Celebrity Diets: 5 Top Celebrities and Their Diet Plans Inside! [2020]

Celebrities’ weight loss management inspires millions of fans, as more and more they endorse picking up a healthy Celebrity diets.

Some Hollywood stars have set an example in the ground of weight loss by showing their personal dietary regimen for different projects and to also create a healthy lifestyle.

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Some of the celebrities who have successfully achieved weight loss goal have shared their diet plan which is absolutely worth trying for the year 2018.

So, what exactly are the secret diets they adopt to shed their extra pounds, let’s get to know:

1. Dukan Diet Plan

This diet plan was used by the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine at the time before her wedding in 2011.

Katherine Dukan dietThis dietary regimen is designed to alert your eating habits for a permanent basis instead of only for sometimes.

Pierre Dukan the founder of Dukan diet worked as a nutritionist and between his practices he designed, the best way for weight loss in which you cannot gain it back.

In this specific set of practice with the Dukan diet along with its 100 foods, you are allowed to eat as much as you want.

The weight dropped drastically with this diet plan without counting any calories or any hunger sensation.

The Dukan Slimming method mainly consists of four phases.

The first one is the Attack phase in which you will have to consume a high protein diet with a strict eating pattern which will result in prompt weight loss after which the second phase comes into play called the “Cruise” phase consist of more than 28 vegetables in order to achieve your real weight.

The third stage called Consolidation phase will make sure that you won’t get any more weight, which you lost and it re-adds the food which was prohibited for you such as junkies etc.

The stabilization phase is the final stage where you rest after your real weight has been consolidated you can either decide to continue the same dietary plan along with coaching.

It is mandatory since it helps you identify your real diet while assuring you a continuous balance between your food intake and energy exertion of your body.

2. Weight Watchers

Jennifer Hudson weight watchersOne of the very famous and Oscar Winning singer Jennifer Hudson has been in this program while so many more celebrities have joined this group designed for people who wants to lose their weight.

Recently Oprah has claimed to lose 40 pounds while on weight watchers.

Weight watcher is a diet plan which works for some pinpoints that includes how much calories, sugar, protein and more nutrition your body need.

The participants who joined this program are not particularly limited to certain foods, but they are instead focused on the exercise and to have an open mindset.

Open mindset means a participant should elevate both and physical and mental abilities in the form of exercises like yoga and other tough physical workouts.

People on Weight Watchers expect to lose 2-3 pounds per week.

3. Atkins

Kim Kardashian atkin DietKim Kardashian recently dropped 70-pound weight which she credited to the Atkin diet that helped her during the weight loss phase.

She gained very much of extra weight after the birth of her second child Saint West.

The diet strictly restricts sugar and carbohydrates so the contestant can reduce the weight successfully.

The method is very much effective for faster fat burn and also keep you energized, no craving for carbs with no hunger sensation.

The diet plan has gone too mainstream since Kim has gained a massive fame amongst her fans who follows her when it comes to staying physically fit.

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4. 5-Factor

Megan Fox 5 factor DietSexiest celebrities like Megan Fox has been rumored to follow the 5-factor Diet when she wanted to lose few pounds.

This specific diet plan revolves around the number five.

It includes 5 meals each day that contains five elements which you can prepare in 5 minutes and with five days of exercise per week.

Furthermore, this diet encourages three times meal with two snacks and it also allows one day as a Cheating Day where you can eat anything you want.

This how you will be rewarded for the hard work you did the earlier week.

Famous Singer lady GaGa also used 5-factors Diet plan to reduce weight.

5. Zone

Jennifer Aniston Zone dietSuccessfully followed by the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston the Zone Diet plan has not only helped you to lose the excess amount of weight but it also improves the quality of your life.

Improving quality of life leads to longer life which further improves your physical and mental performance.

This diet plan is believed to slow down the rate of aging in the participants, they can take their diet, which included protein, fruits, vegetables with a strike of healthy fats like avocado, almond etc.

