Carrie Fisher Weight Loss- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Carrie Fisher, who had struggled a lot with her weight in the past, eating healthy or clean diets and exercises before her death.

The start left the world after suffering from a major heart attack at the age of 60 on Dec 23, Tuesday during a flight, which gone from London to LOS Angeles.

A Star Wars Celebration Europe Surprise from Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher returned back as the character of Princess Leia over the 40 years, when she was just only 19 years old in star wars.

Carrie was born in the Los Angeles in the year of 1956, October 21 and died in the year of 2016, December 27.

She is most famous for her role as Princess Leia. She also played a supporting role in the different movies. She was screen writer (Sister Act and Outbreak) and a prolific author also.

Statistics Of Carrie Fisher:

When she had very first started the program of her carrier, at that time her weight is on the peak

  • Weight of the Body= 180 Ibs
  • After weight loss=  119 Ibs
  • Height of the body= 5ft 1”
  • She first lost 3o Ibs and then 50 Ibs

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Carrier Fisher Play A Role As Princess Leia In The Star War Films:

Carrie Fisher, 'Star Wars' Princess Leia

Fisher told about the losing of weight for her role in Star Wars: She was stressed to lose up the 35Ibs with following the right way, because it was more challenging to get younger. Even they don’t want to hire me, it Is just all about what your looks.

 I’m in a place, where the only thing is more important for you is just your look and weight.

She said, I did the same as others do for lose up the weight:  Stop my eating and worked more on exercises. Definitely, there is none of another track.

But I lost approximately 30Ibs and feel much better in my skin. Now I can follow the standard scale on the Doctor clinic as well as my blood pressure is also down.

I want to wear up the metal bikini and stroll like an idiot. If you want majesty, wear up the metal bikinis after you are 40’s.

Carrie Fisher also said she has never felt too much attractive as my mom. She is more gorgeous and I’m not looking like my mom, therefore I’m not pretty enough.

The Star Disclosed Her Poor Habbits:

Fisher told her viewers that I’m with more fat. My weight gives a kick to all of my clothes sizes to the maximum even I did not exercise for three years and I just ate more and more, drinking soda on the regular basis.

These all lead to contributes badly in my weight gain.

The 7 bottles of soda are included per day, tons of candies or sweet treats, pounds of peanut butter. I have used these soda bottles for keeping myself warm.

Fisher Life Secret: An Affair With Harrison Ford

One of the most important secrets of Carrier Fisher life is that she had an affair with Harrison Ford (Co star of Star wars).

She said to Ellen DeGeneres that it was just fascinating not love. She hides this secret almost for 40 years and talking about other topics, but her slimmer look gives her more confidence to disclose this secret.

Fisher Transformation As She Lost 50Ib And Became Down To A Size Of Eight:

Fisher has started workout in the gym for up to the five days in a week for overcoming her weight. Whenever she is gets up in the morning from sleep, go out to the gym and spent half of an hour on the elliptical.

Carrie Fisher dramatic transformation

Although she hates these workouts, but spent her time due to the benefits.

She was treated for overcoming the addiction towards the alcohol and bipolar disorder at the Silver Hill.

She has followed a strict diet plan of Jenry Craig’s by consuming a 1,500 calorie intake in combination with the workouts. She lost her excess weight in the duration of nine months.

Carrie had replaced all of the unhealthy foods to the healthy one. She switched to fresh water instead of sugary drinks or soda cans.

Alternate the snacks with the Jenny Craig’s cookies.

Could Diet Have Been Contributed To Carrie Fisher’s Death?

Carrie Fisher suffered from  a heart attack, when she is in the tour of the book.

Carrie fisher deathThe diet may be responsible for the heart attack because it is not only associated with fat loss. Your body takes the energy from converting the tissues.

If your body loses the heart muscles result in the irregular heartbeat that can cause heart attacks.

She also had a family history of heart problems and bad cholesterol.

It is full of sadness for me that Billie Lourd confirms my beloved mother’s death at 8:55 in the morning.

On the 27 December in the year of 2016, 60 years, the beloved star closed her eyes in the hospital.

The statement on her death is forwarded by her daughter Billie that:  My mother was loved and will be missed or remembered by the entire world.

Our whole family thanks to all of the prayers by the peoples.

Her mother (Debbie Reynolds) posted a statement on Facebook: Thank you to everyone who support and accepted a talent of my beautiful daughter. I’m thankful to all your thought and the prayers that helped my daughter.