Celebrity Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Behind the glitz and glam of Hollywood world, lie the efforts of celebrities who seek no boundaries when it comes to their performances.

This performance has never been limited to acting only, as over the time; some celebrities have shown certain outcomes that are truly, beyond our imagination.

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Amazingly, shocking celebrity weight loss transformation is amongst one of them.

Few celebrities have captured headlines in 2017 because of their weight management and here are few of these:

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Melissa McCarthy’s amazingly transformed body caught everyone by surprise at Red Carpet last year.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

The mother-of-two shared her experience in multiple interviews about her weight loss, as how she got determined to achieve her dream figure.

McCarthy’s journey started when she decided to stop dwelling on her appearance.

Her thoughts started to get positive, as she wanted to feel comfortable no matter how she looks.

The 46 year old Mike & Molly star, who has decided to launch her own fashion line, which will make clothes for plus size women, has been questioned several times on her transformation.

She has never been explicit about the products she used, or when actually the process started that appears to have taken place gradually over time.

But certain implications can be made from her unbelievable journey.

Melissa McCarthy won Favorite Comedic Movie Actress during the People's Choice Awards 2017.McCarthy has always been emphasizing on positivity while talking about her journey.

Clinical research has proven that stress plays a greater role in weight gain.

This is when she decided to stop over thinking about her weight problems. She decided to stay positive with lesser thoughts over big body. And that is where change started to emerge.

She believes that her secret to weight loss is no hard and fast rule but a little bit of positivity combined with a healthy lifestyle.

All you have to do, is to pick a super-boring routine, going to bed early for instance.

However, keeping a check on your calorie intake and workout routine is super critical as these are amongst the success factors.

But you never know, as Melissa might be joking about these tips.

Melissa’s journey implies that sometimes over thinking leads our problems to nowhere.

The comedian has always encouraged people to pick positivity that helps them to get determined.

McCarthy achieved her dreams of living a healthy life by losing nearly 70 pounds and has shocked everyone with the results!


Gabourey Sidibe stunned everyone when first published her slimmed down waist on Instagram, earlier this year.

Gabourey Sidibe shows off weight loss

This 33 year old star flaunts her newly transformed body in red top and black skirt.

The star looked super comfortable and pleased with her new appearance while wishing every one Christmas. Gabourey started this journey after facing severe criticism for her body.

Gabourey quoted as how it was always difficult for her to dress up for awards and red carpets when she knew she will be always made fun of.

But the Oscar nominee explained as how this bullying instigated a spark for growth in her. All this negativity actually provoked her to prove herself.

She reiterated her story several times at several forums that mainly include talks of bullying, inspiration and a tireless journey.

As more and more people told her she was ugly, more she felt an urge to search for beauty. And that is when she realized she is unbreakable.

Thankfully, she has learnt to feel comfortable in her skin, and became a spokesperson for Lane’s Bryant’s recent marketing campaign.

In the event, she amazed everyone by flaunting her beautiful body in a skirt and flirty bra.

Gabourey Sidibe continued to put her full body makeoverLittle known facts are about this Oscar nominee, as she was picked out of women for the role in Precious.

Handpicked by Oprah, the role became her signature performance and led her to Oscar nomination.

The movie was shot within 5 weeks only.

While being occupied with her professional commitments, she always took out time for her personal goals.

During her character as ‘Precious Jones’, a victim of sexual molestation, she weighed nearly 350 pounds, which is considered obese.

Sidibe’s weight is the result of her mother forced feeding, overindulging, and eating too much McDonalds.

She faced some of the meanest remarks from the critics over her appearance. But recently, she set the goal to look beautiful and surprisingly, she looks stunning in her recent appearances.

Her journey was not a fast faced one, but a gradual process that emphasis on gradual transformation.

She made numerous appearances with little shed weight and gave an impression of undergoing weight loss journey.

Sidibe’s story can be an inspiration for many people dealing with weight related bullying daily.

It showed as how negative criticism triggered her to do something she thought she was never capable of doing. Truly, it was motivation and self-confidence that gone a long way for her!


