Chloe Madeley Shares What She Eats to Stay Fit

Chloe Madeley, 28 year old daughter of Richard and Judy, is a personal trainer.

She gained popularity through her website, where she used to post fitness and diet tips.

Chloe Madeley loves chocolate

In a recent interview, Chloe shared her love and passion for training.

Anyone who is following her on social media might know the outcomes of both the elements, when combined.

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Eating healthy food all the time might leave you frustrated and unhappy, she added.

Surprisingly, she is a chocolate friend. Her favorite restaurants are those that serve pizza and pasta creations in their menu. She craves and fantasizes food all day.

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You have to control your cravings:

Chloe shared that the bitter part of training is to curb your cravings.

Chloe Madeley Fitness body workout

You cannot just dive into a bowl of spaghetti or have an Easter egg, she believed.

It’s been three years since she started this fitness phase of her life, and during that she learnt some useful dietary tips and tricks that can help her followers.

What is her secret diet?

1. Nut Butter:

Peanut ButterIt might sound surprising but human body needs a daily dose of fats to stay healthy.

Fatty acids are crucial for women as they help to regulate hormones.

So, you might think buying low-fat food is healthy, but to be specific, this is completely misleading.

Eggs, avocados and nuts are the safest source of gaining essential fats, but some of us expects a little beyond indulgent.

By day end, she always treats herself with a spoonful of nut butter, she added.

It is available in various brands, but some of them are totally amazing and way different from those traditional butter spreads.

2. Dark Chocolate:

dark chocolateFinally, the good news for people with a sweet tooth!

The 28 year old fitness freak is a chocolate lover and she loves to top her porridge with low-sugar, dark chocolate.

The darker your chocolate is, the better it is. As far as it is not flooded with sugar, you are on the safe track!

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3. Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt is a high-protein diet and topping it with some agave syrup makes this boring dairy meal into a delicious dessert.

Just a small combination of two regular items can make you drooling.

4. Protein Powder:

Whey protein scoupe. Well frankly, you do not have to consume any protein shakes to get a dream figure, Chloe said.

She mixes her chocolate protein powder with almond milk and it becomes a milkshake.

She loves to experiment with healthy foods to make them taste better.

She also uses protein powder instead of regular flour to make pancakes.

5. Courgetti:

CourgettiBelieve it or not, shredded courgetti have the same texture as spaghetti.

Chloe believed that this ingredient has changed her life.

Whenever you crave for carb, just grate courgetti and drown them into a bowl of tomato sauce and there you go, healthy and delicious spaghetti at your disposal!

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6. Cauliflower Rice:

Cauliflower RiceIf you are looking a companion for your home made curry or stew, then cauliflower or even broccoli rice will be the best choice for you.

It has a grainy texture but tastes better overall.

Have you ever wondered, all these boring dietary items will sound so delicious and appealing in the end?

But believe it or not, it is true. And this is the secret recipe that made her body so slim and toned.

Chloe has recently launched a £3.99 app that has a 15 minute fat loss workout.

The app claims to shape your body through a 15 minute workout session that needs to be done daily.

Chloe’s app received mix reviews from health and fitness experts. Though, it managed to reach the 3rd position on iTunes charts on the very first day of its release.

After the success of her app, Chloe moved ahead and shared her weight loss recipe so that her fans can feel motivated to eat healthy food as well.

Chloe’s fitness secret is different:

Chloe’s secret to achieve fitness is different yet enchanting.

Learn how to #lift weights and #train properly with my #weights4women app

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She believes in treating yourself with food after a tiresome workout by the end of the day.

There is no way, we can feel motivated or survive an exacting weight loss journey if we do not take meals we like to eat.

Chloe Madeley before and after 2017Many people get frustrated and quit midway because they can’t cope up with consuming the dietary food.

People need to eat delicious and mouth-watering food and not some dried herbs.

Chloe’s promotes healthy diet and a routine workout:

Some latest updates from Chloe’s life (release of app and diet plan) depict that the fitness expert wants to give a complete look of her life to inspire and motivate her fans!

Chloe has set forth the idea to combine your workout with a healthy diet, to look and feel fit!

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