Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017

Some Hollywood stars have set an example in the ground of weight loss by showing their personal dietary regimen for different projects and to also create a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrity Diets secret - Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017

Some of the celebrities who have successfully achieved weight loss goal have shared their diet plan which is absolutely worth trying for the year 2017.

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1. Dukan Diet Plan

This diet plan was used by the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine at the time before her wedding in 2011.

katherine dukan diet - Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017

This dietary regimen is designed to alert your eating habits for a permanent basis instead of only for sometimes.

Pierre Dukan the founder of Dukan diet worked as a nutritionist and between his practices he designed, the best way for weight loss in which you cannot gain it back.

In this specific set of practice with the Dukan diet along with its 100 foods, you are allowed to eat as much as you want.

The weight dropped drastically with this diet plan without counting any calories or any hunger sensation.

The Dukan Slimming method mainly consists of four phases.

The first one is the Attack phase in which you will have to consume a high protein diet with a strict eating pattern which will result in prompt weight loss after which the second phase comes into play called the “Cruise” phase consist of more than 28 vegetables in order to achieve your real weight.

The third stage called Consolidation phase will make sure that you won’t get any more weight, which you lost and it re-adds the food which was prohibited for you such as junkies etc.

The stabilization phase is the final stage where you rest after your real weight has been consolidated you can either decide to continue the same dietary plan along with coaching.

It is mandatory since it helps you identify your real diet while assuring you a continuous balance between your food intake and energy exertion of your body.

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2. Weight Watchers

JenniferHudson 688x1024 - Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017

One of the very famous and Oscar Winning singer Jennifer Hudson has been in this program while so many more celebrities have joined this group designed for people who wants to lose their weight.

Recently Oprah has claimed to lose 40 pounds while on weight watchers.

Weight watcher is a diet plan which works for some pinpoints that includes how much calories, sugar, protein and more nutrition your body need.

The participants who joined this program are not particularly limited to certain foods, but they are instead focused on the exercise and to have an open mindset.

Open mindset means a participant should elevate both and physical and mental abilities in the form of exercises like yoga and other tough physical workouts.

People on Weight Watchers expect to lose 2-3 pounds per week.

3. Atkins

kim kardashian 737x1024 - Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017Kim Kardashian recently dropped 70-pound weight which she credited to the Atkin diet that helped her during the weight loss phase.

She gained very much of extra weight after the birth of her second child Saint West.

The diet strictly restricts sugar and carbohydrates so the contestant can reduce the weight successfully.

The method is very much effective for faster fat burn and also keep you energized, no craving for carbs with no hunger sensation.

The diet plan has gone too mainstream since Kim has gained a massive fame amongst her fans who follows her when it comes to staying physically fit.

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4. 5-Factor

megan fox - Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017Sexiest celebrities like Megan Fox has been rumored to follow the 5-factor Diet when she wanted to lose few pounds.

This specific diet plan revolves around the number five.

It includes 5 meals each day that contains five elements which you can prepare in 5 minutes and with five days of exercise per week.

Furthermore, this diet encourages three times meal with two snacks and it also allows one day as a Cheating Day where you can eat anything you want.

This how you will be rewarded for the hard work you did the earlier week.

Famous Singer lady GaGa also used 5-factors Diet plan to reduce weight.

5. Zone

jennifer aniston 683x1024 - Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017Successfully followed by the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston the Zone Diet plan has not only helped you to lose the excess amount of weight but it also improves the quality of your life.

Improving quality of life leads to longer life which further improves your physical and mental performance.

This diet plan is believed to slow down the rate of aging in the participants, they can take their diet, which included protein, fruits, vegetables with a strike of healthy fats like avocado, almond etc.

Jennifer Aniston is a live example of this Diet Plan which enhances its credibility.

Which Weight Loss program is best for you?

There is no doubt that Hollywood certainly loves different diet plans which is why so many celebrities have lost pounds of weight by following programs like Dukan, Atkin etc.

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weightloss secrets - Celebrities Best Diet Plan to follow in 2017

When it comes to selecting an ideal dietary plan you must know about the physiology of your body. Some of us do not even care what our body needs and they rush for what it wants.

Above mentioned diet plans works for every individual who wants to achieve their weight loss goal in a short period of time.

Celebrities who have tried these diet plans have shared their personal experience where they had to live by certain diet in order to lose weight. 

With only weeks of strict diet and a proper workout plan, one can surely reduce weight just like these celebrities.

The best diet plan to follow in 2017.

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