Chloe Madeley Workout- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Chloe Madeley released her own 15 minutes workout and has become a fitness sensation since then.

Chloe Madeley 15 day workout

Her toned figure has become the envy of many people recently, as the 28 year old flaunts her 6 packs and workouts on social media.

But this is not it, as the fitness fanatic has shared her ‘secret sauce’ of getting this ideal figure that will help women to achieve the athletic-type body.

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And fortunately, she has amazed everyone including those who hate exercises.

Off late, she shared her daily workout regimen in a new app, which has been creating a great buzz these days.

Chloe wanted her fans to learn the right sets of exercises that can help them achieve their dream body like her.

The workout routine encompasses weight loss exercises that will hardly take 15 minutes to be performed.

So let’s see what this madness is all about!

What does the 15 minutes workout includes?

The app includes four weight loss exercises, designed by Madeley herself.

Chloe Madeley 15 day workout appThese exercises focus on the upper body parts, mid-section, lower body and eventually the entire body. It is basically, a 15 minutes cardio!

In total, there are four workouts in each circuit, each of which has to be performed for a minute with a one minute break amidst every workout.

After that, you have to start the circuit again, twice more, summing up to 15 minutes.

This 15 minutes Madeley workout claims to be the all-inclusive set of exercises for all those who cannot commit to rigorous and time-consuming fitness routines.

Chloe’s app managed to grab the 3rd position on iTunes chart the very day it released:

The app became immensely popular the day it was released and grabbed the 3rd position on iTunes chart.

People have showed a positive response towards this workout and the reviews seem unstoppable since then.

However, with time, we can say the £3.99 app received mix responses from the critics.

Some rated it to be useless whereas others tagged it as ‘helpful’ and ‘miraculous’.

In 2013, she launched her website, where she posted tips regarding fitness and diets.

She later expanded and launched her own 15 minute £3.99 app that is a must-have item if you do not want to get burnout from rigorous exercises.

What is Chloe’s major aim to launch an app of her own?

Chloe shared that she is not in favor of doing exercises and unfortunately people think of her as a gym bunny.

Chloe Madeley before and after

Just because she is thin, getting such response is completely normal.

She further added that she once spent £40 on an electronic device that helps to build abs through muscle stimulation.

However, she feels too lazy to use that too!

And that triggered her to keep her exercise routine as short as possible.

In fact, this was her major intention of launching an app; to stay fit by dedicating a small portion of our time every day.

Well, that is something really innovative plus creative!

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Emily Hodgkin, an exercise-phobic, decided to give this work out a try:

Emily Hodgkin has a ‘phobia of trainings’ or let’s says, she actually hates to exercise.

But since this workout doesn’t demand extensive hours of exercises, she has decided to give it a try.

Chloe Madeley appEmily shared that she was always eager to try out exercises that provide fabulous results but with minimum efforts.

However, deep down inside, she knows that this won’t work, and even if it works, she won’t be able to get the results as she might have to quit it in the midway.

But as Chloe implicitly ensures that the 15 minute workout will provide timely results, she is ready to try this out for sure.

Emily Hodgkin is the daughter of famous TV presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan, mostly famous for her Instagram pictures and her relation with James Haskell, an English Rugby player.

What experts have to say about this?

Since the time of its launch, experts have started to give their verdict and they seem never ending.

The award winning fitness expert Carly Tierney tagged this app to be ‘unrealistic’.

She wrote that it is completely impossible to achieve a figure like Chloe in just 15 minutes.

It is better to do some exercise daily rather than doing no exercise at all, but in real, getting a good body demand time and a lot of effort.

So definitely, Chloe’s 15 minute workout is completely misleading, as it is not the true representative of Chloe’s actual workout schedule.

She further added that short and intense workouts have a place in weekly routine, but getting a perfect body through it, is completely irrational on part of Chloe.

After hearing the expert’s verdict, let’s wait and see what her followers add to the review!

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