Five foods that will boost up your Gut and make you lose weight

They say that to lose weight you have to work hard at the gym and make it continuous which most of us couldn’t manage.

Best Weight loss food

Everyone seems so busy these days that the notion of losing weight via exercising is getting extinct eventually and people are started to relying on their diets.

Some foods improve the health of your Gut in a way that it stops bulging the extra food in it and eliminates them in most efficient way.

Our Gut can take enough amount of food but the problem is at its excretion.

Foods that has a high amount of oil or fats are more prone to stay for quite a while in our stomach which is why our Gut as its duty preserves those fats as a reservoir which then bulges out from our belly, and that’s how you get fat!

A very well-known nutritionist Dr. Cassandra Barns has discovered 5 foods that could help boost up your gut and helps you lose weight.

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1. Sauerkraut

Unpasteurized Sauerkraut is a fermented food which is basically a finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by certain bacteria (lactic acid bacteria).

How to Lose Weight With Sauerkraut

These bacteria are usually friendly with your stomach environment. It is low in calories but high in calcium and magnesium which promotes Gut boosting process in a very remarkable way.

People who drink probiotic supplements spends too much money should try using it in their diets for a fast result.

The pasteurized form of Sauerkraut doesn’t contain any of those bacteria so make sure that you buy an unpasteurized one.

2. Oats

Before knowing about your stomach cleansing you should know that there are already the friendly bacteria lives inside it.

Health Benefits of Oats

It is not always necessary to give a production to those bacteria but sometimes we need to provide them a suitable environment to nourish their growth.

Oats comes under those good that naturally contains prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fibers are very much beneficial for the preservation of friendly bacteria in your gut.

Prebiotics can also be obtained by some fruits and vegetables like Onions, Asparagus, and Artichokes.

Oats in porridge form considered as gluten free which also provides an efficient dose of Carbohydrates to help you manage your blood sugar level.

3. Green tea

Flavonoids is one of the beneficial ingredients to help your Gut bacteria get properly nourished.

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Green Tea for quick weight loss

A research by Dr Mosley’s has shown that Flavonoid’s consumption after each diet can stop regaining weight and it is a good source of energy for your body.

Flavonoids are found abundantly in some fruits and vegetables. Berries and dark colored fruits are the rich sources of Flavonoids.

Green tea is a very excellent natural source of Flavanoids too, when it comes to Matcha Tea, it has the highest concentration of Flavonoids which is more than any other green tea.

4. Miso (Fermented Foods)

Basically used traditionally at japan, Miso has been used to make so many cuisines like stir-fries, soup or even the sauces.

Organic Japanese Brown Rice-Miso

It has the same benefit since a number of friendly bacteria in Miso are large in number.

The use of Miso should be adding it at the end of cooking if using in a hot dishes or you can also try Organic Japanese Brown Rice-Miso in Unpasteurized form.

5. Dark chocolate

It’s hard to believe but yes, Dark Chocolate can make you lose weight.

health benefits of dark chocolate

A number of Flavonoids found in dark chocolates is equal as found in green tea. It also comes under the heading of gut protective food.

Now there are varieties of dark chocolates in which you must choose the high cocoa with low sugar to get the real benefits.

Or you can just try a raw dark chocolate early in the morning.

Raw dark chocolates contain much more flavonoids than any other chocolate because the roasting process degrades most of the flavonoid content to make the standard type of chocolate.

Ombar 90% Raw in this class contains little amount of cocoa but in addition, they have added Lactobacillus acidophilus in it which are one of the most friendly bacteria to help your gut enhancing the process.

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Final Thoughts

Although these foods undoubtedly can help you gut boosting process it is only possible when you make a proper dietary plan in which you add all these 5 foods and consume them properly for some weeks.

lose weight quickly

We cannot estimate a specific time duration by which you will start to lose weight but most of the time people who have been on the diet similar to this have made it in about 2-3 months.

Sounds interesting eh!