How many Calorie consumption can actually make you lose weight?

It’s not a rocket science to figure out how much calories you should eat per day to lose weight.

how many calories should i eat

You need a proper plan and guideline which will make it much easier for you.

Normal Calorie Intake

Men and women consume different amounts of calories per day to maintain their weight.

Normally a woman needs 2000 calories per day while it requires 1500 calories to lose a pound.

Men, on the other hand, need 2500 calories per day, to lose one pound they should drag the range to 2000 calories.

The range of calories mentioned is just a number, physical workout or other activities may affect these numbers.

Weight loss is achieved if you are aware of your body composition and consume a number of calories accordingly.

There is an important factor lies ahead.

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Body Mass Index BMI

BMI depicts your health, according to your height and weight. It is the best tool for deciding how many calories intake should be there to lose weight.

check your BMIThe calculations are simple and you only have to put your body weight and height to find out what your BMI is.

BMI calculator is available online or you can ask your physician to calculate yours.

An app for BMI calculator is also available on your iPhone or Android devices.

Categories of BMI result

  • You are most likely to be underweight if your BMI is 18.5
  • Normal BMI ranges from 18.5-24.9
  • If your BMI comes 25-29, you come in overweight category
  • Greater than 30, you are obese.

This calculation depicts your body weight according to your height, you are going wrong if the height doesn’t match your body weight.

The goal is to let you know if you fall off the fitness scale.

Create a calorie shortage

The process is very much important to be done but on a gradual basis.

You can’t just create a calorie deficit immediately as your body will always respond to it.

daily caloric intakeFrom an observation, it was elucidated that people who create a calorie deficit drastically have actually gained weight instead of losing.

It is difficult to trick your body this way because when the body feels deprived of calories, its own mechanism will start with you and make you gain weight followed by binging.

An ideal body weight is comprised of the following things taken into consideration.

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Bone Density/ Bone Structure
  • The level of your fitness

How many calories would it take to burn one pound?

Generally, it takes about 3500-3600 calories burn for you to lose a single pound.

This is the reason why experts ask you to create a calorie deficit which is to lower a 2000 calorie diet to 1500 calories, which will result in 3500 calories burn in one week.

You only have to consider on cutting 500 calories every day, which you can do either from changing your diet, through exercise or boost up your metabolism.

It will result in melting one pound of your weight at a speed of per week.

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5 methods to help your calorie reduction by 500 per day

how many calories to lose weight

1. Give up Sugar!

Sugar contains an enormous amount of calories, which gets deposited in your body parts in a very rigid manner.

A can of soda (carbonated drink) contains about 39 grams of sugar, which is actually 140 calories in a single drink!

Usually, people consume the 3-4 drink, which results in 420 calorie bulge every day, rest is obtained from the meals of the day.

Avoid these drinks along with the sugary snacks you consume on a daily basis.

2. Don’t Eat and T.V

Eating while watching television makes you eat more.

The University of Massachusetts conducted a research which states that a person eats additional 288 lb calories in one sitting while watching TV.

3. Eat fruits instead of drinking the juices

This is a new and interesting fact, normally we think drinking fruit juice is a very much healthy habit.

eat fruits instead of juicesWell, it is, unless you are on a weight loss journey, eating a whole fruit will provide you the 100% of nutrition including fibers.

Fruit juice, on the other hand, contains an additional amount of sugar and flavoring agents which contains about 150 calories per glass while a single fruit only has 45 calories.

4. No Alcohol

A single glass of beer (12-Ounce) contains 150 calories.

Alcohol adds the extra calories to your diet so it is better to get rid of it.

5. Prefer Greek Yogurt over Mayonnaise

Greek Yogurt has the low amount of calories as compared to mayo.

It also contains less sodium and extra protein which helps in lowering calories.

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Additional Tips

In order to determine how many calories you should eat to lose weight, you have to first find out your ideal body weight and your BMI.

how many calories should i eat in a day

In this way, it will be much easier for you to decide how many calories per day is good for you to achieve your weight loss goal.

For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds keeping in mind that you will lose one pound per week, it will take about 5-6 months to lose weight in a healthier and stress-free way.

It will be a little tough at the start but gradually with a moderate workout and strict diet, your body will adapt to this change.

Sugar should be removed from your diet including the sugary beverages and snacks, use more water instead to inhibit the curbs cravings.

Don't watch tv while eatingAvoid watching television while you eat and after that go for a slight walk which is the best way to take away the negative thoughts.

Keep this thing in mind that your attitude towards this practice matters the most, meaning if you do it perfectly for a whole week and start taking a day off next week then it will bring a chaos to your weight loss goal.

Usually, this is the hardest part, but once you mastered it, everything must be easy for you.

The choice to make your future healthy and fat-free is in your hand.

Weight loss is not so much hard task to be done as you might have heard from the weak hearted people, it only requires a full dedication with self-control.

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