Jennifer Aniston is a live example of this Diet Plan which enhances its credibility.

Which Weight Loss program is best for you?

There is no doubt that Hollywood certainly loves different diet plans which is why so many celebrities have lost pounds of weight by following programs like Dukan, Atkin etc.

Weight loss diet secrets 2017

When it comes to selecting an ideal dietary plan you must know about the physiology of your body. Some of us do not even care what our body needs and they rush for what it wants.

Above mentioned diet plans works for every individual who wants to achieve their weight loss goal in a short period of time.

Celebrities who have tried these diet plans have shared their personal experience where they had to live by certain diet in order to lose weight. 

With only weeks of strict diet and a proper workout plan, one can surely reduce weight just like these celebrities.

The best diet plan to follow in 2018

Year 2018 has proved to be a great year for some celebrities that have amazed their fans with their miraculous body transformation.

Some of them embarked this journey few years ago, whereas some have achieved various milestones within a short period of time.

One thing that is common amongst all their stories is a perfect blend of balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Who doesn’t know the ‘Precious’ from the movie Precious, a role that rose Gabourey to fame overnight?

Gabourey Sidibe Diet Secrets

One of the lesser known facts about her is that she was handpicked by Oprah for the role of Precious from 400 women.

Her performance as sexual abuse victim won her an Oscar Nominee for the very first movie she ever did.

After the success of Precious, Gabourey sought no boundaries and seems unstoppable now.

But recently, Gabourey managed to grab spotlight because of her body transformation. The 33 years old star shed a whopping 50 pounds and left everyone amazed.

With a slimmed down body, Gabourey appears more confident and pleasant. Initially, her fans were happy yet baffled as what has encouraged her for such a serious change.

Gabourey has always been frank in sharing her weight loss journey on multiple counts.

The star believes that the constant bullying and negative criticism provoked her to take this life changing step.

At first she had to go through a laparoscopic bariatric surgery that eased up her journey to some level.

During an interview with Nylon, she revealed how force feeding by her mother, processed food and diabetes made her so obese.

But, in the end, she decided that it was only her who could bring a change.

After losing 50 pounds Gabourey believes she still has to shed more weight and get a body she always dreamt of.

Her post-surgical diet is way too nutritious and balanced. She eats five times a day but meals that are healthy and nutritional only.

She never misses an appointment with her nutritionist and visits her too often.

Gabourey has also shut down her haters by saying her life is a constant struggle and she is trying her best to keep up with everything.

For her, she is onto a journey that she will continue till the end.


Khloe Kardashian started this journey with a goal to remove the tag ‘Fat girl’ from her image.

Khloe Kardashian Diet Secrets

On various counts she told as how it was disheartening to hear this derogatory term, when she actually wasn’t happy either.

Things got worse when she had to deal with her failing marriage and a cheating husband. But gradually she decided to bring a change in herself.

Khloe has always been labeled as the fat one amongst skinny Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

The Keeping Up with Kardashian star started her journey with a mindset to not to bring a change overnight.

She believed that losing weight has to be a gradual but steady process. She strongly endorsed a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and healthy habits.

Khloe has shared her secret to weight loss several times, so that her fans must not go astray while trying to lose weight.

Her secret to weight loss is very simple and straightforward. She picked a routine that is boring yet healthy.

She wakes up early in the morning and do not eat anything before her workout. Her meal size is small and mainly consists of fruits and green vegetables.

The reality TV star has shed nearly 40 pounds and that too in the best healthiest ways.

She has now become an inspiration for all her fans and has taken everyone by surprise with her transformed appearance.

Khloe’s story is unique in its own way, as how she started to take criticism positively and believed on bringing a change through performance.

It is the story of motivation and self-determination.

Khloe wanted to share every step of her journey with her fans to take inspiration and not to lose hope against bullying.

For her, this change is not only physical but emotional too.


The Bridesmaid’s star Melissa McCarthy recently surprised everyone from her slimming body in a panel for Nobodies, her TV show.

