Cellucor Super HD Reviews- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Super HD by Cellucor is developed to provide a boost of energy for better performance at the gym and carrying out intense workout.

Super HD before and after

it produces thermogenic power in the body by burning fats and converting them into energy which can be used to do extensive exercises, stay motivated, have better focus to keep pushing forward, and lose weight with the help of increased metabolism and appetite suppression.

The key compounds used in the formula of Super HD include SlimPro and Green tea to naturally suppress and control appetite and boost metabolism for effective and safe fat-loss.

1. Increased Energy:

Super HD provides extreme energy by raising its levels. Many consumers have reported an increase in energy from the first day of taking the pill.

Most of the consumers reported feeling energized and lively within an hour of taking the morning dose of this product, and felt their tasks were done with much more ease than regular days.

The consumers who took this product for increasing their energy to do better exercises and perform well at gym, had positive results in terms of a boost in energy with a more focused approach.

2. Raised Metabolism:

This product increases the metabolic rate in the body which helps burning body fats and calories, producing energy, improving heart health and blood circulation, and improving overall health of the body.

3. Fat-Loss:

super hd fat burner before and afterOne of the main functions of Super HD is to burn and remove fat from the body, for this it targets all parts of the body that could be storing fat that was consumed from the food.

Particularly it is beneficial because it removes fat from the most difficult parts of the body as well, such as thighs, buttocks, belly, waist, back, and arms.

It starts showing results within two weeks of consumption and massive reduction in fats can be observed in these parts of the body.

With the use of this product, major cuts in fat can easily be noticed with body parts becoming more defined in appearance.

Super HD by Cellucor also helps in detoxifying the body and removing toxins from the body’s system to improve health and wellness.

It also provides the additional benefits of controlling appetite, and having a positive effect on mood because of its nootropic effect.

4. Strengths:

The strengths of Super HD by Cellucor are:

  • Faster boost in energy
  • Suppression of appetite
  • Improved metabolism
  • Combination of good natural ingredients
  • Provides nutrients to body
  • Helps in mental focus and alertness
  • Gives positive mood and motivation

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This product comes in the form of both pills and powder, in delicious fruity flavors such as peach mango, and strawberry lemonade.

Super HD dosage

The pills should be taken twice a day initially: one capsule in the morning with one or two glasses of water, and the second capsule with water in mid-afternoon about five to six hours after the morning dose.

After the tolerance for this dosage is built, one more capsule can be added per day for gaining an additional boost of energy.

The powder is to be mixed in a large glass of water to a ratio of one leveled scoop.

This mixture should be taken in the morning on empty stomach, and the second dose of it should be taken in the mid-afternoon.

If tolerance is developed well, and additional benefits are required from this supplement, one more scoop can be added to the morning drink for faster and more intense results.

This product should be taken for up to 8 weeks and then needs to be discontinued for at least 4 weeks before restarting the next course of dosage.


Cellucor Super HD results for womenCellucor Super HD has thermogenic properties and provides all the benefits associated with thermogenesis, to its consumer.

This supplement, whether in the form of pills or powder, provides a number of benefits including boost in energy and metabolism, fat-loss, and muscle strength.


It is strongly advised to never exceed the maximum dosage of this supplement, which is three capsules in a day or three scoops of powder in water within 24 hours’ period.

It is recommended to start with two capsules and two scoops initially and then build up to three capsules and three scoops after the body builds tolerance for this supplement.

Consult your doctor or health practitioner before using this fat burning supplement of Super HD if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from liver or heart diseases, or have any other medical condition.

Also consult your doctor if you are already taking some medication which may counteract with the contents of this product.

Drink plenty of water when taking this supplement to avoid dehydration.

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Super HD is an effective fat burning supplement that provides a robust of energy to the body, and helps the mind to gain focus and alertness.

Super HD reviews

It is a revolutionary energy booster along with a fat burner with many additional benefits.

The customers who used this supplement, reported of gaining instant energy, some of them noticed and reported an increase in their energy levels within one hour of their first morning dose.

This product triggers the process of thermogenesis which does the dual work of burning down body fats and providing plenty of energy to its consumer.

It also improves the health of the brain and improves concentration and the ability to grasp things quickly and with clarity.

This supplement is also an appetite suppressant, it not only burns the existing fats from the body, but also helps in getting a grip over unhealthy eating habits due to sudden hunger pangs, which helps in thoughtful eating and minimizing the chances of getting fat again.

super hd by cellucor for womenUnlike most of the energy boosting products, Super HD is free from added carbs and sugar. It provides energy to the body through thermogenesis and metabolism arousal.

When taken according to the directions of use, this product can give major benefits of fat loss, boosting energy and metabolism, and improved focus without risking your health due to the good quality of well-researched and clinically tested ingredients used.

The feedback from the users of Super HD have been positive too, and they have reaped greater benefits by using this product along with their trainings and dieting.

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