Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a naturally occurring substance extracted mainly from cocoa beans, leaves of different tea and kola nuts.

drinking coffee for weight loss

This substance has been there for centuries and used for both medicinal and drinking purpose.

In the first world countries, coffee has become an addiction, which even gives millions of turnover to many giant firms especially Starbucks.

The amount of caffeine is measured in mg.

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Coffee and Weight Loss – Does It Really Help You Lose Weight?

This is one of the debate topics whether coffee can have weight loss effects or not.

So many weight loss products add caffeine in their formulation because of various reasons. Coffee actually contains caffeine, which is basically a psychoactive substance.

A psychoactive substance induces mental alertness and also work as a CNS stimulant.

Apart from this caffeine is used in many health conditions mainly related to the brain. When it comes to weight loss caffeine can be beneficial in different ways.

1. Coffee/Caffeine boost up the Metabolism

Our metabolic rate is the key to an effective weight loss. Higher your metabolic rate faster will be weight loss.

Normal metabolism also allows a person to burn some calories, which is in very minute quantity.

Caffeine boost up the MetabolismAccording to many types of research on caffeine, it accelerates your metabolic rate about 4-11% which is on a normal dose.

A Higher dose can have big effects but also some side effects which you should totally neglect.

The fats in our body move burns or eradicated as a result of metabolism boost.

Normally fat people have a slow metabolism which is their body’s tendency to digest and absorb the food is weaker.

Caffeine gets absorbed from the gut or intestine where they are transported to the brain receptors and there it causes a rise in metabolic rate.

This effect is less marked in obese people. The effect of caffeine also depends on the age of a person, the fat burning process in slim people is high as 29% while 10% of people come under obese category.

For an athletic performance, caffeine is the best choice, on a normal dose, it increases your performance level about 12% which is quite remarkable.

2. Caffeine mobilize fat from Fat tissues

There are several mechanisms by which caffeine exerts its action of weight loss.

coffee burn fatOne of the effects is mobilizing the fats from fat tissues when taken caffeine stimulates the nervous system along with some of the potential hormones such as adrenaline.

Adrenaline is a high performing hormone which gets increased in our blood after a caffeine dose.

When in the blood, adrenaline sends the signals to fatty tissues to break down the fats and release them into the bloodstream.

The fat is then excreted through different ways afterward. The fats which are released in the blood is available as a free fatty acid form which is used as an energy source by our body.

3. Weight loss and Coffee for a long-run

Usually, people get tolerant to the effect of caffeine which is then turned into a warning not to use it for a period of time.

coffee for weight lossWhen it comes to short-term treatment, caffeine works on almost everyone in fasten up the metabolic rate and faster fat burn, but it stops working when a person becomes resistant to its effects.

As a long term if a person uses coffee for a weight loss it might work as an appetite suppressant by which he can eat less.

Coffee cannot be used for weight loss as a long-term if you concern many studies.

Needless to say, it is an excellent brain stimulant which doubles your focus and mental alertness.

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More facts about caffeine

Apart from inducing an effective weight loss and marked an increase in physical and mental performance, caffeine possesses some vital effects in different health conditions.

Green coffee beans with leaf

1. Parkinson’s disease

In a study conducted in the US in which about 300,000 men and women participated.

Those people who consumed about 600 mg of caffeine per day were 30% less likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Caffeine protects the nerve cells which release neurotransmitter like dopamine, which is compromised in Parkinson patients.

2. Alzheimer’s disease

Caffeine work against impaired memory which later diagnosed as dementia or Alzheimer disease in many individuals.

The study was conducted on mice where it was elucidated that consumption of coffee each day can eradicate the chances of memory loss. Also, it significantly lowers the amount of a bad protein called “Beta-Amyloid” which later in life gives rise to many serious health conditions.

3. Combat Drowsiness

Coffee consumption can lead to having better cognitive and motor skills which in cases defined as fast acting.

The person becomes active in everything including, speaking, writing and getting their tasks done.

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Final Summary

As you can see the long term use of coffee can cause tolerance in individuals which is why it cannot be taken perpetually.

Coffee for Weight Loss

The effects of caffeine in weight loss and fat burn are remarkable, though, for the best weight loss therapy the use of caffeine should be in cycles i.e. 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.

Coffee has become the drink, which people enjoy and consume in excess these days.

The antioxidants in coffee make you sharp and motivated in your workplace which is the main reason why people have it.

But of course for a weight loss consumption of coffee along with some workout and making changes in your diet plan will be a wiser choice.