Celebrities React to Mass Shooting in the Las Vegas

Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Chris Young, Donald Trump and more react to Mass Shooting in the Las Vegas

The bunches of celebrities of the music world had faced a terrific shooting with the worst mass shooting at the Las Vegas during the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

The place where a crowd of thousands is experienced by a opened fire of a gunman in which over 59 numbers of individuals are killed and around 527 people have been in an injured condition.

The mass shooting is recorded as the worst in the U.S history.

Madonna Pays Tribute To Mass Shooting Victims On The Social Media Through Instagram On Oct 2, 2017:

The incident happened in the Vegas is an unspeakable tragedy, these kinds of activities are just like to promote random violence and happening more and more.

What happened in Vegas is an unspeakable tragedy. ?And these acts of seemingly Random violence are happening With more and more. frequency. And the chaos pain and suffering in the world is increasing exponentially. And YES its too easy to buy a GUN in The U.S. or have access to automatic weapons. And this needs to stop!! But the only way we are really going to change the trajectory that the world seems to be heading for is to change our consciousness! ? Each and everyone of us……..,,,,, …..,,,. Let Us Pray for Vegas. And all of the Victims and everyones loss but we also need to Pray for Peace.in the. World. Personally and Globally. ???. Lets Pray for the strength to maintain a higher level of consciousness. ☮️. Let’s I Pray that we find a way back to our humanity. Let’s. pray that we do not forget to treat all living creatures with compassion dignity and respect. ?? and Let’s Pray for Vegas.

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The pain is exponentially increasing day by day around the globe. This is going to be very easy in the U.S to buy a gun and gain access to the automatic weapons, this needs to stop.

Let us pray for Vegas and those victims who lost our beloved one and being injured, we need to pray also for the peace in the world.

Pray for the strength and to maintain a peak level of consciousness. Pray for to come back with a humanity.

Let’s pray and don’t ever forget, how to treat with a living creature and humanity within the zone of respect.

Jason Aldean And His Pregnant Wife Brittany Aldean Also Shared Post On Instagram:

Jason Aldean, country music star and the night’s headliner ran off the stage during his performance when the incident begins.

Though hearing a sound of rapid gunfire in the background, he continues to run together with the crowd and said It’s not a gun, it’s not a gun

Jason Aldean posted on Instagram on Monday: The scene is horrific and he was safe that night.

The night was completely horrific and I don’t want to say anything but let me everyone know that me and my crew are safe. My prayers and thoughts are always with the people’s who are attending the event.

He added: It’s hurting my heart definitely when anyone comes to enjoying or having a fun but being suffered from the painful event.

Taylor Swift Wrote On The Twitter On 2.Oct.2017:

Taylor Swift expressed her feelings: There are no words to express for the victims, helplessness, and sorrow. My broken heart feels for the victims and their families in Vegas.

President Donald Trump And Lvanka Trump Also Tweeted On The Twitter:

President Donald Trump and his daughter Lavanka tweeted on the twitter to show up their feelings or condolences for the Victims of mass shooting on Monday.

My warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible Las Vegas shooting. God bless you!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2017

Donald Trump said: My warmest condolences or sympathies for the victims of a mass shooting “God bless you”.

Lvanka wrote: The whole America has woken up with the most horrific or heart wrenching news of a mass shooting in the Las Vagas.

Our hearts are breaking for those who are experienced with a mass shooting and their families.

Jack Beaton Died On His Wedding Anniversary While Protecting His Wife “Laurie Beaton”

Jack Beaton Died on His Wedding Anniversary Shielding His Wife from Bullets During Las Vegas Shooting

Jack and his wife from Bakersfield, California were celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary, suddenly the bullets rained down at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

The Sunday night, 51 year old men shared a photo on the Facebook with his wife and their friends, being enjoyed with a smiling face and a glass of beers for drinking in the music festivities.

As both are thrown on the ground, Jack lay down his body onto the top of Laurie’s for protecting his wife from the bullets with saying Get down, Get down and Get down.

The last word he said to me that: I love You Laurie then suddenly his arms were fell down and body heavy on me and that time I realized that her husband was shot.

Chris Young Dedicates A Tribute To Victims Of Las Vagas Shooting Through Music:

Days after the bloody mass incident happened in the Las Vagas, Chris Young, 32 year old men dedicate a tribute to Victims by a song vincegill’s (Go rest high on that mountain)  1994 classic at BigFrensoFair.

I was in Vegas, I hugged my family and asked for that what should I do tonight?

Vegas was the scariest night of my life, but hopefully music can help heal…

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He shared a video on Instagram and Twitter: I heard this song many times and I had never attempted to sing the song due to having a respect for the guy who originally did it, but I’m going to give my best while presenting my best, As a musician, I could heal a pain through music.