Christina Aguilera Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Christina Aguilera lost 47Ib of Post baby weight in just only two months after giving birth to her daughter Summer Rain.

Christina Aguilera, 34 year old star make wow to her fans by showing off her healthier and sexy look on 18 sept at The tonight show with Jay Leno.

Christina Aguilera movies - Back To Basics

The pop singer made emotional to the world through “Genie In a Bottle”, gained more than a 60 pounds of weight in 2012 within a 7 months of duration.

She has been fluctuating in weight over the years from skinny to curvy.

Through her stunning or shocking transformation, she catches the eye of all dieters and inspires others to lose up the weight.

The article is addressed with how she managed to lose the extra diet… See her exact diet plans.

Statistics Of Christina Aguilera:

  • Height of the body:  5’1’’ / 156cm
  • Weight of the body: 50 in kilograms, 110Ibs in pounds

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Christina First Started The Album “Back To Basics” (2007):

Christina gathered the attention and becomes more popular in 2007 through the release of the album “Back to Basics”, which was worked since 2006.

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Even with the extra weight, she is extremely attractive with blond hair and captured the audience attention within a few seconds after entering into the stage.

Christina first baby and weight gain (2008):

Christina becomes a mom to her first baby in January 2008.

Being a mom, she was suffering from many challenges in the weight loss goal, but Christina did not disturb of extra weight even she was happier for welcoming her first kid in the world.

Christina Husband’s posted on Twitter after welcoming her first child “ The mom is resting at this time and back to continue work on the next studio album very soon.

Celebrity Trainer “ Tee Sorge” For The Burlesque With Cher (2009):

In 2009, She lost the extra pounds with the help of a celebrity trainer to getting in shape for Burlesque.

She has done it with a low carbohydrate diet and exercises. She said when I feel I’m getting stronger day by day so I become motivated to prefer half of the time in a gym.

2010 Was The Most Unluckiest Year For The Pop Singer:

christina aguilera diet plan for weight lossChristina had breakup in a month of October 2018 as she divorced from Jonathan Bratman.

The divorce, flop of Burlesque are the most top reason of her weight gain about 40Ibs in pounds and 18kg in Kilograms.

This allows the criticism to speak.

Christina friend’s mentioned that she did not limit from the pizza and the junk food in this year.

2011-2012 is the years of some special changes:

Aguilera contributes to more weight gain this year due to the stress from the coach to limiting in calories.

This year, she is more embraced from her excess body weight and wanted to change something.

She switched into the “Fresh diet program” in which you should eat 1600 calories per day.

Some changes:

  • Cut down the alcohol and dairy products.
  • Eliminate the sugar containing diets.
  • Avoided to go her favorite Restaurant.
  • She worked regularly in the gym

She spent walking on the treadmill for 10-20 minutes as hits the treadmills and lifted the weights.

She is extremely addicted to workouts for daily and at least 5 times in a week.

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2013 Is The Year Of Fresh Diets And Yoga (Return To The Voice): 

In 2013, she achieved the weight loss results by dropping 22 Kilos in a one year.

christina aguilera weight 2017

She realized that stress is not good for my health and weight too. Along with Fresh diet plans, she started Yoga that helps her to reduce stress and focus on mind, soul and body.

She also added some weight loss supplements in her diet, most likely the supplement is Garcinia Cambogia.

Birth Of Summer Rain (2014):

christina aguilera before and after weight loss photos 2017Christina was happy for birth of second child in the year of 2014.

During her pregnancy of second child, she hired a trainer “an army nutritionist” that instructed and monitored her weight.

Christina Aguilera Breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner:

The breakfast includes in the avocado, turkey bacon and combination of healthy proteins and fats.

The snack is listed with Celery and an almond butter.

Christina took a chicken breast, and vegetable salad with no cream or cheese dressings for lunch.

She loves to eat fish curry, some chicken with one glass of wine at the dinner.

The Fitness Years (2015-2017):

The years of wearing a tight and trendy outfits which are the best sign of fitness.

She improves her appearance as a sporty look and works hard in the singing.

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