improve your mood and as well as recharge your energy levels.

2. Increase your cognitive function:

The training  can also reduce the oxidative and DNA damage and allow the brain cells to recover or regenerate.

It also Helps to increase in your cognitive function and prevent from cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

3. Improve bone and joints health:

As aging start, there is a more risk to developed chronic illness such as arthritis, dementia, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The bodyweight workout can reduce a risk of such type of diseases. Increase in muscle mass can prevent you from injury of joints and bones. More you have stronger muscles ,you are less likely to developed any injury.

Bodyweight training can improve your back pain, knees and hips and ankles and provide strength to your brain and increase bone density.

These workouts can prevent you from fractures, damages and loss of bone into older age.

4. Improve cardiovascular function:

This exercises reduces a high blood pressure naturally by improves a circulation. It promotes your healthier blood cholesterol and reduces a risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart  attack and stroke.

The daily workout can prevent you from cancer and also muscles from wasting and provide strength to your heart.

5. Reduce risk of diabetes:

Exercise is a natural way to reduce or removal of glucose from blood and prevent from the accumulation of higher level of glycation end products into the blood stream which can damage blood vessels, tissues and vital organs.

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Conclusion :

workout training for womenBodyweight exercises can give you a better result because it is also involve the compound movements such as chin ups, lunges, push up are most important to give strength and performance improvements.

The bodyweight workout is most safer and cheaper way to lose weight while preventing from injury or safe money.