Chumlee Weight Loss: Shocking Truth + Pics Revealed [2020]

The famous reality series Pawn Stars might not have fetched this level of attention for Austin Russell than his own, successful weight loss voyage.


Well, we better know Russell as his stage name Chumlee.

Chumlee Weight Loss

The multi-talented, 35 years old has explored many facets of the industry like acting and reality series, however, what took his popularity to a whole new level was his transformation from bulgy to healthy.

Chumlee, who now is a role model for people with obesity, has indeed, come really far.

The man, who once weighed 320 lbs, looks completely unrecognizable today after shaking off more than 100 lbs from his 5.5” frame.

Now that’s an achievement par excellence.

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Age:35 years.
Weight before transformation:320lbs.
Weight loss:100lbs.

What Motivated Chumlee to Shape Up?

Chumlee slipped into our hearts when he appeared on the reality series, Pawn stars.

Chumlee Weight Loss: Shocking Truth + Pics Revealed [2020]His witless tricks and bizarre deals were good enough to entertain the audience, who fell deep in love with the over-sized Chumlee, unconditionally.

However, as soon as Chumlee weight loss stories started to surface, his followings on his social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram jumped to a considerable level.

The reality star started from 320lbs, going all the way down to impressive 220lbs.

When asked pertaining to the reason that provoked him for such a serious change, Austin revealed his turning point quite explicitly.

According to him, he has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, which was, much of a wakeup call for him.

In addition to this, his father died of pancreatic cancer, which too, was an alarm for him.

All these ordeals made him give a serious thought to his lifestyle, and more importantly, his health.

Even though, Chumlee weight has experienced a downward shift, yet, his struggles against his unhealthy weight are not over yet.

Shedding 100lbs is indeed, a milestone achieved for the beau of Tanya Hyjazi, but his next target is to shed 50 further lbs!

Only by this, he will be able to get closer to a healthy figure.


1. Chumlee diet

As stated earlier, his focus was towards the improvement of his lifestyle, as an attempt to cause that needed budge on the scale.

Chumlee of ‘Pawn Stars’ pursues weight loss through surgery

For that, he wanted to restore his nutritional sanity first.

The star never aimed to starve or deprive his body from food, his strategy was simple. To eat healthy and generate healthy weight cutting, as well as weight management effects through it.

So, he purged off foods that could have troubled his progress like baked, frozen, junk foods entirely.

In addition to excluding all the unnecessary items from his diet, Russell went on to follow Paleo diet.

The diet pattern, as most of know, is rich in protein and deficient in carbs. To say less, it pays heavy emphasis on vegetables and meat while discourages refined carbs.

An important bit worth adding about Chumlee diet is that he welcomes his mornings by taking a glass full of green smoothie.

Well, what a nutritious start of the day!

2. Chumlee workout

To make his diet more fruit bearing, he decided to mix it with a well-structured, wisely- designed workout.

Chumlee workout

Chumlee workout is based on moves that are highly proven in eliminating all the fat storage and turning the body into a fat burning machine.

The crux of his workout is cardio training that has significantly helped Chumlee shrink his large stature.

No wonder, these intense and sweat drenching exercises require patience, but all thanks to his determination, the reality star has finally changed his fate for better!


Nobody ever wondered or expected the funny, lazy Chumlee to get this serious for himself one day.

Chumlee weightHe has done what most of us can only think of. The level of willpower and perseverance he depicted through his efforts is truly exemplary.

Chumlee, who was once overweight and baggy, looks very much in shape now.

His transformation has added to his sex appeal and more importantly, to his confidence.

As of today, he proudly showcases a noticeably leaner physique everywhere.

Check out Chumlee before and after photos and question yourself, if a celebrity like him can make it to a healthy physique, why can’t I?