Chelsea Houska Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Chelsea Houska, 25 year old Teen Mom 2 star welcomed her son “ Watson”  in the crazy squad with hubby Cole DeBoer, a few months ago.

Chelsea Houska before and after weight lossChelsea won the hearts and making the fans through the fantastic shows like a Teen Mom 2, 16 and pregnant. She returns back to the Teen Mom Season with her newly improved look.

While enjoying the sun, Watson is looking cute as ever. Chelsea wrote in the Sweet snap that I love to in a pool and I’m loving it, she had a day of family pool and shared on Instagram with her friends.

The comments are brimful with the  amazing post body of the mother of the two children.

The mother of a  cute girl Aubree Skye, who is turning 8 years old in 2017 and fathered by the Adam Lind.

Houska shared the pictures of having a baby bump with her fans and said I can’t wait to add a little boy into our crazy squad! And she added Cole is also can not wait to have a son and we prepared the couples of clothes for our son.

As she is famous around the world due to present a lesson for the Teenagers and how the parents convey the education to the children’s in the Teen Mom, she is also inspired or motivated the other women’s by her post baby body through uploaded the pictures on the social media.

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Chelsea Houska Wonders the Fans With Shocking Weight Loss Transformation:

The fans are writing in the comments:  Where did you get your suit! You are looking great in this suit

You are looking fabulous than ever. The way Chelsea working on her fitness, it seems like a she is preparing for welcoming the third baby. There is nothing wrong to expand the family, but the need is to be losing some of the pregnancy weight before she is going to be pregnant again.

We had so much fun today at the water park!

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Chelsea replied to her fans on the Twitter how can I have a third baby while I’m holding a three month old Watson in my hands.

Mostly the people’s assumed that her new amazing figure is just because of the Cole DeBoer, it may be true, but the real majesty goes to her strictly determination towards the diet plans and the workouts.

Chelsea Anne Houska posted workout before her wedding as she is professional in maintaining a fitness regiment.

A fan asked the Chelsea on Twitter for how she had lost the weight. How do you restore a better shape after having a baby? Need to share some realistic tips with us.

She replied: It was just all about what I ate daily and the meal plans. OMG! It was not easy as a piece of cake. I lost the 10Ibs as I’m on a diet with low carbohydrates.

The transformation of Chelsea Houska:

After giving the birth to her son, she decided to take care of her health and transformed her body by losing up the weight.

She shed the extra pounds in just a couple of months by following the strict diet plans as well as the workout regimen. The results were outstanding as she restores her old favorite dresses.

chelsea houska transformation

“As a Teen mom, I experience most of the possession that completely changed my life. I learned or understand the values of life and love myself. So after I gave the birth, I decided to work on my health towards the fittest, from flabby to firm because I want to make my child proud of me. I step first for losing the weight as my first goal which further developed the more confidence. I would like to thank the weight loss diet pills  for speed up my metabolism and gotten the results which I always wanted”.

According to the In touch Weekly, she has shared the plans of post pregnancy weight loss regime and the pictures with the nutritional supplements and the workout regimens.

She had also pushed the gym after giving the birth under the supervision of the doctor.

Chelsea Houska Diet Plans:

Chealsea Houska diet plan for weight lossShe had skipped her most favorite junk foods and the beers.

She used the diet pills for boosting up her metabolism and lose up the weight quickly.

Incorporated The Whole30 Diet and the Paleo Diet:

It is very awful to me that I can’t eat a chocolate and never munching on my favorite snacks.

Chelsea Houska tried the different healthy changes to improve the health, But in 2015 she started the Whole30 diet, shared with her fans. The whole30 diet is the combination of whole foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, lean protein and the nuts, it is also includes the coconut, avocados and the coconut oil.

No More Processed Foods And Sugar:

The diet includes the most natural and the full of nutrient food. Chelsea avoids the all processed foods and the foods with brimful sugar. It is not hidden from us that the excess sugar intake can play a role in the weight gain and may cause a dangerous disease like the diabetes.

Chelsea Houska Workout Plans:

Takin it super easy at the gym…but still wanna be a fit mama! ?? glad my dr gave the OK!

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The Workouts:

She hit the gym in the three days of a week on the Cross fit training and Kickboxing. High intensity workouts help Houska to stay in slimmer shape and cut down the extra calories.

Light Workout Regimen During Pregnancy:

We are not sure about the working out of Chelsea during her pregnancy, but it is confirmed that she works a lot in the gym just before her wedding with her friend squads. The exercises performed by the Houska are the Cardio such as the walking, jogging and running.

I’m not sure that she performed the other exercises like treadmill outs, yoga and the Pilates during her Pregnancy, but probably she had the light fitness workout during her workouts.