Christopher Tripp – Bodybuilder And The Personal Trainer

He is a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer from the Ohio, USA.

Christopher recently working toward his IFBB pro card in the year 2017.

He also guides the clients as a personal trainer through his journey of fitness.

Christopher Tripp Profession – The Great Competitive Bodybuilder

Christopher is doing a job of personal trainer recently.

He also has experience in the modeling, acting and as the contract accountant.

Christopher And Gym:

I train daily and there are very few chances for off a day because I love the cathartic effect of working out in the gym.

I see the gym as a place where he can escape from the everyday stress.

Injury Due To Weightlifting:

He got the injury result in the heavy weight lifting.

The injury took the seven years of time to recover and overcome the chronic issues of health

He just fully dedicated his life to the gym lifestyle.

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The Biggest Accomplishments:

2017Arnold Classic Amateur8thD
2016North American Championship5thIFFBD
2015Natural Northern USA Championships1stNPCALL
2015Ohio State Championships6thNPCD
2015North East Ohio Natural Bodybuilding1stNGAD
2015Steel Valley Classic Natural Bodybuilding3rdNGAD

Christopher Tripp Thoughts:

Where You Got The Source Of Inspiration?

Every day, my improved version inspires me towards the consistent or the limitless efforts.

I got the hard work and dedication by my first hero “father” (Superman).

My inner wills and the greatness encourage myself to explode out the power.

Seeing the upgrade level of improvements day by day from competition to competition allows me to do a hard work and get ready for the defined physique.

What Is Your Favorite Part of Exercise In The Gym?

My favorite exercise is Lat Pull down because it has the ability to build up the back.

There are many guys which concentrate just on the muscle groups and feel good when they are standing in front of the mirror.

They all are forgetting about the largest muscle, which can add the depth and provides better shape to the overall physique.

What Is The Number One Bodybuilding And Fitness Tip Of Christopher Tripp?

Christopher said that – “My number one tip of the bodybuilding is that first you make sure that you perform the movements of weight lifting and techniques properly.”

Christopher Tripp Crazy Bulk Bodybuilder

I feel that there is need of guide proper and correct way to perform the exercise.

I preach to all my clients and fans that an inch movement can make a huge difference in targeting the different parts of the body.

If you want to grow naturally and want to get the effective result, so first thing is that you should learn the proper technique of hitting the exercises by leaving your ego.

Christopher main goal for the future:

My ultimate goal is to compete at the professional level and make my name in the history of the fitness world.

My aim is to push myself towards the maximum limitations and the comfort zone

Christopher Workout Training:

Christopher daily workout always begins the few minutes of warm-up exercises for stimulating the pumping of blood and prepare the body to performing the more workouts.

The exercises include the speed bag, jumping rope, elliptical and the battle.

After the warm up I stick with the 3 or 5 exercises focus on the different part of a body.

I usually target the two body parts in one exercise. I perform the three sets of each exercise.

My workout consists of total four days in which the first day target the chest and triceps, second day for back and biceps, third day for the shoulders or calves and legs or Abs for the fourth day.

I end my workouts by the 10-40 minutes of cardio training and 5 to 10 minutes of the high intensity interval training (HITT).

Christopher Diet Plans:

The Christopher diet fluctuates according to the goal.

christopher tripp diet planThe diet depends on the bulking goal and the cutting goal.

Bulking Stage:

When there is a time of bulking, I never restrict to a strict diet and the clean diet.

At that time, my all concentration on target macros.

I also enjoyed myself with a burger and pizza slice treat.

This strategy allows Christopher to fresh the mind for the competitive shows.

Cutting Stage:

Whenever there is a season for cutting, so I make my diet plan which consists of 4 to 6 meals that has the ability to cover the amount of daily calorie intake as well as target the macro.

What Is The Christopher Tripp Recommendation About The Crazybulk Supplement:

As a personal trainer and the bodybuilder, he recommends the three supplements which are effective in result.

1. NO2 max:

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“I get great pumps and vascularity from the product during my workouts!”

2. HGH-X2

Crazy Bulk HGH X2 ReviewThe supplement has an ability to provide the effects like a growth hormone without causing any side effect.

It helps me to stay lean during the bulking stage, in which the HGH-X2 burn up more fat while maintaining the quality of lean muscle mass.

“It helps me to stay leaner during my bulking stages.”

3. D-BAL:

Crazy Bulk D-bal ReviewI believe in n D-Bal more because it is loaded with the all essential building blocks that can help me to bulking maximum and recover faster in a short period of time.

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