Canelo Alvarez Has Tested Positive For Banned Substance “Clenbuterol”

Canelo Alvarez had drug tested positive. The compound was “Clenbuterol”.

According to Daniel Eichner, this type of contamination is common in Mexico and the source is animals.

Canelo Alvarez Has Tested Positive For Banned Substance “Clenbuterol”
Canelo Alvarez needs to give an explanation for failing drug tests

The approximate range is 0.6-0.8ng/ml which is expected from meat contamination.

The sample was collected in the February 17 in Jalisco, Mexico.

The tested levels are not too much higher and they were within the range.

Daniel is the director of the lab, which monitors the VADA testing for Canelo.

VADA is a drug organization that conducts the drug tests or PED’s for athletes throughout the year.

The athletes linked to various sports in Mexico are warned due to the spreading contamination of this substance

In 2016, the NFL is also warned by eating meat and U17 cup in Mexico observed by outbreaks of this substance.

What Is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a beta-androgenic agonist that is injected into cattle, chickens, horses, and others to increase the lean muscle mass and protein content.

Clenbuterol Anabolic Steroids
Clenbuterol Steroids

This stimulant is widely used by the bodybuilders and increase case of injecting Clenbuterol in the cattle.

Moreover, the use of Clenbuterol is illegal in the United States for human consumption and also not good for the animals.

According to the Agricultural Research Service, consumption of those meats that are exposed to Clenbuterol may poison for humans.

Mainly the bodybuilders are used Clenbuterol for cutting excess fat, reducing the water retention, and defined the overall shape of the body.

Females are using this stimulant for losing the weight.

Although it is more useful to treat the diseases such as the individual’s who are diagnosed with Current Airway Obstruction (RAO), cases of bronchopneumonia, inflammatory, and other diseases.

Canelo Alvarez Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 1.75m
  • Weight of the body: 74kg
  • Welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight.
  • Date of birth: July 18, 1990

There are many peoples who are criticizing the Canelo for drug abuse or steroid practice.

But, you cannot label these types of accusations to someone without knowing any facts and the reason behind any situation.

He has just risked his legacy and his upcoming fight by testing positive for the steroid.

Alvarez Vs Golovkin

The king of middleweight boxing “Genna Golovkin” accused “Canelo Alvarez” for steroid doping on Tuesday.

Genna said (Canelo Vs ggg): it is the rubbishing of the Mexican fighter that he had failed the drug test and the cause is contaminated meat.

Golovkin told when there is a mountain training camp in Big Bear that Alvarez got to benefit from preferential treatment throughout his career by Nevada.

While the hard-hitting Kazakh had won the first battle against Alvarez.

In Golovkin opinion: there was surprising on the judge card that marked 118-110 in favor of Alvarez.

I’m a professional athlete and he is not a professional.

Come on, I told you that is not a contamination.

Forget the Mexican meat, you can further ask him, his team and for his promotion to everything.

Canelo Alvarez Has Tested Positive For Banned Substance “Clenbuterol”He Just cheated and everyone trying to pretend this it did not cause the happening.

There is nothing about Mexican meat and maybe it is a Mexican water.

Golovkin has continued his conversation and said: I’m a clean athlete and I know that he was not clean from the first fight.

Some footage of Alvarez’s show that he had ingested something with water and I want to explain that what types of pills they are.

He also noticed the evidence of injections in his body. Confirm it by asking any doctor.

It is better to ask all of the things by using a lie detector.

According to the Golovkin trainer “Abel Sanchez”, Kazakh had tested for around six times since entering the camp.

While Golovkoin will continue into May’s showdown with all instructions.

We are going to Vegas and need to win convincingly

Golovkin mentioned in a statement: I don’t think that I had many benefits so I had never used the drugs.

I thought that I did not understand anything but now I feel that these people are like a terrorist and killing the sport.

It’s too much, This is America, This is the democracy

Canelo Has Talked Positive Drug Testing Due To Mexican Cows

Albert Contador also tested Clenbuterol positive in trace amounts from food contamination.

Canelo Alvarez suspended following failed drugs test

It is commonly found in meats like China and Mexico.

Canelo has shocked from the result and said:

I’m an athlete who respects and obey rules of the sport. This result is surprising me because it never happened to me before.

I will conduct all of the possible drug tests that clarify this embarrassing situation and prove the truth.


Canelo will turn his camp located in San Diego and still he never loses focus.

While Golovkin could look for a protest to a rematch.

If Canelo wins the rematch against Golovkins, so his haters will give the credit to steroid use.

However, people should look deeply at this situation and identify the real situation that It was not a meat contamination and do not try the steroid use.

We do not know the actual reason, but Canelo claimed Mexican Cow for testing drug positive.

The Mexican fighter could be suspended from boxing for between six months and two yearsHe explained that they are putting most of the chemicals into the water and feeding the cows with various chemicals or compounds.

Oftenly, Trenbolone which is also called as Finaplix H is usually given the cattle for maximizing the size, and then it becomes familiar to bodybuilders for copious bodybuilding benefits.

Clenbuterol would not make an authentic sense to give a cattle.

He tested positive for Clenbuterol in trace amounts twice.

There are many athletes who are tested positive in a trace amount, and particularly common in the Mexico and China.

The 27-year-old-man is wanting to test by Voluntary Anti-Doping Association to clear whether that he is all natural and can prepare for his second fight

Because there are dozens of athletes that have impacted last year, so It becomes hard to judge.

It is better to conduct the further tests by specific organizations to understand the truth.