That’s What Your Favorite Celebrities Take in BreakFast

The glamour world is truly captivating. I mean, the celebrities seem out of this world.

Best celebrities breakfast

Their flawless skin and perfectly toned body make us wonder the special foods they survive on to look that prepossessing!

Well, most of the celebrities do not mind sharing their diet and we have assured to take the best advantage of this.

Since breakfast is the most essential meal out of the three, we decided to keep our focus on it and ‘discover’ what these 15 celebrities feed on to kick start their day!

So here are our findings and the expert advises for you to decide if these breakfast patterns are healthy and worth following!

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The 31 years old American model prefers a healthy breakfast based on vegetables and proteins.

A John McMuffin ❤️❤️❤️ he is the breakfast master it’s better than it looks okay!

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According to her, the best one could take for protein is egg and so, she ensures to feed herself with eggs every day.

Chrissy, who is enjoying motherhood these days finally revealed her ‘farmer’s breakfast’ that solely comprises of healthy options.

For her, pancakes don’t work as half fried eggs, avocado and turkey bacon works in the morning.

To give her breakfast a further health boost, Chrissy says that she also enjoys grilled tomatoes.

Expert advice:

As per a health expert, a meal rich in protein is good for generating satiety.

Though, we cannot take processed meat very often as it encompasses higher percentage of salt.


Karlie Kloss is amongst the celebrities who have shared the details about their breakfast with their fans.

ending #PFW with a bang ?

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She revealed that she feeds on a very boring, yet nourishing protein shake to begin her day.

While Karlie detailed the ingredients she adds to prepare her smoothie, it sounded too appetizing to us.

To make her protein shake more satisfying, the 24 years old American model adds:

  1. Banana.
  2. Chocolate protein powder.
  3. Almond milk.

At times, she switches the fruit with blackberries, for a change in taste.

Expert advice:

Undeniably, what she takes in breakfast is healthy, though, taking an external protein source makes no sense if our diet can easily provide us with the needed level of protein.

If we wish to make our shake more nutritious, we should consider incorporating flax seeds and oats.


It seems like the 22 years old, supermodel Gigi Hadid too, values the significance of protein in the morning and so, she also prefers to have eggs to welcome her day.

woke up in Paris .. ready for the last week of Fashion Month !!! ☕️☕️☕️

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Though, it not just the egg she looks up for protein, there is another protein-based food she loves to switch every other day with it. Well, that other protein source is beans!

The beauty further revealed that she does not start her day unless she takes her breakfast, if not, she takes coffee for sure.

For her, breakfast means scrambled eggs which she enjoys with toast. As far as the other protein source is concerned, Gigi said that it’s her boyfriend who encouraged her to take beans in breakfast.

Expert advice:

Gigi’s breakfast choices are undeniably, smart!

Those who wish to follow her breakfast routine are advised to add juice for healthy supplementation of vitamin C.

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Selena’s lovely voice and beautiful figure indicates towards her healthy eating choices.

50 million ??? – I love you guys. You make me smile. And I love secretly stalking some of your pages.

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According to her personal trainer, the 24 years old prefers a satisfying breakfast that can help her cope up with the high demand of energy, she needs for her concerts.

So to ensure she gets a healthy start, the singer feasts on a burrito having:

  1. Scrambled eggs.
  2. Rice.
  3. Chorizo.
  4. Beans.
  5. Avocado.

Well, that’s not just the only pattern she follows for filling, at times, she alternates it with:

  1. Granola.
  2. Greek yogurt.

Expert advice:

Her choice for breakfast is not just healthy, but is also filling. After all, it encompasses all the imperative macro nutrients along with the essential, protein-based veggies.

Though, there are few things that need not to be ignored if you are up to following her breakfast routine.

Firstly, you must not be regular with the consumption of chorizo as it tends to be rich in saturated fat and salt.

On the other hand, granola too, is not really healthy as it boasts a higher percentage of sugar content.

Basically, these foods are discouraging from both the health and fitness perspective.


The mother of two, Kim kardashian is the perfect example of perfection!

Good morning

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I mean, her life is an inspiration for us. She is successful, beautiful, smart and above all, full of sex appeal!

Interestingly, it has been believed that she is a die-hard follower of Atkins diet and tries different things in breakfast.

Sometimes back, her nutritionist revealed that the 36 years old charming lady loves to have scrambled eggs in the morning.

To add taste to it, she adds:

  1. Smoke Gouda.
  2. Turkey sausage.
  3. Cheese (occasionally).

The reality TV personality also feasts on blueberries and Greek yoghurt to balance out her morning meal, perfectly.

Expert advice:

The salt content in the entire meal is considerably higher. This is due to the foods like cheese and processed sausages.

Even though, there are several healthy foods, yet, none of these is a source of fiber.

People who are keen to follow what Kim loves in breakfast should include oats in Greek yogurt.


So what keeps Blake lively, lively throughout the day? Well, we have the insight about her diet and we thank her trainer for this!

?I’m bringin’ happy baaack. ?Yea-uh!? ( Thank you @lorraineschwartz )

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Firstly, Blake drinks water the very moment she leaves her bed. While she heads towards her breakfast, she prepares herself eggs using coconut oil.

The beautiful lady also loves to add veggies for a more energy packed meal. Seldom, she slips in a calculated quantity of gluten-free oats, but that’s when she feels ‘extra’ hungry!

Expert advice:

A single egg supplies us with 90 calories and with the word eggs; we assume Blake enjoys two eggs in the morning.

This leaves no space for any other item that can give you a feeling of fullness.

The meal would sound more nourishing if it has some fiber-based foods.

