Calum Playing As A Young Arnold Schwarzenegger In Movie “BIGGER”

Calum Von Moger, Yes it is confirmed that the 27-year-old man will play Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Bigger movie

Calum won as the Mr. Universe winner from Australia and called Arnold 2.0 due to the resemblance to the  iconic figure.

Calum got his primary source of inspiration by the 1970’s legend.

He took inspiration from the famous epitomes and driven a strong ambition for developed a classic physique

Calum sits an easy 115 kilos during a competition and 122 kilos during the off-season.

He is always spotted with a defined physique contributing to more social media followers.

Founders Of The Bodybuilding Contest “Joe And Ben Weider

Joseph, a Canadian bodybuilder who Co-founded the International Federation of bodybuilder IFBB together with his brother Ben Weider.

calum von moger steroidsThe movie focuses on the Weider brothers as the grandfathers of the fitness motivation.

The founders of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger and encouraged him to come in the U.S.

The Weider brothers also sold nutritional supplement in which the Weider Formula No.7 is featured by the Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It becomes complicated for the entertainment industry to select a young Arnold.

Gallo found a perfect actor to portray a young Arnold 2,0 and winner of the Mr. Universe in the year 2014 named as “Calum Von Moger

Millions Of Fans On The Social Media

Calum Von Moger has the 2.2 million fans in the Instagram and 487,000 subscribers on YouTube.

He is continuously called as Arnold 2 by his followers due to having a similar physique like Arnold.

Calum Von Moger posted on the Instagram that:

Back to a few years ago, many of you said that I should play the role of Arnold in a movie, so that’s day come and I will play the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger in an upcoming movie.

Unfortunately, Calum Von Moger did not gain the fame from his acting. Actually, he gains famous due to the resemblance to Arnold 2.0

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7x Mr. Olympia Champion

Calum got help from the bodybuilding legend Schwarzenegger for several workouts and focusing tips.

In the YouTube video 2015, Arnold Shwarzenegger showed an interest in his physique and said Arnold came up to me.

Arnold has a long career in weight training, won Mr. Universe at the age of 20 and continue winning to the 7x Mr. Olympia champion

Arnold stayed active in the fitness world, written in the articles, magazines, and books.

He is considered as the greatest bodybuilder of all the time

What Are The Similarities Between The Arnold Schwarzenegger And Calum Von Moger?

calum von moger workout

Why the Calum have continuously resembled him with Arnold and call as Arnold 2.

The reason is due to the similar physique.

  • Calum weight is 245-255Ibs whereas Arnold weight is 225-235Ibs
  • Calum height is 6’2’’ though Arnold is 1 inch bigger as 6’3’’ height.
  • Calum Chest measurement is 48’’, waist is 32’’, and thighs us 26’’.

On the other side, Arnold chest is bigger, waist 30’’ and the thighs 28.5’’.

  • Both of the men admitted to taking steroids.
  • Steroids can wider the waist size, but it is wondering that both of Arnold having a tiny waist which looks as natural.

Calum Von Moger Workout Training And Diet Plans For The “Bigger Movie”:

Calum training had an Arnold influence for a long period of time.

Calum believes in skinny, not in very strong.

He got motivation and fitness goals from his brother who was also bigger and stronger.


The Calum day passed by spending hours on training and watching Pumping Iron.

Calum prefers the lifting of heavy weight usually as.

Calum Von Moger steroidsThe heavy lifting is involved compound exercises like squats, bench press and over rows.

His workouts are basic but most of them are heavy.

Cardio is not much important for Calum Von Moger because it is only responsible for boosting up the metabolism and burns calories.

He prefers the mountain biking and the swimming as cardio.


Calum diet for “Bigger” includes watermelon, cottage cheese, meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

His diet approach is simple, whenever he wants to cut, so he reduces the calorie intake, whereas he eats more for the bulking.

His diet plan includes cans of tuna and the whole chickens.

He prefers the Creatine and BCAA’s as a supplement for keeping him strong at the gym.

Calum also intakeS glucose, magnesium, zinc, multivitamins, Taurine and fish oil to maintain a health of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Director And Other Character Of “BIGGER” Movie:

The director of the movie is George Gallow and shooting continues in Alabama.

Former “Teen Wolf” stars, Cotlon Haynes and Tayler Hoechlin will play a role as Jack LaLanne and Tyler Hoechlin.

Calum Von Moger Training

Colton Haynes will play as fitness great Jack LaLanne in the bigger movie, which is going to release in the year 2018

The twin’s brother’s journey with 7x Mr. Olympia champion is a steroid and Bigger responsible for something special in the case of Calum Von Moger.

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