Britney Spears Weight Loss: Mind-Blowing Story & Results [2020]

Britney spears, 35 year old singer, rock by underwent an amazing transformation than ever before as a mum of two.

Britney spears excited her fans through posted a picture on Instagram by showing her enviable abs.

Britney Spears training guide

She revealed her efforts in during a weight loss energy. The article is addressed with a Britney spears workout and Britney spears diet.

Britney spears is getting a perfect shape nowadays as compared to the year 2007.

According to Britney spears: The 90 minutes of Yoga classes and stretching is the main reason for keeping me toned.

She also hired a trainer “Tony Martinez” for some help to up the weight. The trainer was previously working with a Janet Jackson for weight loss mission.

On December 2014, she wrote a workout schedule during a Vegas preparation.

Britney is reported to a 5 membership in a different gym so she can work out where she can.

Statistics of the Britney spears:

  • Height= 5’4’’ (163cm)
  • Weight= 126 Ib (57kg)
  • Hair color= Brown hair
  • Best known for the = Pop superstar
  • Born Place= McComb, Mississippi, USA

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Britney Spears Weight Loss Training Guide:

1. The Morning Begins With A Cup Of Coffee And Stretching:

Britney always prefers to stretching in the morning because she believes that it can make her body flexible and allow her to keep workout throughout the day.

She does not stop only with a stretching though continues with 90 minutes of yoga session twice a week.

2. Yoga Tones Up Her Body:

After stretching, the time is for yoga. Despite from a hard core strength exercises in the gym, cardio moves and hit a gym with her personal trainer.

Britney credits the Yoga in twice a week to get her in shape. 

Owner of EQI Yoga studio “Elizabeth” in the Los Angeles encouraged her to do a different Yoga Poses that consist around 60 to 90 minute session.

The Britney’s Yoga moves are revealed that can focus on shoulders, lower body, core as well as boosting flexibility of an entire body.

The table shows her complete Yoga moves.

Yoga PurposeTargetHold Duration
BoatWork Core And LegsStretches Legs3 Breath
Crescent LungeStrengthen Legs And ButtStretches Hip Flexors5 To 10 Breaths
Warrior IIStrengthens Legs And ShouldersStretches Legs And Chest5 Breaths
BowStrengthen BackStretches Abs, Shoulder, Chest And Legs5 Breaths
CamelStrengthen Arms And ShouldersStretches Abs, Shoulder, Chest And Legs5 To 10 Breaths

3. Britney Hits The Swimming Pool:

I don’t want to limit myself for only workout in a gym. I’m doing yoga either doing swimming.

The swimming laps for the 30 minutes give me a boost of confidence to hit the beach in a Bikini dress.

Having such an incredible time in Thailand!!!! Excited to perform in Bangkok this weekend!

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4. Dancing Is A Home Workout And Loaded With Cardio Moves:

The work at home for the weight loss is consisted with some cardio steps. I like those workouts which are effective in a short period of time.

I prefer my start with the cardio for 20 minutes. The most common type of cardio at home is running or the dancing.

The cardio exercises in the gym usually push ups, sit ups, squat and finished with a stretch.

I like a workout that are effective in a short time period. Start with 20 minutes of cardio, the move on some light weight and the body exercises such as the squats, push ups and sit ups.

The cardio is a key for unlocked the weight loss. Dancing is considered as the best workout and a way to reduce the stress.

Kacky Duke, a celebrity fitness trainer recommends this regimen. Put some music for 30 minutes along with body moving to have some fun and chiseled body.

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Britney Spears Workout Plan:

1. Basic level workout:

Britney spear’s basic workouts include in the Warm Up, weight lifting/resistance training, cool down, cardio (HITT), cool down, stretching and flexibility exercises.

I Love the fitness through treadmill with high energy, a circuit training pushes me towards hard work.

Life is actually better upside down ??????????

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Intermediate Fitness Level Workout:

MondayUpper Body Exercises
TuesdayLower Body Exercises
WednesdayCardio Exercises
ThursdayUpper Body Exercises
FridayLower Body Exercise

The fitness level is an intermediate and a 5 day plan. The duration is 60 min per session with the rest of 1:00-1:30 minutes.   

2. Britney spears 4B workout:

Basketball Jump shots against a wall:

The exercise is stimulating a fat burning process through burning up a lot of calories as well as works with a leg and arms as well.

You can make it more intense by switches a basketball through 3-4Ib ball. The 20 reps are most effective for seeing a result.

3. Backwards Walking Through Inclined Treadmill:

Work with the treadmill by set the speed 2.0mph, Walk backwards for the 60 minutes time duration and then forward to recover.

Great workout this morning! Woke up in Japan feeling free and grateful. Better work bitches!

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The exercise work on the heart, lungs and a thigh areas by boosting up your metabolism rate.

The fluctuation in between the forward and backward is about 10 to 20 minutes.

Love HITT when combines with a Treadmill and circuit training, group setting pushes to work harder.

4. Balancing Through Medicine Ball Slams: 

The core, balance, strength training and upper body exercises are not just enough.

Having a fun with medicine ball by stand on the leg and the ball above on your head is contributing to maintaining balance.

5. Bicycle crunch:

The exercise that does not demand of any equipment. The bicycle crunch is able to defined a toned muscle and defined abs.

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Britney Spears Diet Plans:

Britney was a food addicted in the past as she has a desired of burgers, chicken and fried foods.

That’s all folks ☕️

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Britney spears diet is consist with a high protein, low carbohydrate and moderate amount of fat.

To maintain her physique, Britney limits her calorie amount around 1200 calories.

By reducing a carbohydrate intake and increase the protein source, Birtney allows her body to a fat burning machine in order to burn out the excess fat.

1. Breakfast:

The breakfast is smoothie with a high source of protein. Before I hit the gym, there was a scrambled egg whites with toast.

The singer breakfast like a bowl of oatmeal, whole wheat toast and the fresh fruits.

2. Lunch:

The lunch plan began with a yummy salad, chicken, salmon and a portion of lean protein with a topping of green.

The evening is loaded with a nutritious meal of proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. Sushi and fresh fruits.


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3. Dinner:

The Dinner menu is listed with a steamed fish, grilled chicken with an Olive oil, broccoli and brown rice with salad and macadamia nut oil.

The other includes Avocado, and a food that contains a lot of monounsaturated fats and a source of Vitamin E that is good for the hair, heart, skin and nails.

4. Snacks:

The carving time foods are high protein snack, soy chips, granola and a cup of low fat yogurt.

5. Weight Loss Drinks

She switches the sugary drinks and alcohol consumption with the Black coffee. Britney added a plenty of water in her diet to keeping a body hydrate and free from the toxic compound.

Her diet plan for the weight loss is presents a soothing cup of tea that is a natural fat burner as well as a metabolism booster.

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Brintney Spears The Weight Loss Goals Through Losing Up The Pounds:

Britney spears is an inspiration for the many individuals by keeping herself fit being a mom of two.

Another great day!

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Her transformation encourages the people for a hard work in order to gain success.