CT Fletcher Steroids – Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

The guy with a bigger arms is a real life champion.

He just back after the 3 times injury on the operating table.

CT Fletcher steroids

CT Fletcher claimed that he is naturally without the use of any steroid.

The 57 year old just looks like bulking monster so is it true that he took steroids for his transformation or he is natural

Statistics of CT Fletcher:

  • Height of the body: 5’11’’ (180cm)
  • Weight of the body: 224-234Ibs
  • Year of birth: 1959
  • Arms size: 21 inch

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The Powerful Weight Lifter:

CT Fletcher is well known as the powerful weightlifter.

CT FletcherHe took the first step towards the bodybuilding in the year 1980’s.

CT do the workouts for seven days in a week.

In the beginning, even he is not involved in the sport.

He  is just lifting the power after competing in the bodybuilding shows.”

“Outside the family, weight lifting is my life”

I have experienced increasing in strength through the Powerlifting

During the bodybuilding, he has also participated in the Powerlifting contests.

He won the many competitions with the minimum experience and beginner powerlifter.

Bigger Health Issue And The Mother’s Death:

In the year 2001, he is realized that it is too much with the unhealthy diet because his doctor was informed about the life threatening hypertension that is begins to effect the heart health.

CT Fletcher training

This moment is sad for the Americans.

On May 26 2004, his mother died from the heart failure attack.

At that time, he was aware with the serious heart condition of her mother.

After one year of his mother death, he was also transported to the UCI medical center for the open heart surgery.

CT Fletcher motivationThe procedure of the surgery is complicated.

Due to this reason, he had hospitalized for a month in care unit.

Due to the surgery, he found that his Powerlifting days are ended because his heart health could not support this kind of lifestyle.

Congestive Heart Failure:

Heart failure is one of the symptoms of the steroid use in which there is a category of hypertension and the other one is heart attacks.

He had suffered from the congestive heart failure. Somehow CT can relate to her mother case as genetically.

But there is another factor that CT Fletcher diet habit is not healthy.

Ct Fletcher Come Back After The Surgery:

After he had completed the recovery, CT looked the more fragile and weak, but with the time, he just accepted the healthy lifestyle and clean diet.

CT Fletcher diet plan

CT continued workout as his body allows.

Amazingly CT Fletcher took steps in the amateur bodybuilding after the recovery.

CT Fletcher Diet Plans:

CT said that he could eat the same food everyday that indicates that he just not eat for getting the desire, but he also prefers for achieving the results to inside as well as outside.

His diet consist of 20 percent of the fat, 40 percent carbohydrates and the 50 percent of protein.

He did not monitor in grams, he has just taken according to the personal experience and the guidance

CT Fletcher meal plan is composed of total 8 meals

Meal 1Egg whites, vegetables and chicken breast
Meal 2Protein shakes
Meal 3Salad and albacore tuna
Meal 4Ground turkey
Meal 5white rice
Meal 6Chicken breast
Meal 7White rice
Meal 8Protein shakes and supplements

Ct Fletcher workout training:

Ct Fletcher training includes in the exercise for the muscle groups such as the arms, shoulders, chest, biceps, back, triceps, and legs.

ct fletchers workout

His commandments included in the train your mind harder and never become satisfied.

10 hours for the arm workout and 25 hours on the muscle groups.

Bodybuiding Federation Tests:

CT was passed the variety of tests to the bodybuilding federations and the results was also published on the YouTube.


NASA, the bodybuilding federation also passed the CT for the natty when he is busying in building up the world record of strongest bench press record without using any steroid.


He has also competed in the INBA bodybuilding federation.

The federation is well known with the extremely strict organization test.

The test that are includes in the blood test, urine test and the lie detector.

With these tests, it becomes hard to determine that he is natty or the juicer.

There is a risk of easily pass these tests through stop taking the steroids before one week of competition.

3x world bench press champion (lifting the 650Ibs)

3x strict curl champion


There is no any proper evidence that indicates the CT steroid use.

CT Fletcher natty or notHis physical appearance did not indicate the use of steroid as he has a small traps and the tight midsection.

CT Fletcher makes the money from the YouTube channel talking about the steroids like the other famous bodybuilder “Rich Piana” who made the hundreds of thousand views for talking about the steroids.

No doubt, CT has always the biggest fan of over training and the power lifting for building up the muscle.

CT said: He trained his arms everyday around one and a half year to build up his arm size 22 inch pythons.

Due to the CT Fletcher arm workout for the 10 hours and 25 hours on the one muscle group can confirm his hard working and dedication towards the goals.

The result of overtraining is putting the extra weight and the size.

The CT Fletcher overall diet and the training indicate the eating a big or working a big can see a big like the monster.

He got a big just due to the 20 years of overtraining, strict diet plans, hard work and motivation.