Bradley Martyn Steroids: Shocking Personal Experiences [2020]

Bradley Martyn is a tall, bulky, handsome and ultimate epitome for males. He has a crazy level of strength as he can bench press 405 Lbs with a Close Grip.

Bradley Martyn workout before and after

He comes as a very honest and inspiring character. He got over a 2  million of fans or subscribers on Facebook account and became a YouTube star suddenly.

Most of the critics are saying about Bradley that he was on steroids because of his weight and muscles, whereas some of the viewers are told that extreme growth is possible through a genetic growth and consistent exercises.

He had been in his training of lifting of weight throughout the many years and started his carrier professionally in 2011. Bradley passed all drug or steroid tests in which we have not experienced any signs of steroid use.

He was born on 22May 1989, and he started lifting of weight at the age of 15 or 16 years in 2005.

After his 5-6 years of training at the age of  22 years old, he started competing in an NPC bodybuilding show.

Those guys who start lifting weights at the beginning of their age, experiencing a huge amount of gains and rapid growth due to the ability of genetic freak (Superior DNA ) like Mike O’Hearn which looked like a monster at the age of 14 whereas Martyn was show absolute growth.

Bradley Martyn started sports as he was a teenager ,27 years old due to the consistent training and dieting. Those who train harder to get bigger.

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It is not possible to gain within a year without having on steroid unless if someone is genetically freak ,we all know that Bradley had not amazing physique in 2011 as he has now.

All of the bodybuilders are followed strict diet plans and extreme efforts to achieve their goals, but the use of steroid can help you to achieve the 5% of body fat easily and maintain as well

The sudden transformation of Bardlety Martyn within a five years arise a question that he is probably on steroids rather than natty.

Information about Bradley Martyn stat’s:

  1. Body weight = 118kg
  2. Body fat = 7-8%
  3. Height= 6ft

Here is some significant evidences are mentioned that relate to the steroid user.

He gained extreme muscle thickness quickly:

His transformation underwent over the few years, heavy gain muscles with extreme thickness as compare to normal, indicates that he was on steroid.

Generally bodybuilders are using Deca durabolin for increasing their muscle size and reduce amount of fat.

Bradley Martyn workoutPeople’s think Bradley Martyn’s body is natural because he has a natural look body.

The sign that we have experienced is the extreme thickness of the muscles.

Flushed skin:

He looks flushed and skin appears as a dark, which is a common  symptom of steroid user.

The darkening of usually as a result of elevated temperature (due to high level of testosterone) in a body. The pictures of Martyn are different five years back.

Most of the bodybuilders spent their years of work in the gym to build up their bodies like Bradley.

Arnold, well known and a famous body builder  having a weight of 240Ibs at 6.2 ft admitted a use of steroid.

Bradley is bigger in size than Arnold. It sounds like impossible to having a body like Martyn without a use of steroid.

Physical look:

He has a large upper body part in which the shoulders are much more exaggerated than a lower part of the body.

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The Trapezius muscles and shoulders respond better and more quickly than other muscles.

Bradley has a small waist as compared to the arms due to the increase in androgen receptors.

Bradley Martan had passed drugs test from the NPC Federation ( The history of his competition ):

Bradley had passed the testing of drugs from the NPC Federation before taking part in the competition.

There was no evidence about those candidates who took steroids on any NPC website. There is no information about drug testing instead of tests for HIV drugs which is a simple test that cannot detect steroid users.

Those participant’s who stop using steroids before the competition are considered as drug negative by The NPC Federation.


Bradley Martyn on steroidsBradley Martyn could be taking steroids on the basis of evidence which shows the signs or symptoms of a steroid user.

Although we did not have any strong evidence about him but somehow his body speaks itself.

Steroids are responsible for the growth of new cell and improves the production of testosterone and protein in the body. Increase protein synthesis led to develop more muscle mass.

Deca steroids give extreme strength and causes a thickening whereas Dianabol steroid makes your skin natural look and smoothens a skin, which makes hard to differentiate between the juicer or a natty.