Cris Cyborg Steroids- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

We all know that Cris Cyborg is a unique fighter as a woman.

The reason she has an amazing evolution that cannot be compared to the rest of MMA competitors.

Cris ‘Cyborg’ doping violation explains ‘strange’ rejection of fights

The increased power and stamina surprise the people.

You can never find any woman like Cris Cyborg with the same power or strength in the whole sports.

Cris Cyborg incredible potential and techniques help her to fight very well.

Fight with Cris means defeat and strong pain

Most of the people are scared that how she won every fight.

Cris muscles are all natural and due to the just only one drug test, the overall reputation is down.

The situation is really turning into the scandal when the drug is changed to another.

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Cris Cyborg Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 5’8’’ (172cm)
  • Weight of the body: 145lbs (65kg)
  • Age: 32

There are a lot of MMA fans felt strange when UFC announced that the first fight as featherweight title will take place between Germaine De Randime and Holly Holm.

It could historically because this fight does not include the world famous fighter with respect to weight.

Most of the people have a question in their mind “why not Cris Cyborg”?

UFC Responded To Questions

The answer to this question was given by the UFC on Thursday that Cris Cyborg Justino had involved in a potential drug violation.

She has tested drugs positive in out of the competition before a month of December.

Dana White, who is a current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has explained that Cris made some strange decisions that contribute to turning down the opportunities for featherweight fights.

According To TMZ sports, when there was featherweight division sets up happening, so he offered three fights to Cyborg and result she turned off all the fight.

32-years-old fights from the Huntington, California, United States has tested positive for those compounds which are banned from USADA, an Anti-doping agency which monitored drug testing for the UFC.

I offered three fights around 145 pounds, she had almost eight weeks of preparation for the first fight, 11 weeks of preparation for the second diet, and she just turns down all of the three fightings.

Justino Replied The Doping Violations:

In a statement, Justino Cris mentioned that her recent report included a banned substance “Spironolactone”.

Cris 'Cyborg' Justino Wont Be Punished By USADA For Using Prohibited DrugShe said: It is a diuretic compound and a part of the therapeutic treatment was prescribed by a doctor that is started in a month of September and continue for the rest of 90 days.

I was given a medical advice by a doctor that you don’t have to participate in the competition, style, training, and entire weight cutting practices because of the recovery.

This is a reason that I have declined the UFC fight that was conducted on the Feb.11th 2016 for the first 145lbs belt.

I am proud to be a member of USADA and the first fighter to complete 1 year of testing under USADA programs before competing in UFC competition.

I have tested for 14 times since participating in the program and never had any flagged.

USADA should allow athletes to perform who used the banned substances for medical purpose.

This time Justino Cris apparently failed to do in this case because she had done it for the second time.

Justino tested positive for a second time

According to TMZ sports white said that I don’t know whether she can back from this and we have seen how things are playing

Justino wrote in a statement:

I’m sorry to all of my fans who are disappointed with this news but, you all have sure about this that the drug that I used is not for enhancing the performance, but it is used for specific treatment so you can feel confident that I’m a clean athlete.

She added: Her therapeutic treatment is necessary for recovery and able to compete at 140 pounds.

I hope so, my experiences will bring you to know about the dangers of extreme weight cutting.

Later on, Justino is not able to compete because the steroids made her too heavy.

While Cris Cyborg has written in a series of tweets that the agent that was collected the sample for drug testing did not have a visa for Thailand.

Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos releases statement on failed steroid test,

They are not from Thailand, actually, they were belonging to the other sources.

Even, they don’t know the normal procedure.

Well, I gave samples without feeling any hesitation and I had no guilt in the past 12 months.

The USADA had collected my samples many times and they are familiar with it.

And this agency properly follows the guidelines of WADA.

Well, there are little differences that how different agencies collected the samples.

The container they are used for the test and a short conversation prior to collect the sample, packed with a little difference.  No matter, they follow the same procedure and guidelines by WADA.

According to USADA, collected samples are transported to WADA accredited lab in Japan without any compromised.

The collection of the time period is not fixed and they do it any random time and location like hotels, gyms and other residential areas.

She said that in this case, it was the hotel when the agent collected the sample means the authorities from hotel informed him and not the person from my team.

Are There Any Physical Signs of Anabolic Steroids Are Appear?

Examine the physical appearance is really helpful to distinguish between the steroid user and natural.

This tool guide you to find out the truth.

There are some physical features that indicate Cris may use anabolic steroids for enhancing the performance.

  • Low voice
  • Head is bigger as compared to pictures when she was younger
  • The body shape that is composed of muscles
  • Features of face resemble a man (due to high levels of testosterone)
  • Mood swings and aggressive behavior

It is hard for a woman to build up the muscle, because naturally women’s have low levels of testosterone in the body.

Using of anabolic steroid is an only source to maximize the muscle.

Cris Cyborg Steroids

According to her boyfriend, Cris Cyborg steroids are foods and that is made by her own recipe for recovery after the fight.

Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm fighting

The diet work as a recovery therapy for injuries.

Her doctor prescribed the Spironolactone after monitoring the weight.

Cris never abused the drug and openly talked the conversation.

I think that doctor will tell everything to press and she is honest with everyone


The USADA announced Cris Cyborg will face no punishments after testing positive for Spironolactone in December 2016.

Everyone knows that my steroids and drug use is real because I’m suffering from the health problems and need recovery.

If we are going to judge, so the peoples who are spending a lot of time in the sports probably use the anabolic steroids.

But, we cannot say what was the actual situation

There are many features that resemble she may use the steroids such as low voice, an unexpected shape of the body, different pieces of muscle, aggressive behaviors (high testosterone in the body) and a face like men’s.

The sign and symptoms show that she probably uses steroids for enhancing the performance,