Mama June, Shannon, recently shocked everyone with her more than pounds weight loss.

Mama june Weight loss 2017

The 37 year old star showed a completely different look since the third episode of Not to Hot. Surprisingly, the star looks super incredible and comfortable with her new look.

Mama June is on her way to achieve UK size 8 that might seem completely impossible for her some time ago.

This reality show queen has undergone gastric bypass and skin removal procedures in line with a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The latest episodes have shown the star with a drop of almost pounds and getting a size 4.

Her daughter Honey Boo Boo shared that her mother used to wear fat suits to hide her transformation in public until the show gets on air on TV.

Mama June’s drastic weight loss has captured headlines recently, as the star appears to amazes everyone by her weight loss journey.

Never had she known that once a well-known star for her weight and obesity will shock everyone with her body transformation.

Mama June visits "Extra" on April 5, 2017 in New York City. She has been enquires upon this journey at multiple forums and she continued to surprise people with her responses.

On the premiere of the reality show, she enlightened the reason that inspired her to lose weight.

It was her ex, popularly known as Sugar Bear, who made an announcement of getting remarried.

The couple has an 11 year old daughter Alana Thompson (Honey Boo boo) and were in a common-law marriage for over a decade. They parted ways when he admitted on cheating on Shannon.

While, it is very difficult to discern what and how many surgical procedures she went through (as she never has been too open about them), it is confirmed that she has underwent gastric bypass where the larger part of her stomach is replaced by smaller stomach sleeve.

Shannon’s story serves as an inspiration for people with related weight loss dilemmas.


Khloe Kardashian has amazed everyone with her transformed body that is too voluptuous.

khloe kardashian before and after weight loss

Khloe started her weight loss journey as an attempt to avoid sad thoughts of her broken marriage.

The 32 year old reality TV matriarch started her health kick in 2015 when her marriage with Lamar Modom started to fall apart, she wrote in her book Strong Looks Better Naked, regarding her transformation.

Today, she has acquired the top position in Heat magazine’s 2016 Fit List, after beating down starts like Adriana Lima and Charlotte Crosby!

Khloe Kardashian is looking better than ever - and it's all thanks to an intense gymKhloe has always been frank in sharing her weight loss journey. She contributed her success to a disciplined diet and routine workouts.

Her transformation process was slow and she did not expect to get a change overnight.

Her goal was far beyond that, as she wanted to feel strong emotionally at first.

Being the only curvy member in the Kardashian family, she found it difficult to feel motivated initially.

But once she started to lose weight, she started to gain self-confidence and a purge of motivation.

Her strict workouts and diets, including starting her day at 5 am and fasting until 8am before her training sessions, gradually started to pay off.

Khloe’s story made us believe that anything is achievable with hard work and determination.

As sometimes, negative criticism helps one to get stronger and steadier over time!


Rebel Wilson’s amazingly transformed body will force you to double take.

Rebel wilson weight loss transformation 2017

The Pitch Perfect celebrity shared her experience on Instagram, as how she felt comfortable and pleasant after shedding her extra pounds.

She began her journey with losing 8 pounds through hiking for 4 consecutive days and since then she became unstoppable.

Her fans started to grow curious about her shocking transformation and sought for answers.

Rebel Wilson stepped out in a head-turning silver dressThe Australian star is best known for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect and gained popularity recently by shedding 15 pounds.

She first appeared with her transformed look in Pitch Perfect co-stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin wedding.

She was completely unrecognizable in her tight pink dress that highlights her shrinking curves.

For her, this is just the beginning, as the actor aims really high in this journey.

She credited her hitch hiking experience for being the motivational force driving her to lose weight.


Hollywood has always amazed its audience with its amazing stories that sometimes are too shocking to believe.

Celebrity news related to weight management has always managed to gain attention and grab headlines over time.

Since, Hollywood stars are acclaimed internationally; any move made by them becomes a biggest source of inspiration for millions of people around the globe.

Celebrity dealing with issues like substance abuse and weight management shows that hard work and determination can go a long way!

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