Chris Hemsworth Steroids- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Did Chris Hemsworth take steroids for the Thor or he was genetically freak as gained muscles naturally without having any kind of drug.

Chris Hemsworth workout for Thor

Did he take steroids to bulk up muscles for his role of Asgardian God!

Mostly the people consensus in Yes, because he is jacked.

Looking someone with a bigger size or large muscles is generally indicated that he is getting to be on steroids or whether he is coming up with genetics supreme.

Everyone has  the variety of body mechanism and have a different limits for building a muscle .The guy who lifted a weight for up to 20 years has genetically gifted .

Bodybuilding is not only about the workouts and diet plans, a sport in which hard work is the first goal which can allow to boost your genetic potential.

  1. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth have the amazing physique out of all the actor’s of 2012 in The Avengers .
  2. Chris Hemsworth grew up with a sports and fitness as he played  Aussie rules football. He is always been with his strong physical appearance in the role of movies like Star Trek and Cabin In The Woods
  3. He has loaded with his superman strength, speed and durability aside from his endurance in the Thor, Norse God of thunder as hero of Marvel Comics.

Chris Hemsworth gained too much muscle to let his costume fit (A hidden secret behind his transformation). He crushed his all workouts to look like a Thor.

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If you want a body look likes Chris Hemsworth, than you need to put yourself into hard work ,build up the muscles instead of cutting down. It is much easy to gain a large amount of muscle once you become leaner.

Chris focused on two regimes. The first was focused into a height and weight,low rep moves are designed for pack up on maximum size.

The second is circuits that were designed for reducing excess fat from the body while maintaining a muscle.


  • Height = 6’3
  • Weight =  195-210
  • Body fat = 10-12%

How did Chris Hemworth look Before Thor?

Chris gained a muscle of 20Ib for the preparation of Thor in 2011. The guys who use steroids are easily detectable by his body composition on the first start of lifting weight.

Did Chris Hemsworth Take Stetroids

Those who are suddenly blown up with a huge mass of muscles are probably taking on steroids.

Let’s take a closer look of Chris Hemsworth in his last movie of Ca$H . The time difference from his movie of Ca$h to Thorn is about 1 year ,He looked more muscular already and not as jacked or taking steroids for Thor.

It is possible to gained 20Ib of muscles in one year naturally. The steroids user can gain 30-50Ibs in first 3 months.

The Chris Hemsworth transformation is incredible and much more interesting for all his viewers and fans because he work overwhelmed for a role in Thor.

  1. Workout for 100 days and pristine diet can lead to Chris amazing transformation.
  2. Here is some secret about Chris Hemsworth post training.

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Chris hemworth workout plans:

I worked for six years, first of five I had never seen any improvement. I worked out 3 times a week that helps me to gained in a year.

  1. Monday : Upper Body (Push Focus) , Biceps, Legs And Back.
  2. Tuesday: Lower Body (Quad Focus),Triceps, Chest, Shoulders
  3. Wednesday: Upper Body ( Pull Focus) , Biceps, Legs
  4. Thursday: Off
  5.  Friday: Off
  6.  Saturaday: Legs And Back, Biceps
  7. Sunday : Chest/Shoulders ,Triceps

He has a thick or bulky look but not bloated like steroid users. His overall body looks husky with amazing physique.

He has almost 10-12% of body fat . Excellent shoulder as compare to waist proportion like shoulders are approximately 1.61 times bigger than a waist. His arm are noticeable due to his genetic ability as well as because of the intense training.

Chris Hemsworth diet plans:

Eat enough amount of calories in which brown rice, a piece of meat and a veggies diet.

He said that, Eating foods when you are not hungry is draining. I have experienced the same thing last year when I put on 20 pounds ,that was the most exhausted for me which I had ever done.

You must to eat 5 times a day until or unless you want to die.

Assumption : He is natty

He has not underwent a transformation like doubled in the size. Chris naturally grows his muscles by lifting of weight . In reality his body is God gifted.

We are not observed the signs of symptoms in his body like flushed or pink skin, balloon like arms and a thinner skin or hair.