Chul Soon Steroids- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

The full name is Chul Soon Hwang. He is one of the heroes of the modern day in the bodybuilding competitions.

He is well known with the name of “Korean Hulk” and “Asian Arnold”.

Chul Soon Steroids- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Chul soon has developed the fame and reputation through his incredible physique.

34-year-older is a professional Korean bodybuilder and the “Natural” Pro Champion in the Musclemania Universe 2016.

Chul Soon got the reputation similar to Bolo Yeung, who is a famous Asian superstar.

Achievements:  He won the competition in the Musclemania competition in the year 2015 and 2016 and got the achievements.

His look is unique, the belly is full of muscles and shows 3D effect.

Chul physique actually looks like Photoshopped.

He has worked with many celebrities personal trainer and fitness models.

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Chul Soon Surrounded By Steroids Allegations

Some of the people think that he had gained too fast in a short period of time due to genetic freak.

Some of individual’s are criticizing him and don’t believe his look in the real, but later on, they release his video are real after looking at the real.

While Chul said it is the result of diet and hard working.

He claimed as natural on his website where he gives a statement and done many conversations.

In this article, we have collected many proofs that can help you to distinguish between the natural or roid user.

We are going to judge whether he is completely natural or roid user through assumptions and physical evidence.

What do you think “steroids or natural”?

Because his physique is greatest on the planet.

Chul Soon Statistics:

  • Weight of the body: 215-225lbs (93.0-102.1kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’10’’ (177.5cm)

According to Nattyornot, this size with respect to height is not possible naturally.

The limited range for natural one is 170lbs and he is 55lbs bigger than a natural

Physical Evidence

If we are going to judge him physically, so in the very first his looks show that he is on the steroid.

The muscle is more likely to show the 3D-effects.

Secondly, he looks too huge or bigger.

Whenever you see huge like Beast and Hulk, simultaneously the word “steroid” comes in your mind.

Let’s move on the real report.

In order to make the real judgment, I always remain open mind to find out the natural one.

1. 3D Shoulders:

chul soon bodybuilder Look at his shoulders.

The 3D effect or Photoshopped looks create that he has done a lot of steroid practice for the shoulders.

His shoulders appearance has some similarity to Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman.

We do not say that bigger muscle is not possible by natural bodybuilders.

It is possible to maximize the muscle size, but 3D looking delts are experienced in very rare cases.

This condition is very rare in the natural bodybuilders whereas common in the roid bodybuilders.

The particular and most common reason is that there are a high number of androgen receptors are found in the delts and respond very first when incorporate the first dose of steroid.

2. Changes In The Face Structure:

If you are noticing the Chul Soon face, so you can experience that his face has changed over the years.

Chul soon skull and overall facial features are changed.

He got bigger his size of the skull within few months.

Usually, the anabolic steroids are not promoting the growth, but it is possible through the Human Growth Hormone.

The synthetic growth hormone plays a role to increase the size of the skull and enlarged the size of the stomach

It is usually swollen up the individual body and make the specific part of the bloated body.

The Gains Timeline

Observing the gains timeline can actually help you to know about the situation.

The natural one required several years for gaining whereas the steroid user easily bulk up within a short period of time.

Chul Soon Steroids before and after

In the year 2008, his shape is great on the stage.

After 2 years, in 2010 and 2011, he remains his size similar but defined the shape more.

Around 4 years, he suddenly huge or bigger in size.

It seems that he had gained around 40-50lbs of muscle with some water retention.

This is typical for the natural one to gain maximum within a short period of time

Musclemania Drug Test:

The testing of drugs is a great way to distinguish between the natural and steroid user.

The drug testing by Musclemania is well regulated and they have good criteria, but these tests can easily be beat.

According to Musclemania website, top 5 bodybuilders should perform the urine test prior to competing on the stage.

Those participants who are tested positive for steroids in their system are disqualified and banned from the competition for around 2 years.

So, the test can be cheated once you know the date of testing and stop taking the anabolic steroid prior to competition.

What Is The Wondering Point?

He has too much mass and bigger in the size.

Together with these properties, he can do the Robot dance.

Whereas, it’s very well known that the steroid users have difficulty in moving, especially when perform the dance.

The dance is really impressive and you can watch the videos

Chul’s Diet And Workout

The diet plan and workout routine of Chul Soon has changed over the years.

Chul Soon Steroids- Benefits, Side Effects, and DosageHe gives the highest and first priority to Abs training.

He spent a lot of time in the gym to build up a classic and old school like physique.

Chul Soon said that Bench Press, Pull-Ups, deadlifts, and squat are those exercises that help you to develop an impressive physique.

Isolation Movements:

His training is also included with isolation movements such as the cable fly, wide-grip Lat pull downs, and rear dumbbell fly to boost up the strength, made balances and defined the shape.

The diet is based on a high proportion of protein, an average range of carbohydrates, healthy fats.

The carbohydrate foods are mainly utilized in the morning with breakfast, while protein and fat foods are consumed throughout the day particularly before going to the body

The most common foods in the diet are chicken, brown rice, avocados, bananas and protein shakes

He eats every diet with the gap of three hours. Each meal weighing around half of the pound

Chul Soon Steroids

It seems like that he has used the steroids, testosterone and Human Growth Hormone.

The HGH is more particularly used to gain the mass, getting ripped, bigger size and maintain the overall gain.

Testosterone helps to build up the muscle and increase the strength and performance.

The anabolic steroids are Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, and Anadrol.

These steroids are used for maximizing the size and bulking purposes.

Moreover, he also stacked the bulking steroids with cutting steroids.

The well-known cutting steroids are Winstrol And Clenbutrol.


There is no any proof that he has actually done steroid practice because he never failed any one of the drug tests by different organizations.

Chul Soon Steroids

If we highlight the evidence that we discussed above like rapid transformation, increase delts and change the structure of the face.

You can also observed the signs of steroid use in his bod such as the wider traps, bigger deltoid, increased vascularity, dark color of skin and gynecomastia.

We don’t know the actual situation, it seems like that, he probably takes some help from the steroids.