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The aww-some curves, the lady possesses point out towards her hard work! And not just her hard work, her special diet as well.

Italian fragola ?? mi piace!!! #Bentmovie

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In an interview, the Colombian-American beauty revealed that she loves variation in her breakfast that depends upon her routine.

If she is engaged with work and needs more energy, she prefers:

  1. Egg white with toast.
  2. Avocado with veggies.

Though, her breakfast tends to be completely different when she is not at work. So when she is off, she takes:

  1. Yogurt with fruit.
  2. Oatmeal/granola.

According to her, the variation helps her to deal with the pressure, accordingly.

Expert advice:

Both the types are equally satisfying and wholesome; however, the consumption of granola should be kept low due to its high sugar content.

In addition to this, the egg yolk contains iron, calcium, zinc and many essential nutrients that make it far more valuable than the egg white; hence, avoiding it or skipping it makes no sense at all.


Jennifer is the epitome of perpetual youth. The way the girl carries herself all the time, makes me wonder if she is from other world!

Good morning, Instagram!

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When it comes to her breakfast details, Jennifer, as expected, has healthy habits.

The 48 years old prepares oatmeal and adds an egg white moments before it’s done.

According to her, her ex-spouse suggested her to supplement her body with addition protein and try this very method to increase the protein content.

Other times, she feasts on something very different like puffed millet cereal and a banana.

Expert advice:

The act of integrating egg/ egg white is helpful in elevating the protein value.

Those who desire an extra protein boost should consider slipping Greek yoghurt in the cereal.


When we talk about healthy breakfast habits, Taylor seems not to fit in the picture at all.

Made buckwheat crepes this morning (and by morning, I mean 1pm when I woke up)

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The 28 years old American singer prefers buckwheat crepes with ham to start her day.

In order to add taste to it, she shreds Parmesan cheese and slots in a fried egg to fill in the need of protein.

Taylor consumes her favorite breakfast with orange juice.

Expert advice:

There are few healthy changes that need to be done to make the breakfast balanced and nutritious.

For example, limit the consumption of parmesan and switch ham with chicken. To add more value, consider including vegetables or simply, avocado.

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As per an insider, the curvy American model kick starts her day with a refreshingly nutritious juice.

Tel Aviv glam #ForbesUnder30

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If not, she takes a smoothie with an equal nutritional value. Ashley believes that green juice can save us from illnesses and taking it more often, is important.

A blend she adores the most is:

  1. Kale.
  2. Ginger.
  3. Beets.
  4. Parsley.
  5. Lemon.

Expert advice:

Indeed, juices are a healthy choice, yet, they tend to be deficient in essential nutrients like fiber, protein and calories.

Having it along with a balanced breakfast sounds great, but all alone, we cannot expect it to promote satiety, or deliver what breakfast does.


Alice Eckle of ‘Accidental Love’ is not in favor of dairy and wheat, yet, she does not mind getting started with pancakes.

When you go to the 2017 Oscars and you wake up in 1995.

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But her pancakes are no ordinary pancakes as they are free from wheat, dairy and gluten, and still taste great!

Interestingly, Jessica adds coconut and cashews for taste enhancement.

Expert advice:

If you are not sensitive to dairy or wheat, you should not skip the food items at all.

They are as important as any other foods and depriving yourself will only increase the risks of deficiencies.

It is also important to keep the coconut consumption low as it is a great source of saturated fat.


Beyonce- the Diva also prefers to take a breakfast rich in protein. Her choices for the morning are:

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  1. Egg whites.
  2. Veggie smoothie.
  3. Whole-grain cereal made in low-fat milk.

Expert advice:

It is a misconception that cereals are a rich source of sugar. Well, that’s not the case with all the cereals we have in market.

From the health and fitness perspective, you just need to avoid a brand that has added sugar, that’s it.

If you need a cereal for your breakfast, the best option for you is oat. On top of that, consider regular milk.

Remember, it has low concentration of fat, plus, tastes well too.

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The femme fatale girl, Emma makes us skip our heart beat every time.

The 27 years old is really fond of Mexican food and feels it is totally irresistible.

To quench her love for Mexican food, she has invented a special taco for her breakfast.

Well, that’s what the British lady prepares for herself every morning:

  1. Guacamole
  2. Scrambled eggs.
  3. Salsa.
  4. Tortilla.

Sounds strange? Well, Emma finds it interesting and delicious!

Expert advice:

Emma’s self created breakfast is actually healthy.

If we evaluate every food she takes, we will get to know that her body is getting everything that’s needed, from protein to fiber. So, you go girl!


Lea has a perfect skin as a teen. Her flawless looks makes us go aww for her, every time.


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However, Lea’s diet choices are a bit different from the other celebrities of the glamour world. She is a complete vegan and does not have egg in the morning! Strange?

The lady’s beauty secret lies in her special morning routine that starts with yoga.

Post the yoga, she loves to have a smoothie, or an avocado toast in the name of breakfast!

Expert advice:

Lea’s choices are poor in protein. If she likes to take avocado toast, she should have it with hummus to come up with the body’s protein needs.

On the other hand, the best she could do to make her smoothie more protein-packed is including 30 to 35 grams of nuts in it.


Jennifer’s love for pizza makes us wonder if her toned body is a result of some magic spell! I mean, really.


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She has it quite often, even in the breakfast, and sometimes, twice a day! Well, that’s making me envious now!

Expert advice:

Indulging yourself and enjoying cheat days are good approaches to keep yourself on track.

Though, you need to follow healthy eating patterns most of the time, which Jennifer surely does!