Carrie Underwood Weight Loss: Does It Really Work or SCAM? [2019 Results]

The 32 year old Carrie Underwood, a singer is looking more gorgeous than ever and after giving birth to her son, ISAIAH.

Carrie Underwood Weight Loss 2017 PhotosShe did not have this type of slimmer body ever. After Carrie won the American Idol in the year of 2005, she felt overweight and decided to lose up a weight.

When Carrie Underwood was pregnant last year at the time of Isaiah Fisher, she assured to halt in shape and she continued boosting her workouts after gave birth in the month of February.

When Carrie was asked about her weight loss that did she suffer from any hurdles during her weight loss. She replied: No, because none of anything which I done is intentional, even I had no any idea about proper diet plans and workout training.

“You know! I did not eat enough calories, but the intention was not to craving myself, the actual reason behind this I was not properly know for how many calories will be good for me, even I spent 20 minutes on elliptical and assume that I did awesome work

Carrie, a strict vegan who has not eaten any type of meat over the 20 years and spent her daily time for the workouts, training and eating too much bread whenever she was feeling hungry.

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Carrie Underwood Admits She Used Weight-Loss Drugs

The pictures of Carrie show that how much she loses the weight and now she is properly doing the exercises daily.

Since I constantly perform exercise every day, I like to wear up the clothes that look good on the streets as well as in the gym. She said that her new clothing is designed which is suitable to wear during workouts, then after for a casual wear and now I am able to wear it everywhere.

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The combination of both exercises and clean diet helped Carrie Underwood to lose a weight, although she is not looking thin as her previous pictures however she loves her recent and different image.

The question is that how Carrie Underwood boost up the fat after giving birth in such a short period of time?

Let’s take a detailed look at Carrie Underwood diet plans and workout trainings in order to lose up the weight.


  • Height= 5ft 3inch
  • Weight=53 kg

Carrie Underwood Weight Diet plan Guide:

The combination of diet pills with the food and exercises helps to boost up your metabolism and melt away the fat from the body.

Carrie Underwood Diet Plan 2017

She transformed her body quickly by following the strict rules regarding to weight loss by the trainer.

I’m actually a vegan and love to eat a slice of bread and recently I started a dinner(breadless meal). At the Breakfast, there is a bowl of oatmeal and had a sandwich on Ezekiel bread in my lunch. The rest of the time, especially  in the evening, I used protein and vegetables without having bread. When I wake up, looking up my flat belly.

1. Eliminate White carbohydrates:

Carrie underwood diet and workout photosCarrie Underwood eliminated the white carbohydrates from the diet in very first. Means she avoids all those meals that contain the white carbohydrates such as bread, rice, potatoes and others.

The foods that are rich in the carbohydrate content can elevate the insulin level in the body can interfere the function of fat burning hormone and make hardest to lose up a weight.

She switched the white carbohydrates to the Quiona, oatmeal and brown rice.

2. Pills That Can Boost Up The Metabolism:

Carrie took the pill that can speed up her metabolism rate. The metabolism boosting pills helps her to burn up the 200-300 calories per day and provides the more energy to consistently work out.

The other way to detox your body or speed up the metabolism is drinking 2-3 cups of green tea with some lemon extract.

3. Foods that are rich in the fiber content:

When she felt appetite so consumed a bowl of oatmeal, fresh fruits and Chia seeds that contain relatively 300 calories, which keeps her stomach full for several hours and delays the digestion process instead of relying on cookies, sweet candy and chips that are rich in high calorie and make you hungry again because of the zero fiber.

Some of the foods that are rich in fiber are oatmeal, nuts, fruits and vegetables that can hit your weight loss.

Trainer Incorporated High Quality Proteins Foods:

Carrie Underwood Lost 30 Lbs Of Baby WeightUnderwood has taken foods that contain a high quality protein. The high quality proteins and metabolism boosting pills, when combined so enough to activate the hormones that can burn the fat and turns her body to the burning machine.

But when Carrie was pregnant, she consumed a low quality of protein food, for example, organic eggs, fried chickens and the pork.


The breakfast includes a cup of oatmeal, Chia seeds and Cinnamon. Organic eggs with cayenne pepper and a cup of green tea with lemon and two metabolism boosting pills.

Organic Humus and carrots used as a morning snack.


Lunch includes a Quinoa, salmon and a cup of green tea.

Smoothie recipe for losing weight:

  1. Almond milk = 1cup
  2. Whey protein powder = 1 Scoop
  3. Frozen berries= 1 cup
  4. Chia seeds= 2tbs
  5. Coconut oil= 1tbs


The Dinner includes a breast of chicken with avocado and a cup of veggies.

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Carrie Underwood Weight Training Guide:

After I gave birth to my son, I gained 30 pounds, which is included in recommending range  and easy to shed.

At the very first, Carrie accepted that after a C section I am not able to perform a half hour on exercises and started with small tasks.

The surgery means to having a weight for six weeks of doing workouts. Luckily, I was able to begin my walk slowly in treadmill, I felt so better to seeing myself to be active.

After consulting with a doctor, I continued exercising under the supervision of a trainer, but I puzzled my routine exercise to staying higher motivated for a long time.

Tabata is listed in my especial favorite workout regimen, I performed it for 20 seconds after the 10 seconds of rest. The duration of these cycles is repeated for the 4 minutes.

Underwood said about her training that it is hard to do, but it really works. I selected different types of exercises in my trainings like squats, Pushups and lunges. I performed the 8 rounds of every exercise for up to 20 seconds, these exercises fire up my metabolism.

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Cardio exercises and free Weight training:

carrie underwood baby weight loss secretsMonday/Wednesday

Carrie Underwood has worked on cardio exercise and free weights. The time required for cardio is 20 minutes and 40 minutes of free weights.

Carrie trainer guides that lifting of weight helps her to burn up the more calories as well as boosting up the speed of metabolism.

You can look up a picture of Carrie with lifting of weights during ads of the fitness brand.

Full body workout:

Thursday and Sunday:

She has worked on the body weight only on the day Thursday and Sunday. The body weight is also combined with the weight resistance exercise and the high intensity of cardio exercises.

The day of shaping her muscles:


The workout session on Friday incorporated with machine exercises repeatedly. The exercises that can help to tone the muscles, burning fat and give shape to the every part of the body.

The day is completely designed to work with larger groups of muscles that can also boost up the metabolism.