Chris Jones Steroids: The SHOCKING Truth Exposed Inside! [2020]

Chris Jones is one of the most popular in having  a physique of greatness or genetically supreme. He is popular in the social media such as YouTube and Facebook.

chris jone physiques

A man of the Physiques of greatness has a lot of fans with 740k subscribers (YouTube) and 408k followers on Facebook.

Most of the people are following his diet routines and workout to get the body like Chris Jones.

Although he has competed in many bodybuilding shows,the guys who are taking a steroid, avoid these such types of topic related to steroids like Matt Ogus and Kali Muscle, whereas Chris Jones opener came in the video on YouTube that he is 100% natural.

Chris Jone workoutJust imagine if you are working in a gym for a long time and you are natural and people started rebuking every day, blaming you of taking steroids.

How would you feel?

Chris ”Beastmode” Jones, amazing physique that can be achieve through a hard work and healthy nutrition.

There are many peoples that have the arguments on different sides, whereas the person is a natural or on the steroid is a never ending debate.

Some of them are believing in that, the steroids with right dosages is perfectly safe to achieve amazing or natural body.

Chris Jone is one of the guy who is also stuck in a debate whether his body is natural?

IFBB testing programs are less strict and most of the people passed in the test.

Chris Jone And Carrier: Chris has run Pump chasers (clothing line). He provides training on his official website. He also runs a business of supplements.

Stats of Chris Jones’:
  • Body height= 5ft’7
  • Body weight= 177-200Ibs (81kg)
  • Amount of fat = 5-8%

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How Chris Jone transformed his body:

Many monsters or the gym rat in the bodybuilding talk about the Chris transformation. The reasons behind the rebuke is he has built a significant amount of muscles.

Chris jone trainingHe has gained 10Ibs of muscles and lost 30Ibs of fat,but not at the same time.

Usually Black men have the superior genetics,when we talk about the building of muscles.

Naturally, black men’s have a higher level testosterone as compared to the Asian men.

This shows that they are naturally gifted, not only the Chris Jone but also CT, Fletcher, Donte Franklin and Simeon Panda.

Chris Jones routines include in the pumping of exercises and vanity movements.

Similar type of workouts tends to produce a similar result as compared to the solid foundation exercises.

Time period of Chris Jone progress:

To look at someone gain time line is the easiest way to find out that he is joking or not.

Chris jone transformation photo

If someone gains a lot of muscles during the 5 years and lost suddenly after building, sounds something wrong.

Even though, the use of steroids can help you gain fast and rapidly . The slow in growth of muscles and work for a long time with heavy weight is the sign of natural bodybuilder.

In 2009, he started lifting of weights and got amazing shape.  He said that he gained approximately 40Ibs by putting him into a work 

It is impossible to gain a 40Ibs of muscles within a year, It seems like he is definitely on the steroids.

Over a year, he increased some fat in the body.

After he lost the excess fat, then he bulks up with 17Ibs of lean muscle. Hence, this is possible for all the natty bodybuilders.

Has Chris Jones been a pure natural or having on steroids?

From looking at his body, we did not find any symptoms or a sign of steroid use.

Did he take steroids ?

Chris Jones has not a dry look. His body is fully smooth. He does not have a photoshop look and 3D look like a Bradley Martyn and Chul soon.

Chris jone and lobliner showing muscles

Henry Cavill is one of the best examples for all the natty and for all those who thinks that we cannot achieve without the use of steroids.

Although, we cannot justify on the basis of appearance that he is on the steroid or natural because most of gym rats look natural ,while still taking  a steroids like Dianabol and testosterone.

He has negative in all these signs, mention below:

For Example,

  1. Gynecomastia (Negative)
  2. Increased vascularity (Negative)
  3. Rapid transformation (Negative)
  4. Dry appearance (Negative)
  5. Balloon like arms (Negative)
  6. Steroid gut (Negative)
  7. Acne or stretch mark (Negative)

Gynecomastia is one of the side effect of steroid in which the male breast size is increased.

Due to the use of steroid, you can observe a thinning of the skin that promotes vascularity.

The over use of steroid can give your body a Photoshop, overly growth of muscles like a balloon.

Assumption: (Natural)

On the basis of signs, He had not used any steroid. His transformation is genetically supreme and he gains muscle and burn up the fat from many years.

Chris Jones Natty or Not?

This is the reason of his amazing transformation.