Melissa Mccarthy Diet Secrets

She was wearing a patterned suit that was finely highlighting her curves. Without any second thought, she looked absolutely stunning.

The actress has opened up several times about her weight loss journey.

In an interview with Life & Style, the 46 year old star shared her thoughts that triggered her to lose weight.

At first she realized that she over thinks about her size, which has led to problems like anxiety and depression.

So, all at once she stopped procrastinating and getting into some action.

Her stance was to loosening up on few things and not to over think about them. And surprisingly, it worked for her.

Melissa has been questioned several times about her journey which she loves to share with her fans. She has managed to shed almost 75 pounds so far, she told in an interview with Extra.

Her secret to success is nothing but discipline and consistency. She has a very strict routine that seems boring but has shown positive results.

Her day starts at 7.30 in the morning. Her meal portion is very small and consists of vegetables mostly.

Melissa shared that she designed her own rules and sets that she strictly comply with. Everything for her starts from positivity that gives her energy to perform.

It is advisable to shed negative thoughts out of the mind as they add no value. She further added that many celebs pick unrealistic approaches that are very harmful.

In an industry where stars are pressurized to pick crash diets and shed weight overnight, Melissa broke the norms and became an A-list star by adopting a healthy approach towards weight loss.


The Pitch Perfect star, through her stunning transformation proved that she is no longer the show’s ‘Fat Amy’.

Rebel Wilson Diet Secrets

She amazed everyone in her first appearance where she was believed to lose almost 15 pounds and that was just the start.

Rebel’s story might sound different from others, as the beginning of her journey was from a challenging 4 day hiking program.

The trip helped her to shed 8 pounds and that was the time she started to believe in herself.

Rebel was first seen flaunting her slimming body in the wedding of her Pitch Perfect co-stars.

This took everyone by surprise and she was questioned about it on several counts. Rebel has never been reluctant to share her weight loss process with her fans to motivate them.

Once she lost 8 pounds after the hiking program she did not look back. She felt unstoppable.

On various occasions she began to appear with more shed down weight and continues to stun everyone.

Her journey to weight loss is solely dependent on her self-determination and motivation. It has given her self-confidence to achieve anything she wants.

She no longer wants to be known as Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect, and is now working to change her image.

Her diet plan is very simple and mainly consists of healthy food.

Rebel Wilson no longer eats unhealthy processed foods that make her gain weight like crazy.

She takes high protein and low carb meals.

She now believes in living a healthy life with better choices.

For her, the journey is slow but she is content with whatever she has achieved so far. The star credits her protein enriched diet for simplifying this very challenging process for her.

Rebel’s story is different in a way that she started to lose weight after a small hiking experience; a leisure trip that taught her to bring change in herself.


Mama June Shannon, the famous celeb from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo recently took everyone by surprise through her slimmed down body.

Mama June Diet Secrets

After the marriage of her cheating ex-husband, Thompson, she decided to bring a change in herself.

She knew that this journey will not be easy for her. But she was strong-willed and passionate to make a difference.

Her journey started from undergoing a gastric sleeve, which was completely different from conventional gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric sleeve was followed by surgical care and diet that were also challenging and demanding.

On one occasion, Mama June literally fainted because of her strict diet and lifestyle. But this did not discourage her from moving forward.

She embarked onto this journey with determination, which she never lost any moment in her journey.

The 37 year old star has always talked about her routine and lifestyle on multiple counts.

She prefers to take a walk to nearby location with her kids and walked almost 3 miles a day. For her, this is the healthiest way of losing weight.

And this was not the end. She underwent various skin removal surgeries that made her appear fat.

Mama June has always encouraged taking professional help for weight management.

She acknowledges her personal trainer Natasha Fett on multiple counts, who despite of living 3000 miles afar was only one phone call away.

Recently, Mama June seems to be frustrated from this journey.

She believes that she looks like Frankenstein after her latest skin removal surgery. She now seems too frustrated to go any further. But this phase shall pass too for her!